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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Eltcov Mihail YUrevich
Dissertation idias: RPA - and RPA/Ku-little bodies in the kernels generated in system in vitro Xenopus laevis ... more in detail 2004
ZHadan Petr Mihaylovich
Dissertation example: Abdominalnyj a touch member of folding molluscums-new modelling system for research mehanotranstduktcii ... more in detail 2006
Gusev Konstantin Olegovich
Doctoral dissertation: Agonist-induced and depot-operated a calcium orifice in cages A431 ... more in detail 2003
YAkovlev Konstantin Vladimirovich
Dissertation abstracts: Agrobacterial transformation of embryos of sea hedgehogs and infringement of a course of an embryogenesis at an expression of vegetative oncogenes rolB and rolC ... more in detail 2008
Gonchar Ily Vasilevich
Dissertation sample: Activation transkriptcionnyh factors STAT, induced by awake forms of oxygen ... more in detail 2003
Amelina Irina Valerevna
Dissertation thesis: Activity jadryshkoobrazujushchih areas of chromosomes in population of inhabitants of Kursk region [An electronic resource] ... more in detail
Mudrak Olga Stanislavovna
Phd dissertation: Architecture of chromosomes in a kernel of a spermatozoon of the person ... more in detail
Pustovoytov Maksim Valerevich
Dissertation proposal: squirrels-regulators of frame of chromatin HIRA and ASF1a the person ... more in detail
Goldina Tatyna Aleksandrovna
Dissertation topics: Variants of the organisation of nucleoluses at gepatokantcerogeneze, Invoked by a hyperexpression of genes-regulators of a cellular cycle at transgene mice ... more in detail 2007
Ivanov Mihail Konstantinovich
New dissertation idias: frame and transcriptional Variations mitohondrialnogo a genome of plants sugar sv#kly (Beta vulgaris), differing on an expression of sign TcMS ... more in detail
Karpisheva Kseniy Vladimirovna
Dissertation idias: Interaction adenovirusnyh onkoproteinov with cellular protein AUP1 of the person ... more in detail 2002
Babakov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Dissertation example: Interaction of isoforms a-aktinina with transkriptcionnym factor ReiA/NF-kB ... more in detail 2004
Babakov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Doctoral dissertation: Interaction of isoforms Z-aktinina with transkriptcionnym factor ReiA/NF-kB ... more in detail 2004
Matusovskay Galina Gennadevna
Dissertation abstracts: Interaction tvitchina zapiratelnyh muscles of molluscums with fibrilljarnym ... more in detail 2008
Kukalev Aleksandr Sergeevich
Dissertation sample: Interaction of a nuclear actin and NaP57/diskerina with squirrels, Specificly connecting sattelite DNA ... more in detail 2004
SHmidt YUriy Davidovich
Dissertation thesis: Influence of an antistressful preparation "aminovit" on morphology of epinephral Ferri lactases of rats and morfo-cytochemical indicators of blood of calfs at transport stress ... more in detail
SHmidt YUriy Davidovich
Phd dissertation: Influence of an antistressful preparation "aminovit" on morphology of epinephral Ferri lactases of rats and morfo-cytochemical indicators of blood of calfs at transport stress ... more in detail 2003
Nazarova Guzel Nailevna
Dissertation proposal: Influence of biologically awake cellular components of plants on structural changes of bacterial cages ... more in detail 2009
Venediktova Olga Alekseevna
Dissertation topics: Influence of a vector component on cytotoxic activity and endocellular transport konjugatov, containing a catalytic subunit ritcina ... more in detail
Krizhanovskay Svetlana YUrevna
New dissertation idias: Influence of a pre-natal hypoxia on processes proliferatcii and svobodnoradikalnogo oxidations in a myocardium of white rats at early stages of a postnatal ontogenesis ... more in detail 2008
Vihorev Petr Gennadevich
Dissertation idias: Influence kaldesmona on character of interaction of a myosin and an actin ... more in detail 2003
Leonteva Ekaterina Andreevna
Dissertation example: Influence lizosomotropnyh bonds on functional activity lizosomnogo the cage device ... more in detail 2003
Novosadova Ekaterina Vycheslavovna
Doctoral dissertation: Influence limfoidspetcificheskogo a gene pub on growth and a differentiation ehmbrionalnyh founder cells of the mouse ... more in detail 2009
SHaymardanova Gulnara Ferdinantovna
Dissertation abstracts: Influence nizkointensivnogo laser radiance on neogenesis of flavouring nephroses of tongue and a sciatic nerve of a rat ... more in detail 2004
Kulikova Galina Viktorovna
Dissertation sample: Influence of low concentration of lead on a placenta and a fruit: an experimental research ... more in detail 2008
Melehov Mihail Gennadevich
Dissertation thesis: nicotine Influence on nejroimmunnyj the status of rats with adjuvantnym an arthritis ... more in detail
Melehov Mihail Gennadevich
Phd dissertation: nicotine Influence on nejroimmunnyj the status of rats with adjuvantnym an arthritis ... more in detail
Kaptar Viktoriy Sergeevna
Dissertation proposal: Influence polidana and piratcetama on uslovnoreflektornuju memory and a structurally functional state of neurones neokorteksa rats ... more in detail 2007
Kalmikova Nataly Vladimirovna
Dissertation topics: Influence of different isoforms laminina on adhesion and migration normal and transformed keratinotcitov the person ... more in detail 2004
Zubanova Olga Ivanovna
New dissertation idias: Influence of solvable factors of the photomodified blood on DNA repair and proliferatciju the lymphocytes of the person damaged by radiation ... more in detail 2003

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