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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Temnih Olga Sergeevna
Dissertation idias: the Asian humpback salmon in the sea season of life: Biology, regional differentiation, place and role in pelagicheskih assemblages ... more in detail 2004
Georgiev Andrey Pavlovich
Dissertation example: Allopatrichesky and simpatricheskie populations rjapushki pools of the Onega and Ladoga lakes ... more in detail 2004
Golovanova Tatyna Sergeevna
Doctoral dissertation: analysis of genetical variability belorybitcy and nelmy Stenodus leucichthys (Guldenstadt, 1772) in connection with problems of artificial reproduction ... more in detail 2005
Prusov Sergey Valerevich
Dissertation abstracts: the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) The rivers Ponoj (Ecology, reproduction, operation) ... more in detail 2004
Mitrofanova Marina Alekseevna
Dissertation sample: the Biological assessment of use different karotinoidnyh preparations as a part of new mixed fodders at artificial reproduction of sturgeon fishes ... more in detail
SHerstkov Aleksandr Sergeevich
Dissertation thesis: the Biological characteristic and craft prospects kambalovyh the Onega gulf of the White sea ... more in detail
SHaha Dzhatindra Nath
Phd dissertation: the Biological characteristic of sires of silver carps - Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (Val.), Aristichthys nobilis (Rich.) and a white cupid - Ctenopharyngodon idella (Val.) Their sex cells and an early ontogenesis at artificial reproduction in the conditions of Uzbekistan ... more in detail
Sazonova Lyudmila Viktorovna
Dissertation proposal: Biological efficacyy of application of mineral preparations (on an example voksa) at reproduction of sturgeon kinds of fishes ... more in detail
CHipinov Viktor Gennadevich
Dissertation topics: Biological and technological aspects of formation it is repair-matochnogo herds of sturgeon fishes in the conditions of the Astrakhan range ... more in detail 2004
Hovanskay Larisa Leonidovna
New dissertation idias: Biological and physiological features of artificial delution of a Siberian salmon in the Magadan range ... more in detail
Haritonova Nataliy Nikolaevna
Dissertation idias: Biological bases of an intensification prudovogo fish culture ... more in detail
Ushakov Nikolay Grigorevich
Dissertation example: Biological bases of a rational craft mojvy (Mallotus villosus) the seas Barentseva ... more in detail 2000
Melnikov Sergey Petrovich
Doctoral dissertation: Biological bases of regulation of a craft of the darter-kljuvacha (Sebastes mentella travin) in pelagiali Northern Atlantic ... more in detail
Klimov Fedor Vladimirovich
Dissertation abstracts: Biological bases of reconstruction ihtiofauny the Shardarinsky water basin of Kazakhstan ... more in detail 2007
Romanenko V.F.
Dissertation sample: Biological bases of fish-breeding development of the striped darter, Morone saxatilis (Walbaum), akklimatiziruemogo in the USSR ... more in detail
Rozhdestvenskiy Mihail Ivanovich
Dissertation thesis: Biological bases rybohozjajstvennogo uses of geothermal waters of Western Siberia ... more in detail
Nguen Kuok An 0
Phd dissertation: Biological bases of formation matochnogo herds and increases of efficacyy of use of sires of a white silver carp at artificial delution ... more in detail
Dihnich Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation proposal: Biological bases of formation matochnyh herds of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L. Industrially ... more in detail 2004
Zubkova Tatyna Stanislavovna
Dissertation topics: Biological features of reproduction dolginskoj herring Alosa braschnikowii braschnikowii (Borodin) in northern part of Caspian sea ... more in detail 2008
Tarasyuk Elena Vasilevna
New dissertation idias: Biological age and its application for perfection of biotechnics of artificial delution gorbushi ... more in detail 2004
Antonov Aleksandr Albertovich
Dissertation idias: Biology and dynamics of number gorbushi a hall. Aniva ... more in detail
Zavarina Lidiy Olegovna
Dissertation example: Biology and dynamics of number of a Siberian salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) northeast coast of Kamchatka ... more in detail 2008
Bikov Andrey Dmitrievich
Doctoral dissertation: Biology and artificial reproduction of a sterlet of the Top Oka ... more in detail 2003
Andrianova Svetlana Borisovna
Dissertation abstracts: Biology and features of formation of number bolsheglazogo puzanka Alosa saposhnikowii (Grimm) in Caspian sea ... more in detail 2004
Glubokov Aleksandr Ivanovich
Dissertation sample: Biology and population frame of pollack Theragra chalcogramma northern part of the sea Beringova ... more in detail 2005
Gritcay Elena Valentinovna
Dissertation thesis: Biology and a craft of pollack Theragra chalcogramma in northern part of the sea Beringova ... more in detail 2008
Kozlov Dmitriy Aleksandrovich
Phd dissertation: Biology and a craft nizkotelogo beriksa (Beryx splendens Lowe, 1833) on underwater elevations of northern part of Atlantic ... more in detail 2004
Vershinin Viktor Grigorevich
Dissertation proposal: Biology and a craft of a cod of a northwest part of Pacific ocean ... more in detail
Dolgova Nataliy Vladimirovna
Dissertation topics: Biology and trade use of a flounder-ruff (Hippoglossoides platessoides limandoides) the seas Barentseva ... more in detail 2004
Smirnova Nataly Sergeevna
New dissertation idias: Biology and delution of ambassadorial population Baikal omulja ... more in detail

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