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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
ZHamalutdinova Gulnara Robertovna
Dissertation idias: Extraction of molybdenum from products of catalytic epoxidation of propylene ethyl benzene hydroperoxide compound ... more in detail 2003
Khaing Zo Naing
Dissertation example: Extraction of rhenium from sulphate solutions new sorbents ... more in detail 2007
Maltceva Tamara Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: Change of protective properties of paint coatings metallokonstruktcij, operated in open atmosphere ... more in detail
Maung Maung Mint
Dissertation abstracts: Studying of interaction of oxide of zinc with Sb2O3, Bi2O3, SiO2, CoO, Mn2O3, TiO2 And SnO2 ... more in detail 2007
Mesherykov Aleksey Viktorovich
Dissertation sample: Studying of viscosity of diene rubbers at repeated periodic influence on them temperatures and pressure ... more in detail 2007
Adametc YUriy Dmitrievich
Dissertation thesis: Studying of quantitative laws of process of reception of 2-2-2-chlorophenoxyacetic acid ... more in detail
CHistykov Vadim Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: Studying of modification epoxy and tiokolnyh compositions a NMR-spectroscopy method ... more in detail 2007
Markova Nataliy Razumovna
Dissertation proposal: Studying of the basic and auxiliary reactions at reception of organic sulphonates by addition of bisulphite (sulphite) of sodium to the substituted solvent aethers of cinnamylic acid ... more in detail
CHichvarin Aleksandr Valerevich
Dissertation topics: Studying of thermooxidizing processes in elastomeric systems ... more in detail 2005
Ivankina Olga Mihaylovna
New dissertation idias: Studying of physical and chemical laws of synthesis of vulcanization accelerator N, N-ditsiklogeksil-2-merkaptobenztiazolilsulfenamida ... more in detail 2007
Epifanova Olga Mihaylovna
Dissertation idias: Studying of physical and chemical bases and working out of technology of reception new fosforsoderzhashchego fertilizers ... more in detail
Goncharov Andrey Viktorovich
Dissertation example: Studying of electrochemical activation of aluminium by small additives of tin in beshloridnom a solution for use in an anodic protector ... more in detail 2006
Mihaylenko Nataly Sergeevna
Doctoral dissertation: Immobilizatcija aktinoidov and lantanoidov in matrixes with structure tcirkonolita ... more in detail 2004
Demin Andrey Vladimirovich
Dissertation abstracts: Immobilizatcija components of a liquid highly active waste (Ru, Rh, Pd and Ag) in phosphatic and borosilikatnyh glasses ... more in detail 2003
CHernyvina Valentina Vladimirovna
Dissertation sample: Inhibition and labilising of anodic dissolution of iron, zinc and their alloys in neutral ... more in detail
Starovoytova Elena Vladimirovna
Dissertation thesis: Inhibition of corrosion of a steel in concrete organic compounds and compositions on their basis ... more in detail 2008
CHirkunov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Phd dissertation: environments Inhibition of corrosion of a steel in neutral aqueous mediums the water-soluble polymers and compositions on their basis ... more in detail 2007
Zinchenko Galina Vladimirovna
Dissertation proposal: corrosion Inhibition became compositions fosfonatov and oxidizers ... more in detail 2006
Golyk YUriy Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: Inhibiting action of the substituted phenols at aluminium corrosion in environments with bacterial sulfatreduktciej ... more in detail 2003
Esenin Vladimir Nikolaevich
New dissertation idias: Inhibiting complexes for technological liquids on vodno-glikolevoj to a basis ... more in detail 2007
Mironov Aleksandr Sergeevich
Dissertation idias: Inkorporirovanie components RZE - aktinoidnoj fractions VAO and corrosion products in tcirkonolitovuju ceramics from mechanically activated oxidic fusion mixture ... more in detail 2004
Gasanova Lyudmila Gashamovna
Dissertation example: Integrated membranous bioreaktornye systems for reception of combustible gases ... more in detail 2007
Baliberdin Aleksey Sergeevich
Doctoral dissertation: the Intensification of absorption of a mix of ammonia and dioxide of carbon after distilling columns in soda ash production ... more in detail 2008
Kuznetcova Nataly Anatolevna
Dissertation abstracts: the Intensification of the absorptive purification of gas exhausts in devices with a volume mesh fluidized nozzle ... more in detail 2007
CHeremina YUliana YUrevna
Dissertation sample: the Intensification demerkaptanizatcii stable gas condensate magnetic field influence ... more in detail 2004
Lypustin Pavel Konstantinovich
Dissertation thesis: the Intensification and modelling of process of separation in a direct-flow cyclone ... more in detail 2005
Trubaev Pavel Alekseevich
Phd dissertation: the Intensification and optimisation ehnergotehnologicheskih processes on an example of furnacing of a cement clinker ... more in detail 2006
Kuznetcova Elena Alekseevna
Dissertation proposal: the Intensification and increase of efficiency of electrofloatation process of extraction of disperse connections of copper and nickel from water solutions ... more in detail 2007
Potcypun Nadezhda Petrovna
Dissertation topics: the Intensification of extraction of fine-grained gold an electrohydraulic method of activation of mineral pulps ... more in detail 2005
Lapshin Vladimir Borisovich
New dissertation idias: the Intensification mehanohimicheskih processes in heterogeneous environments on the basis of disintegrators with flat working elements ... more in detail 2005

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