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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Omar Muhammed Abdalla Al-Bou
Dissertation idias: an ankle joint Artificial ankylosis at posttraumatic deforming arthrosis III-IV of a stage ... more in detail 2005
Natsha Nidal
Dissertation example: The AUTHOR'S ABSTRACT the Choice of tactics of treatment and aftertreatment of patients with fractures distal ehpimetafiza anticnemion bones ... more in detail 2004
Titov Roman Sergeevich
Doctoral dissertation: the Complex method of treatment of patients with open metaepiphyseal fractures of distal department of bones of an anticnemion ... more in detail 2008
Nasirov Mushut Zufarovich
Dissertation abstracts: Treatment of patients with ehpifizeolizami and fractures distal ehpimetafiza bertcovyh bones of an anticnemion a method chreskostnogo Osteosynthesis ... more in detail 2005
Semenistiy Aleksey YUrevich
Dissertation sample: Operative treatment and aftertreatment of patients with fractures of malleoluses ... more in detail 2005
Stoynov Aleksandr Vycheslavovich
Dissertation thesis: Surgical treatment of patients with inveterate pronatcionnymi subluxations in an ankle joint ... more in detail 2005
Nazarov Aleksandr Evgenevich
Phd dissertation: "the Clinico-experimental substantiation of use implantata" "SFEN Tc" "for ehndoprotezirovanija a hip joint at sick of an osteoporosis" [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Minasov Timur Bulatovich
Dissertation proposal: the Acoustic analysis of biomechanical properties of the given large segments of the bottom extremity at diaphyseal fractures ... more in detail 2007
Eydlina Elena Markovna
Dissertation topics: Algorithm of radial diagnostics of an osteoporosis in system of preventive maintenance of compression fractures of bodies of vertebra at women ... more in detail 2005
CHubarova Viktoriy Mihaylovna
New dissertation idias: the Out-patient treatment of patients with fractures of tubular bones of a brush [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Dedov Sergey YUrevich
Dissertation idias: the Analysis of the remote results artroskopicheskoj plastics of forward crosswise ligament of a knee joint an autograft from ligament of a whirlbone with bracing by titanic screws ... more in detail 2006
Rubashkin Sergey Anatolevich
Dissertation example: the Anatomo-Morfometrichesky substantiation of surgical correction of scoliotic deformation ... more in detail 2008
SHevchenko Kirill Vladimirovich
Doctoral dissertation: the Anatomo-surgical substantiation of an osteosynthesis of tubular bones of a brush apparatus of external bracing ... more in detail 2007
Karchebniy Nikolay Nikolaevich
Dissertation abstracts: the Reinforced cement osteosynthesis of fractures of bones of extremities at persons of elderly and senile age ... more in detail 2008
Ambrosenkov Andrey Vasilevich
Dissertation sample: the Arthroplasty of an ulnar joint (rezektcionnaja and ehndoprotezirovanie various designs) at its damages and diseases (clinico-experimental research) ... more in detail 2008
Ogibenin Vladimir Anatolevich
Dissertation thesis: Art Roskopichesky laser plasty of partial damage of forward crosswise ligament of a knee joint ... more in detail 2008
Skoroglydov Pavel Aleksandrovich
Phd dissertation: Art Roskopichesky replacement of forward crosswise ligament of a knee joint by a free autograft from a tendon of a direct head the four-head of a muscle of a hip ... more in detail 2008
Stepanov Andrey Borisovich
Dissertation proposal: Art Roskopichesky treatment of a habitual dislocation of a shoulder with use golmievogo the laser [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Dzhiele Filipp
Dissertation topics: Artroskopija in diagnostics and treatments of patients with a traumatic dislocation of a humeral bone ... more in detail 2008
Babushkin Vasiliy Nikolaevich
New dissertation idias: Bilateral endoprotezirovanie in treatment of is degenerate-dystrophic diseases of hip joints ... more in detail 2007
Belal Haled Ahmed Atik
Dissertation idias: Biometric indicators of phases of a leg and walking at endoprotezirovanii a hip joint ... more in detail 2006
Banetckiy Maksim Viktorovich
Dissertation example: The Biomechanical substantiation of use of an acetabular component at endoprotezirovanii a hip joint ... more in detail 2008
ZHukov Dmitriy Viktorovich
Doctoral dissertation: Influence of factors of growth and a bioantioxidant tiofana on reparativnuju an osteanagenesis in experiment [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Solovev Igor Nikolaevich
Dissertation abstracts: the Internal osteosynthesis of diaphyseal fractures of a femur ... more in detail 2006
Habibullin Ravis Foatovich
Dissertation sample: Intraosteal tumours of a brush and their treatment (clinico-experimental research) [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Malinin Vladimir Leonidovich
Dissertation thesis: Age parametres of mineral density of an osteal tissue of teenagers and young men of St.-Petersburg (clinico-statistical research) ... more in detail 2004
Novikova Olga Stepanovna
Phd dissertation: Age radiological features of lumbar department of a backbone at sick of an achondroplasia before elongation of the bottom extremities [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Magomedov SHamil SHamsudinovich
Dissertation proposal: Restoration oporosposobnosti a backbone at pathological fractures owing to metastatic disturbances [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Katunyn Pogos Ivanovich
Dissertation topics: Auxiliary oxygenation in treatment of acute traumatic damage of a spinal cord ... more in detail 2004
Protcko Viktor Gennadievich
New dissertation idias: the Choice of an optimum method of treatment of valgus deformation of the first finger of foot ... more in detail 2004

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