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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Vasileva Elena Valerevna
Dissertation idias: "the Third sector" in social service of the population of region of modern Russia ... more in detail 2007
Pavlova-Silvanskay M. P.
Dissertation example: "Establishment about provinces" 1775 and its class essence. ... more in detail
Dzhandubaeva, Zurida Zaudinovna
Doctoral dissertation: Absenteeism as a phenomenon of modern Russian practice ... more in detail 2005
Osynin Andrey Nikolaevich
Dissertation abstracts: Adaptable resources of modern students: Formation problems ... more in detail 2006
Laskina Iraida Anatolevna
Dissertation sample: Adaptable strategy of graduates of establishments of initial vocational training on a labour market: on materials of the Moscow area ... more in detail 2006
YUrtaev Nikolay Alekseevich
Dissertation thesis: Adaptable strategy of workers in small cities ... more in detail 2007
Ter-Akopyn Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Phd dissertation: Adaptable strategy of the Russian youth in the conditions of globalisation ... more in detail 2008
Vasileva Viktoriy Olegovna
Dissertation proposal: Adaptation of migrants from foreign countries in cities of the Russian Federation ... more in detail 2007
Romanova Ilona Valerevna
Dissertation topics: Adaptation of lonely women to the postlabour period in the conditions of a modern Russian society: On materials of the Chita area ... more in detail 2002
Demynovskay Olga Sergeevna
New dissertation idias: Adaptation of school youth to a labour market in a context of social transformations ... more in detail 2009
Levin Sergey Lvovich
Dissertation idias: The is administrative-state activity: social structure and functions ... more in detail 2005
Gnidenko Igor Vladimirovich
Dissertation example: Administrative and managerial possibilities of socially significant figures of sociopolitical influence in maintenance transformatcionnyh processes in regional societies of Russia of the XXI-st century beginning ... more in detail 2007
Orazaeva Fatima Safudinovna
Doctoral dissertation: Administrative institutes of management in regulation of social processes (On materials of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic) ... more in detail 2004
Skobeleva Ekaterina Ivanovna
Dissertation abstracts: the Analysis of preconditions and principles of is ideal-typical knowledge of social processes in theoretical sociology of M. Vebera ... more in detail 2004
Kaminskiy Dmitriy Viktorovich
Dissertation sample: the Analysis sotciokommunikativnyh processes in the industry ... more in detail 2004
Korud Vasiliy Ivanovich
Dissertation thesis: the Analysis of electromagnetic processes kompaundirovannogo the compensatory inverter ... more in detail
CHhartishvili I.N.
Phd dissertation: Antireligious struggle in Georgia in second half XIX century (on materials of the Georgian democratic press) ... more in detail
Surkova Irina YUrevna
Dissertation proposal: Army as object of social policy in a gender context ... more in detail 2004
Zaytcev Evgeniy Arkadevich
Dissertation topics: Art roses skakatelnogo a joint at bulls-manufacturers ... more in detail
CHernyeva Tatyna Ivanovna
New dissertation idias: Arhitektonika social space ... more in detail 2004
Sidorov B. V.
Dissertation idias: Affect. It ugolovnopravovoe and kriminologicheskoe value. ... more in detail
YArmiev Mansur Zinnurovich
Dissertation example: Poverty and riches in a modern Russian society: changes in social structure and them reprezentatcija in mass-media ... more in detail 2007
Kaira YUriy Vladimirovich
Doctoral dissertation: Poverty as the factor of social responsibility of the unemployed in a modern Russian society ... more in detail 2006
Dolgalev Boris Anatolevich
Dissertation abstracts: Poverty of the Russian youth (Sotciostrukturnyj the analysis) ... more in detail 2005
Sorokina Anna Vladimirovna
Dissertation sample: Poor in Russia: structure, orientations, installations ... more in detail 2003
Molchanov Aleksey Andreevich
Dissertation thesis: Homelessness in Russia: the complex analysis and technology of preventive maintenance ... more in detail 2006
Klemytich, YUliy YUrevna
Phd dissertation: Homelessness: Trajectories of descending social mobility ... more in detail 2004
Baldaeva Irina Borisovna
Dissertation proposal: the Homeless in society transition to market relations: On materials of Republic of Buryatiya ... more in detail 2000
Voly Igor Olegovich
Dissertation topics: Safety as the factor social protcessualnosti: On an example of the North Caucasian region ... more in detail 2002
Mugulov Fizuli Kurbanovich
New dissertation idias: Safety of the person in modern Russia: socially-institutsionalnyj analysis ... more in detail 2004

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