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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Savolaynen Nadezhda Borisovna
Dissertation idias: the Role of regions in foreign trade activities of the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2008
Podolskiy Ivan Valerevich
Dissertation example: the Role of advertising of agricultural production in transitive economy ... more in detail
Kopilova Galina Alfredovna
Doctoral dissertation: the Role of the head of an industrial enterprise in management of the personnel ... more in detail 2005
Nazirova Alsu Almazovna
Dissertation abstracts: the Role of market instruments in effectivization of use of ground resources of region ... more in detail 2008
Kabanov Dmitriy Aleksandrovich
Dissertation sample: the Role of the self-regulating organisations in development of small business ... more in detail 2006
Listopad Mariy Evgenevna
Dissertation thesis: the Role of network structures in reorganisation of the Russian industry ... more in detail 2004
Parshin Ivan Nikolaevich
Phd dissertation: the Role of a control system of a labour safety in social and economic development of region ... more in detail 2004
Pshizova Anzhela Ruslanovna
Dissertation proposal: the Role of modern forms of integration and cooperation in maintenance of competitiveness of a dairy subcomplex of agrarian and industrial complex ... more in detail 2006
Mirenkov Sergey Nikolaevich
Dissertation topics: a grade Role in increase of economic efficiency of manufacture of a winter wheat in Krasnodar territory ... more in detail 2000
Trofimova Lyudmila Borisovna
New dissertation idias: the Role of social policy of the state in regulation of the account of incomes and their influence on a population standard of life ... more in detail 2004
Himochka, Vycheslav Sergeevich
Dissertation idias: the Role of territorial integration in effectivization of use of resource potential of subregion: On an example of Kulundinsky subregion of Altay territory ... more in detail 2006
Ulanova Svetlana Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: a transport Role in region investment policy ... more in detail 2006
Spitcina Anna Leonidovna
Doctoral dissertation: the Role of labour collective of the enterprise in formation of the effective proprietor ... more in detail 2003
Minullina, Naily Valiullovna
Dissertation abstracts: the Role of a manpower in effectivization of functioning of enterprise structures: On an example of farms of Republic Tatarstan ... more in detail 2005
Polykova YUliy Vycheslavovna
Dissertation sample: the Role of fiscal instruments in operation of business ... more in detail 2003
Borodina Elena Aleksandrovna
Dissertation thesis: the Role economic klasterov in increase of competitiveness of regions Russian Federations ... more in detail 2008
Aleksashkina Anna Aleksandrovna
Phd dissertation: the Russian system of higher education: the state and market regulation ... more in detail 2003
Papp YAkov SHayvich
Dissertation proposal: the Russian large business as an economic phenomenon 1992-2001 (Institutcionalnyj aspect) ... more in detail 2002
Lukynova Nataliy Germanovna
Dissertation topics: the Russian property market: Features of formation and development performance evaluation ... more in detail 2004
Sergevnin Nikolay Vladimirovich
New dissertation idias: the Russian market of the legal information in electronic form (the Modern condition and development directions) ... more in detail 2000
Suyunova Madina Muharbievna
Dissertation idias: the Russian market of insurance services and its state regulation in the conditions of transformed economy ... more in detail 2001
Skiba Oleg Sergeevich
Dissertation example: Growth of profitable base of budgets of a local government on the basis of economic development of region ... more in detail 2006
Zozuly Andrey Dmitrievich
Doctoral dissertation: Growth of qualitative characteristics of a management personnel from among young experts, as the factor of increase of competitiveness of industrial enterprises ... more in detail 2005
Gluhov YUriy YUrevich
Dissertation abstracts: Fishing of Russia and the European union countries in Northern Atlantic (Economic and social aspects) ... more in detail 2001
Tulykova Irina Rostislavovna
Dissertation sample: Arms markets and an oboronno-industrial complex of Russia ... more in detail
Stepnoy Aleksey Vladimirovich
Dissertation thesis: the Market of autospare parts of Moscow and a way of its development ... more in detail 2002
Belyeva Nataly Aleksandrovna
Phd dissertation: the Market of bills and management of circulation of bills (the Modern condition and perfection ways) ... more in detail 2002
Dedusenko Elena Aleksandrovna
Dissertation proposal: the Market of hotel services: features of functioning and a development direction (On an example of Khabarovsk territory) ... more in detail 2005
Bahramov Rahim YUrevich
Dissertation topics: the Market of ready metal rolling, methods and control levers ... more in detail 2003
Bayndaev Vitaliy Vladimirovich
New dissertation idias: the Market of lorries and a development trend in Russia ... more in detail 2005

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