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The author: Efimova Aleksandra Arkadevna
Dissertation theme: the "Know-how" national nizkozhirnogo an animal oil "Yakut hajah"
The dissertation description: The "Know-how" national nizkozhirnogo an animal oil "Yakut hajah": Dis.... kand. Agricultural sciences: 06.02.04 Yakutsk, 2004 127 p. RSL OD, 61:05-6/38
Year: 2004

The full text of theses can be found in printed and electronic form. 141400, Khimki, Moscow Region., St. Library, 15. How to get to the station. Underground "River Station", then bus. 344, 368 to the bus stop. "Library Street."

Agronomics || Animal husbandry || Forestry ||
Cultivation, selection, genetics and reproduction of agricultural animals // Feeding of agricultural animals and technology of forages // Fur farming and hunting-knowledge // Private animal husbandry, "know-how" of livestock products //
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