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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Malishko Svetlana Borisovna
Dissertation idias: Effect of initial structure of a carbon steel on diffusion processes and efficiency of hardening of details of ship gears at electromechanical processing ... more in detail 2008
Mamontov Andrey Igorevich
Dissertation example: Restoration of durability of the worn out ship constructions by a method of installation of unprofitable sheets ... more in detail 2008
Reznik Boris Lvovich
Doctoral dissertation: informational-logistical providing of technological preparing of production of products of marine engineering and shipbuilding production ... more in detail 2006
Pichugin Dmitriy Alekseevich
Dissertation abstracts: Research and a scientific substantiation of possibility of application serobetona for postrjoki cases of courts ... more in detail 2007
Lidzhi-Goryev Roman Anatolevich
Dissertation sample: Research and perfection of technology of restoration of necks of cranked shafts of marine diesels by a plasma dusting by a wire from margantcovistoj steels ... more in detail 2006
CHieu Kuang Fi
Dissertation thesis: Research of efficiency of technology uzkostrujnoj plasma are sharp metals ... more in detail 2008
Vekslyr Valeriy YAkovlevich
Phd dissertation: the Kinematic method of geometric modelling of a ship surface on design stages and production preparings ... more in detail 2002
Dzhamo Asmat
Dissertation proposal: the Method of controled drying of asynchronous motors on ehnergosberegajushchej technologies at ship repair ... more in detail 2004
German Galina Valentinovna
Dissertation topics: Methodology of management of technology of installation of a ship electric equipment ... more in detail 2001
Kulichkin Nikolay Vladimirovich
New dissertation idias: the Substantiation and working out of technology of restoration of ship shafts by thermomechanical editing ... more in detail 2007
Salameh Ali
Dissertation idias: the Substantiation of norms of a roughness of transitional surfaces of the teeths strengthened by a superficial metal hardenability by currents of a high frequency, at repair ship tjazhelonagruzhennyh gearings ... more in detail 2005
Kitaev Maksim Vladimirovich
Dissertation example: the Substantiation of type and propeller system characteristics in projects of update of courts with several modes of movement ... more in detail 2008
Gorelik Boris Aleksandrovich
Doctoral dissertation: the General technology of special jointings of ship pipe lines ... more in detail 2000
Egorov Dmitriy Gennadevich
Dissertation abstracts: Definition of quantitative estimations of technical condition of courts and their elements ... more in detail 2004
Rasskazova Nadezhda Anatolevna
Dissertation sample: Optimization of parametres of antifrictional cover of brasses of bearings of marine diesels at a plasma dusting ... more in detail 2006
Alekseev Aleksandr Alekseevich
Dissertation thesis: Organization of an effective manufacturing process of hot zinc plating at the ship-building enterprises by introduction resursosberegajushchih technologies ... more in detail 2007
Matveev YUriy Ivanovich
Phd dissertation: Raise of durability of details of marine diesels with usage of a plasma dusting and laser processing ... more in detail 2003
Miheev Vladimir Andreevich
Dissertation proposal: Raise of reliability of bronze facings of propeller shafts, Working in pair a sliding friction with kaprolonovymi stern-shaft bearings ... more in detail
Garashenko Petr Antonovich
Dissertation topics: Raise of working capacity of ship shaftings by methods of optimisation and stabilisation of parametres of a shafting alignment ... more in detail 2000
Bessmertniy Dmitriy Eduardovich
New dissertation idias: working capacity Raise cherpakovoj chains dnouglubitelnyh zemsnarjadov on the basis of a choice of materials at manufacturing of replaceable-spare details in ship repair ... more in detail 2006
Efremov Sergey YUrevich
Dissertation idias: Raise of a resource piston kompressionnyh thimbles at manufacturing is replaceable-spare parts in ship repair ... more in detail 2005
Ruban Anatoliy Rashidovich
Dissertation example: Raise of adaptability to manufacture of ship planetary reductors at repair by change of norms of a roughness of transitional surfaces of teeths of cemented wheels ... more in detail 2004
Strelchenko YUriy Borisovich
Doctoral dissertation: Raise of efficiency of the waterless control of local watertightness of ship constructions ... more in detail 2005
Matveev Stanislav Alekseevich
Dissertation abstracts: mathematical modelling Application at research of technological possibilities of cross-section expression for manufacturing of elements of ship systems and arms ... more in detail 2002
Fam Kuang Tien
Dissertation sample: Working out and a substantiation of organizational-technological principles of development sborochno-svarochnogo Productions of shipbuilding of Republic Vietnam ... more in detail 2007
YUrev Oleg YUrevich
Dissertation thesis: Working out and system realisation ukruplennyh specifications on work in the course of building of courts ... more in detail 2005
Lutcenko Vladimir Trofimovich
Phd dissertation: Working out of konstruktorsko-technological decisions of providing of reliability of elements of an underwater part of ocean vessels ... more in detail 2000
Ogay Aleksey Sergeevich
Dissertation proposal: Working out of design procedures and a choice auxiliary mjagkoobolochechnyh dock devices ... more in detail 2004
Abacharaev Ibragim Musaevich
Dissertation topics: Working out of a technique of a choice of special sheetings and technologies of their drawing for the purpose of raise of operational qualities of courts ... more in detail 2007
SHus YUliy YUrevna
New dissertation idias: Working out of a technique of organisation of assemblage metallokonstruktcij the mixed assignment at the shipbuilding enterprises: In the conditions of an astable stuffing ... more in detail 2003

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