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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Trofimov YUriy Ivanovich
Dissertation idias: Perfection of the organisation of traffic in transportno-industrial systems of a silvan complex ... more in detail 2007
Aksenov Andrey Sergeevich
Dissertation example: Perfection of a whitening of a sulphate pulp with utilisation of enzymes ksilanaz ... more in detail 2007
SHelepov Vladimir Vitalevich
Doctoral dissertation: Perfection of parametres of a pneumoseparator for a cleaning of technological chips from a bark ... more in detail
Tarasov Evgeniy Aleksandrovich
Dissertation abstracts: Perfection of parametres of an undercarriage, the hinged mechanism and the safety lock providing fuel profitability lesohozjajstvennyh of assemblies ... more in detail 2007
SHeblikin Pavel Nikolaevich
Dissertation sample: Perfection of the safety equipment from overloads milling lesohozjajstvennyh of cars ... more in detail 2005
Onuchin Evgeniy Mihaylovich
Dissertation thesis: Perfection of the pole trailer of the silvan car with modules for maloobemnyh lesosechno-lesovosstanovitelnyh of processes ... more in detail 2004
Vahonin Konstantin YUrevich
Phd dissertation: Perfection of production of round wood and forest products reprocessing on industrial timber worksites (For conditions of Republic Mary Ehl) ... more in detail 2004
Egoshin Evgeniy Valerevich
Dissertation proposal: Perfection of process of a debarking of wood with defects rotating hydraulic sprays ... more in detail 2008
Kapustin Aleksandr Valerevich
Dissertation topics: Perfection of a cutting action of wood in conditions raznoporodnogo raw materials ... more in detail 2003
Bakulina Irina Rifatovna
New dissertation idias: Perfection of process of transportation of timber on the basis of self-loaded lorry convoys ... more in detail 2008
Voytko Petr Filippovich
Dissertation idias: Perfection of processes of a discharge of timber from water and their facing on log receiving ports ... more in detail 2005
Rozhentcov Aleksandr Pavlovich
Dissertation example: Perfection of processes of search and an estimation of congestions of the sunk wood on lesoplavnyh water objects ... more in detail 2006
Bratilov Dmitriy Aleksandrovich
Doctoral dissertation: Perfection of a cutting of high-quality saw logs ... more in detail 2005
Busarin Eduard Nikolaevich
Dissertation abstracts: Perfection reshetnoj installations for a secondary cleaning and sorting of silvan seeds ... more in detail 2005
TCarev Evgeniy Mihaylovich
Dissertation sample: Perfection of gathering of a wood residue from timber cuttings on reservoirs ... more in detail 2006
Ponomarev Anton YUrevich
Dissertation thesis: Perfection of complete technological processes and the mechanism of decision-making of systems of production and wood raw reprocessing ... more in detail 2005
Afonichev Dmitriy Nikolaevich
Phd dissertation: Perfection of the theory of account and parametres of a design of prefabricated coatings of logging highways ... more in detail 2005
Skripnikov Aleksey Vasilevich
Dissertation proposal: Perfection of the theory, Methods and models of increasing of transportno-operational qualities of logging highways ... more in detail 2006
SHekalev Dmitriy Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: Perfection of technology of a wood removal on the basis of modelling and optimisation of elements kolesoprovoda logging highways ... more in detail 2003
Lobanov Dmitriy Vladimirovich
New dissertation idias: Perfection of technology of sharpening hard derevorezhushchego the tool ... more in detail 2005
Tihomirov Leonid Alekseevich
Dissertation idias: Perfection of manufacturing techniques of a scale board on the basis of application furanovoj resins ... more in detail 2004
Polynin Igor Aleksandrovich
Dissertation example: Perfection of technology of utilisation of a stump wood for chips production ... more in detail 2007
Savchenkova Vera Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: Perfection of a harvesting technique with young growth preservation at a machinized extraction in the conditions of Average Angarski Krai ... more in detail 2005
Pokusaeva Elena Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Perfection of technology of preparation of a red liquor to biochemical reprocessing ... more in detail 2004
Starkova Anna Vladimirovna
Dissertation sample: Perfection of a production technology of profile workpieces from round wood ... more in detail 2004
CHelisheva Irina Nikolaevna
Dissertation thesis: Perfection of a production technology of firm fiber boards of the raised water resistance ... more in detail 2007
Simonyn Simon Helokovich
Phd dissertation: Perfection of technology of a cutting of sawn timber ... more in detail 2004
ZHukova Antonina Ivanovna
Dissertation proposal: Perfection of technology of clear cuttings of a timber by a substantiation of routes and operating modes of skidders ... more in detail 2006
Gaan YUriy Viktorovich
Dissertation topics: Perfection of technology of building of forest roads from merzlo-komkovatyh loamy grounds ... more in detail 2006
Gluzman Vladimir Leonidovich
New dissertation idias: technology Perfection taroupakovochnyh kinds of a paper from primary and secondary fibres ... more in detail 2008

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