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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Zikova Irina Vitalevna
Dissertation idias: Clinico-Immunogenetichesky features of a mikst-infection of a vernal encephalitis and iksodovyh kleshchevyh borreliozov ... more in detail 2005
Kablahova YUliy Olegovna
Dissertation example: the Condition svobodnoradikalnyh processes at acute intestinal infections ... more in detail 2005
Akopov Manul Vilevich
Doctoral dissertation: the Analysis of inadequate conducting infectious patients [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Matanina Nataly Vladimirovna
Dissertation abstracts: the Apoptosis of lymphocytes of peripheric blood at virus hepatitises And, In, With at children and influence on it of preparations ursodeoksiholevoj acids ... more in detail 2006
Gayfullina Elza Gumarovna
Dissertation sample: Autoimmune processes at sick of a chronic virus hepatitis With at a natural current and treatment by alpha interferons [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Sitdikova YUliy Ravilevna
Dissertation thesis: Influence antiretrovirusnoj therapies on dynamics Cd4-limfotsitov and an expression T-cages of immunologic markers at patients, The infected HIV ... more in detail 2006
Bikmuhametov Damir Amirovich
Phd dissertation: Influence of specific features of a HIV-infected of the patient napriverzhennost antiretrovirusnoj therapies ... more in detail 2007
Dychkovskay Paraskovy Semenovna
Dissertation proposal: Influence iskadora Qu on a current of a chronic virus hepatitis With ... more in detail 2004
ZHamburchinova Aynagul Nurahmetovna
Dissertation topics: Influence of features of a condition of genesial system of women on a clinical current of a primary erypsipelas ... more in detail 2006
Nazarova Olga Aleksandrovna
New dissertation idias: Influence of social factors on quality of prenatal preventive maintenance of a HIV-infection ... more in detail 2007
Paykov Vitaliy Leonidovich
Dissertation idias: Diagnostics and correction of disturbances regionarnoj hemodynamics at an erypsipelas of the bottom extremities ... more in detail 2005
Savitckay Nataly Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: Diagnostics and the characteristic of opportunistic infections at often ill children at acute respiratory diseases and in the remission period ... more in detail 2007
Safiullina Naily Hanifovna
Doctoral dissertation: the Diagnostic role of collagen of IV type and hyaluronic acid in an estimation of degree of an inflammation and a stage of a fibrosis of a liver at sick of a chronic hepatitis With ... more in detail 2004
Prohorova Nataly Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Diagnostic possibilities PTcR in verification of the diagnosis of an infectious mononucleosis, vyzyvannogo Epstein-Barr virus ... more in detail 2008
Dodonov Konstantin Nikolaevich
Dissertation sample: Dynamics clinico-immunologicheskih and virologic indicators at children with a HIV-infection, receiving antiretrovirusnuju therapy ... more in detail 2004
Karaganova Olga Vycheslavovna
Dissertation thesis: Disbioz an intestine at convalescents of acute intestinal infections and ways of its correction ... more in detail 2006
Turkadze Klavdiy Amiranovna
Phd dissertation: Value of definition of genes of an invasiveness, shigapodobnyh and enterotoxins method PTcR for clinic and diagnostics of an acute dysentery ... more in detail 2004
Goncharova Ilona Anatolevna
Dissertation proposal: Value hitotriozidazy in an estimation of a toxic lesion of a liver at a virus hepatitis With in a combination to a thebaic narcomania (clinico-experimental research) ... more in detail 2004
Kovtun Elina Anatolevna
Dissertation topics: Immune and nejroreguljatornye Disturbances and their correction at sick of an erypsipelas ... more in detail 2008
Vershinina Ekaterina Nikolaevna
New dissertation idias: Immunometabolichesky disturbances and ways of their therapeutic correction at respiratory diseases at children with gerpesvirusnym a becoming infected ... more in detail 2006
Eremina Olga Fedorovna
Dissertation idias: Immunopatogenez a diphtheritic infection at adults ... more in detail 2004
Smagina Anna Nikolaevna
Dissertation example: Clinicodiagnostic value of indicators of quality of a life and parametres of the psychofunctional status at chronic brutcelleze, optimisation of complex therapy ... more in detail 2007
Horoshun Elena Vladimirovna
Doctoral dissertation: Clinicodiagnostic value of functional disturbances of a vascular wall at sick of a hemorrhagic fever with a renal syndrome, therapy perfection ... more in detail 2007
Ustyuzhaninov Valeriy Nikolaevich
Dissertation abstracts: The Clinico-Immunogenetichesky characteristic of mikst-hepatitis A+V ... more in detail 2006
SHuldykova Olga Germanovna
Dissertation sample: Clinico-Immunologichesky and preventive efficiency tsifloferona concerning acute respiratory virus infections in the organised collectives ... more in detail 2007
Davidova Irina Vladimirovna
Dissertation thesis: The Clinico-Immunologichesky estimation of shipping of therapy albendazolom sick tsistnym an echinococcosis ... more in detail 2007
Homenko Oleg Igorevich
Phd dissertation: The Clinico-Immunologichesky estimation of efficiency of etiotropic treatment of an acute hepatitis In ... more in detail 2008
Voronina Olga Leonidovna
Dissertation proposal: The Clinico-Immunologichesky characteristic of diseases of the postvaccinal period and working out of measures of their preventive maintenance ... more in detail 2008
Nikolskay Marina Viktorovna
Dissertation topics: The Clinico-Immunologichesky characteristic of parenteral hepatitises at sick of a narcomania and efficiency immunokorrigirujushchej therapies ... more in detail 2004
Averynova Elena Leonidovna
New dissertation idias: the Clinico-Immunologichesky characteristic of a chronic toxoplasmosis with a lesion of an organ of sight ... more in detail 2006

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