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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Asfur Suleyman Talal
Dissertation idias: Safety and a mode of traffic of cars in cities of Syria ... more in detail 2002
Hrushev Anton Sergeevich
Dissertation example: Influence new relsoreznyh abrasive cars on quality of a railway way at its repair and the current maintenance ... more in detail 2003
Levadnay Nataly Viktorovna
Doctoral dissertation: Influence of a suburban railway transportation on transport system of cities: On an example of St.-Petersburg ... more in detail 2005
Kozlov Dmitriy Vladimirovich
Dissertation abstracts: the Choice and a substantiation of technical complexes of travelling cars for industrial railways ... more in detail 2003
Bugaev Aleksandr Vasilevich
Dissertation sample: The Choice of optimum methods of the organisation of work of industrial transport systems (on metal works example) ... more in detail
Kataev Vitaliy Anatolevich
Dissertation thesis: Diagnosing of industrial potential of the motor transportation enterprise in the competitive environment of the market of transport services (On an example large ATP) ... more in detail 2004
Kataev Vitaliy Anatolevich
Phd dissertation: Diagnosing of industrial potential avtotrasnsportnogo the enterprises in the competitive environment of the market of transport services ... more in detail
Kovalev Oleg Sergeevich
Dissertation proposal: the Problem of planning of delivery/export taking into account the factor of time and its decision for conditions of logistical systems and systems of express delivery of cargoes ... more in detail 2005
Surov YUriy Gennadevich
Dissertation topics: Issledvoanie organizational stability of functioning of the enterprise: on an example of the passenger autoenterprises of the Chuvash Republic ... more in detail 2006
Batmunh Sanzhaazhavin
New dissertation idias: the Complex technique of designing of development of structure of system of air transport of Mongolia ... more in detail 2003
Parshina Raisa Nikolaevna
Dissertation idias: the Complex organisation of container freight traffic in the international messages ... more in detail 2005
Kirillova Alevtina Grigorevna
Dissertation example: the Complex organisation of transportations of bulk chemical cargoes in mixed railway-water communications ... more in detail 2003
CHebotareva Evgeniy Andreevna
Doctoral dissertation: Logistikoorientirovannaja the organisation of local work on priportovoj to road in the conditions of growth of export transportations ... more in detail 2008
Pak En Kyun
Dissertation abstracts: Logistical methods of increase of transit potential of the Trans-Siberian highway ... more in detail 2006
Sidorov Viktor Vasilevich
Dissertation sample: the Technique of a substantiation of indicators of quality of a communication facility of control systems of city ground transport ... more in detail 2003
Lukynov Vadim Aleksandrovich
Dissertation thesis: the Technique of optimisation of interaction of industrial transport and the basic manufactures of the enterprises of ferrous metallurgy ... more in detail 2003
CHerenkov Andrey Anatolevich
Phd dissertation: the Technique of synthesis of structure and structure of a communication facility of control systems of transport ... more in detail 2003
Klepikov Vladimir Pavlovich
Dissertation proposal: Methodology of complex developing of transport systems in projects of interaction of railway and sea transport ... more in detail 2007
Petrov Mihail Borisovich
Dissertation topics: environment Methodology of the organisation of regional transport system ... more in detail 2004
Maslakov Valeriy Pavlovich
New dissertation idias: Methods of perfection of a control system of aviatransport agency of civil aircraft ... more in detail 2004
SHabanov Almas SHabanovich
Dissertation idias: Models and algorithms of optimisation Transportno-logistical systems ... more in detail 2006
Pavlenko Vadim Vladimirovich
Dissertation example: Models of an estimation of quality of steering and operational planning of transport service of regional state structures ... more in detail 2005
Mamaev Enver Agapashaevich
Doctoral dissertation: Modelling of regional transport systems in the conditions of a competition ... more in detail 2006
Aloninuva Anastas
Dissertation abstracts: Scientifically-methodical bases of developing of transport communications of Community of economic consolidating of the countries of the Western Africa (EhKOVAS) ... more in detail 2007
Trofimov Sergey Vladimirovich
Dissertation sample: Scientifically-methodical bases of functioning and development of industrial transport systems ... more in detail 2004
Pimenov Ivan YAkovlevich
Dissertation thesis: Maintenance of traffic safety of trains in East regions of Russia on the basis of new technological processes of the current maintenance and way repair ... more in detail 2003
Naperov Vladimir Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: Maintenance of safety and protection of transport complexes and vehicles by transportation inflammable cargoes ... more in detail 2006
Bondarenko Nataliy Aleksandrovna
Dissertation proposal: Maintenance of safety of transport manufacture in system "machinist-train-dispatcher" taking into account computer stabilografii ... more in detail 2006
Varnavskiy Evgeniy Borisovich
Dissertation topics: Optimization of development of a network of oil pipelines ... more in detail
Krigina Irina Evgenevna
New dissertation idias: Optimization of regional terminal systems by means of geoinformation technologies: On an example of the Moscow region ... more in detail 2002

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