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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Samoylova Nataly Evgenevna
Dissertation idias: the Apoptosis of immunocompetent cells at a chronic obstructive bronchitis ... more in detail 2007
Samoylikov Pavel Vladimirovich
Dissertation example: IgG - and IgE-autoantibodies at patients atopicheskim a dermatitis ... more in detail 2005
Gumerova Marym Ildarovna
Doctoral dissertation: Adaptic mechanisms of local immunity at chronic inflammatory diseases of an oral cavity and a pharynx ... more in detail 2006
Murashko Dmitriy Aleksandrovich
Dissertation abstracts: Adrenalinzavisimaja regulation of an expression of fibers of a thermal shock 70 kDa in lymphoid cells [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Orlova Ekaterina Grigorevna
Dissertation sample: Adrenergic regulation of functions of englobing cells at acute stress ... more in detail 2000
YUdin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Dissertation thesis: Aktivatcionnyj an apoptosis of subpopulations T-limfotsitov at ischemic illness of heart [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Kerasheva Svetlana Nurbievna
Phd dissertation: Algorithms of research of system of neutrocytes at children with a bronchial asthma ... more in detail 2003
Hripko Olga Pavlovna
Dissertation proposal: Allelnyj polymorphism of a gene interlejkina-18 and use of dendritic cells and interlejkina-18 for modulation of the immune answer at a chronic virus hepatitis in in vitro ... more in detail 2008
Fedoskova Tatyna Germanovna
Dissertation topics: the Allergy to "not stinging" insects (prevalence, the clinical characteristic, Specific diagnostics and allergen-specific an immunotherapy) ... more in detail 2008
Dychkov Ivan Sergeevich
New dissertation idias: the Analysis of mechanisms of cellular reactions of congenital immunity iglokozhih ... more in detail 2007
Valeev Renat Galievich
Dissertation idias: the Analysis psihonejrovegetoimmunnyh mutual relations in norm and at sick of a bronchial asthma [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Medvedeva Naily Mihaylovna
Dissertation example: the Antigenic characteristic cultivated IN VITRO lymphoid cells of primacies ... more in detail 2003
Nikolaeva Marina Arkadevna
Doctoral dissertation: Antibodies to antigens of spermatozoons of the person in norm and at disturbances of genesial function ... more in detail 2007
CHerkashin Ily Nikolaevich
Dissertation abstracts: Associations of immunologic disorders with a carriage of antigens of system AVO at women with a cancer of mammary glands ... more in detail 2006
Bosenko YUliy Aleksandrovna
Dissertation sample: the Atopichesky dermatitis and an allergic rhinitis as stages of age evolution of allergic diseases at children of first five years of a life ... more in detail 2008
Lopatnikova YUliy Anatolevna
Dissertation thesis: Biological properties rekombinantnyh fibers IL-18, IL-18SB and transgene plant Daucus carota L., the person carrying gene IL-18 ... more in detail 2006
SHashko YUliy Anatolevna
Phd dissertation: the Bronchial asthma with intensifying of obstruction of bronchuses during the premenstrual period: some pathogenetic mechanisms, features of clinic and treatment ... more in detail 2004
Rizhov Aleksey Anatolevich
Dissertation proposal: Vaccines "Pneumo-23" and "Act-HIB" in preventive maintenance and treatment of chronic diseases of lungs at children ... more in detail 2004
Davletbaeva Lyysan Raisovna
Dissertation topics: Validatcija quantitative immunoenzymatic test systems for quality assurance Medical immunobiologicheskih preparations ... more in detail 2007
Lahtin Mihail Vladimirovich
New dissertation idias: Variants of an isoidentification of component S4 of a complement of the person ... more in detail 2008
Popova Ekaterina Nikolaevna
Dissertation idias: Interaction of a ricin with cells a hybrid, Cosecreting antibodies against its catalytic subedinitcy ... more in detail 2004
Davidova Evgeniy Valerevna
Dissertation example: Interrelation of a lipide phenotype and Conditions of a cellular link of an immune homeostasis at men with initial implications of disturbances of blood supply of a brain ... more in detail 2006
SHevchenko YUliy Aleksandrovna
Doctoral dissertation: Influence an antigen-activated of dendritic cells on functional properties of mononuclear cells of peripheric blood sick of a tuberculosis ... more in detail 2008
SHevchenko YUliy Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Influence an antigen-activated dendrityh cells on mononuclear cells of peripheric blood sick of a tuberculosis ... more in detail 2008
Artemova Evgeniy Pavlovna
Dissertation sample: Influence of antithyroid antibodies on gormono-formation and thyroid gland secretion ... more in detail
Abramova Nataly Nikolaevna
Dissertation thesis: Influence bestima and a beta leukin on efficiency of bacterination against a virus hepatitis In [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Atamanova Tatyna YUrevna
Phd dissertation: Influence of long therapy statinami on immune system sick of ischemic illness of heart ... more in detail 2006
Fisher Tatyna Aleksandrovna
Dissertation proposal: Influence of the dosed out temperature influence on immunofiziologicheskie mechanisms in experiment ... more in detail 2007
Abrosimova Olga Vladimirovna
Dissertation topics: Influence lektina Paenibacillus polymyxa on process of a phagocytosis of bacteria [the Electron resource] ... more in detail
Mikrykov Daniil Veniaminovich
New dissertation idias: Influence of some corticosteroid hormones on structure and function of immune system of fishes ... more in detail

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