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Agricultural sciences
Historical sciences
Economic sciences
Philosophical sciences
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The SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATION of the CIS - is a large scientific information resource on which the big catalogue of dissertations, which covers all on boards of a modern science is presented
The problem of our project consists in promoting development of a world science. In our catalogue you can familiarise with subjects of scientific directions which develop in the Russian-speaking countries
The writing and dissertation protection represents labour-consuming workin which search and information gathering are one of the important stages of a writingof work. On the given site you can receive the information on the location of interested dissertations works and an access order to them.
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In the catalogue of dissertations the following sciences structured in scientific directions and disciplines are presented

Agricultural sciences - Dissertation:

Agronomics: General agriculture | Land improvement, restoration and protection of the earths | Agrology, agrophysics | Agrochemistry | Selection and seed-growing | Fruit growing, wine growing | Vegetable growing | Plant growing | Protection of plants | Manufacture of feedstuffs and cultivation of meadows | Medicinal and aether-oil cultures
Animal husbandry: Cultivation, selection, genetics and reproduction of agricultural animals | Feeding of agricultural animals and technology of forages | Fur farming and hunting-knowledge | Private animal husbandry, "know-how" of livestock products
Forestry: Wood cultures, selection, seed-growing | Wood structure and wood valuation | Wood and forestry, forest fires and struggle against them | Land improvement in forest and protective wood cultivation, gardening of settlements
Agricultural Sciences:

Architecture - Dissertation:

Architecture: Theory and architecture history, restoration and reconstruction of an istoriko-architectural heritage | Architecture of buildings and constructions. Creative concepts of architectural activity | Town-planning, a lay-out of rural settlements

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Biological sciences - Dissertation:

Biological sciences: Radio biology | Biophysics | Molecular biology | Biochemistry | Botany | Virology | Microbiology | Zoology | Entomology | Ichthyology | Physiology and biochemistry of plants | Physiology | Anthropology | Genetics | Ecology | Hydrobiology | Biotechnology | Micology | Histology, cytology, cellular biology | Molecular genetics | Soil science | Biocomputer science | Development Biology, embriology | Biological resources | Prohistology

Chemical sciences - Dissertation:

Chemical sciences: Inorganic chemistry | Analytical chemistry | Organic chemistry | Physical chemistry | Electrochemistry | High-molecular connections | Chemistry elementoorganic connections | Chemistry high energy | Bioorganic chemistry | Colloidal chemistry and physical and chemical mechanics | Petrochemistry | Radiochemistry | Catalysis | Mathematical and quantum chemistry | Chemistry a firm body

Cultural science - Dissertation:

Cultural science: Theory and a cultural history | Museology, preservation and restoration of historical and cultural objects

Economic sciences - Dissertation:

Economic sciences: Economy and management of a national economy | Finance, monetary circulation and credit | Book keeping, statistics | Mathematical and tool methods of economy | Economic

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Engineering science - Dissertation:

Engineering geometry and computer drawing: Engineering geometry and computer drawing
Mechanical engineering and knowing machines: Materials technology (on branches) | Knowing machines, systems of drives and a detail of machines | Friction and deterioration in machines | Robots, mechatroniks and roboticses systems | Technology of mechanical engineering | Quality monitoring and diagnostics in mechanical engineering | Machines, units and processes (on branches) | Theory of mechanisms and machines | Manufacture Organization (on branches) | Standardization and product quality control
Processing of constructional materials in mechanical engineering: Technology and the equipment of mechanical and physicotechnical processing | Technologies and machines of processing by pressure | Technologies and machines Weldining manufactures
Power, metallurgical and chemical mechanical engineering: Thermal engines | Machines and devices, processes of refrigerating and cryogenic technics, central airs and life-support | Vacuum, compressor technics and pneumatic systems | Nuclear reactor building, machines, units and technology of materials of the nuclear industry | Turbomachines and combined turbounits | Hydraulic machines and Hydropneumaticunits
Transport, mountain and building mechanical engineering: Wheel and tracklaying vehicles | Road, building and hoisting-and-transport machines | Mountain machines
Aviation and space-rocket technics: Aerodynamics and processes of heat exchange of flying machines | Designing, a design and manufacture of flying machines | Durability and thermal modes of flying machines | Thermal, electrorocket engines and energydevice flying machines | Land complexes, the starting equipment, operation of flying machines | Control and test of flying machines and their systems | Dynamics, ballistics, traffic control of flying machines
Shipbuilding: Theory of the ship and building mechanics | Designing and a design of courts | Technology of shipbuilding, ship repair and organisation of ship-building manufacture | Ship power installations and their elements (main and auxiliary) | Physical fields of the ship, ocean, atmosphere and their interaction
Electrical engineer: Electromecanics and electric devices | Electrotechnical materials and products | Electrotechnical complexes and systems | Theoretical the electrical engineer | Light engineering | Electrotechnology | Power electronics
Instrument making, metrology both information-measuring devices and systems: Devices and measurement methods by kinds of measurements | Navigation Devices | Acoustic devices and systems | Optical both optiko-electronic devices and complexes | Radio measuring devices | Devices and methods for measurement of an ionising radiation and x-ray devices | Hromatogrophy and Hromatogrophyses devices | Devices and a quality monitoring of an environment, substances, materials and products | Technology of instrument making | Metrology and metrological maintenance | Information-measuring and operating systems (on branches) | Devices, systems and products of medical appointment | Devices and methods of transformation of images and a sound
Radio engineering and communication: Radio engineering, including systems and TV devices | Aerials, OHF devices and their technologies | Systems, networks and devices of telecommunications | Radar-location and radio navigation
Computer science, computer facilities and management: System analysis, management and information processing (on branches) | Elements and devices of computer facilities and control systems | Automation and management of technological processes and manufactures (on branches) | Management in social and economic systems | Mathematical and software of computers, complexes and computer networks | Systems of automation of designing (on branches) | Telecommunication systems and computer networks | Computers and systems | Theoretical bases of computer science | Mathematical modelling, numerical methods and complexes of programs | Methods and systems of protection of the information, safety
Power: Power systems and complexes | Power plants and power systems | Nuclear power installations, including designing, operation and a conclusion from operation | Industrial power system | Energy devices on the basis of renewed kinds of energy | Technics of high pressure | Thermal power plants, their power systems and units
Metallurgy: Metallurgical science and thermal processing of metals | Metallurgy of black, colour and rare metals | Foundry manufacture | Processing of metals by pressure | Powder metallurgy and composite materials | Metallurgy of technogenic and secondary resources
Chemistry technology: Technology of inorganic substances | Technology of rare, absent-minded and radioactive elements | Technology of electrochemical processes and protection against corrosion | Technology of organic substances | Technology and processing of polymers and composites | Chemical technology of fuel and high-energy substances | Processes and devices of chemical technologies | Technology of silicate and refractory nonmetallic materials | Membranes and membraneses technology
Technology of food products: Technology of processing, storage and processing of cereal, bean cultures, groats products, fruits-vegetables production and wine growing | Technology of meat, dairy and fish products and refrigerating manufactures | Technology of sugar and sugary products | Technology of fats, essence and perfumery-cosmetic products | Biotechnology of foodstuff (on branches) | Technology of tea, tobacco and biologically active substances and subtropical cultures | Processes and devices of food manufactures | Goodsknowing foodstuff and technology of products of public catering | Industrial fishery
Technology of materials and products textile and light industry: Materials technology of manufactures textile and light industry | Technology and a preprocessing of textile materials and raw materials | Technology of garments | Technology of a skin and fur | Technology of shoe and kozhevenno-notions products | Goodsknowing the industrial goods and light industry raw materials
Processes and machines of agroengineering systems: Technologies and means of mechanisation of agriculture | Electrotechnologies and an electric equipment in agriculture | Technologies and maintenance service means in agriculture
Technology, machines and the equipment of timber cuttings, a forestry, tree-processings and chemical processing of a biomass of a tree: Technology and machines of timber cuttings and a forestry | Technology and the equipment of chemical processing of a biomass of a tree; wood chemistry | Wood-knowledge, technology and the equipment tree-processings
Transport: Transport and transportno-technological systems of the country, its regions and cities, manufacture organisation on transport | Track, research and designing of railways | Rolling stock of railways, draught of trains and electrician | Management of processes of transportations | Motor transport Operation | Navigation and an air traffic control | Operation of air transport | Waterways of the message and hydrography | Sailing charter Operation, navigation
Building: Building designs, buildings and constructions | Bases and the bases, underground constructions | Heat supply, ventilation, an air conditioning, gas supply and illumination | Water supply, water drain, building systems of protection of water resources | Building materials and products | Hydraulic engineering building | Technology and building organisation | Designing and building of roads, undergrounds, airdromes, bridges and transport tunnels | Hydraulics and an engineering hydrology | Building mechanics
Documentary information: Document-knowledge, -knowledge | Library science and bibliology | Information systems and processes, legal aspects of computer science
Safety of activity of the person: Labour safety (on branches) | Safety in extreme situations (on branches) | Fire and industrial safety (on branches) | Nuclear and radiating safety
Electronics: Solid-state electronics, radio-electronic components, micro-and on quantum effects | Vacuum and plasma electronics | Quantum electronics | Technology and equipment for manufacture of semiconductors, materials and devices of electronic technics
Technical science:

Geographical sciences - Dissertation:

Geographical sciences: Geographical sciences

Geologo-mineralogical sciences - Dissertation:

Geologo-mineralogical sciences: Geologo-mineralogical sciences

Historical sciences - Dissertation:

Historical sciences: Domestic history | General history (the corresponding period) | Archeology | Ethnography, etnology and anthropology | Historiography, a source study and methods of historical research | History of a science and technics | History of the international relations and foreign policy

Jurisprudence - Dissertation:

Jurisprudence: Constitutional law, municipal law | Civil law; businessman law; family law; international private law | Labour law; social security law | Nature and resources law ; agrarian law; ecological law | Criminal law and criminology; criminally-executive law | Criminal trial; criminalistics and judicial examination; operatively-search activity | International law, European law | Judicial power, public prosecutor's supervision, organisation of law-enforcement activity, legal profession | Administrative law, financial law, information law | Civil process; arbitration process

Medical sciences - Dissertation:

Medical sciences: Obstetrics and gynecology | Human anatomy | Endocrinology | Illnesses of an ear, a throat and a nose | Internal illnesses | Cardiology | Hygiene | Eye illnesses | Pediatrics | Infectious diseases | Skin and venereal illnesses | Nervous illnesses | Oncology | Pathological anatomy | Pathological physiology | Psychiatry | Beam diagnostics, beam therapy | Toxicology | Stomatology | Traumatology and orthopedy | Forensic medicine | Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology | Phthisiology | Hirurgy | Neurosurgery | Hematology and blood transfusion | Epidemiology | Chemotherapy and antibiotics | Aviation, space and sea medicine | Public health and public health services | Children's surgery | Allergology and immunology | Anesthesiology and resuscitation | Rheumatology | Urology | Transplantology and artificial bodies | Pulmonology | Cardiovascular surgery | Narcology | Clinical laboratory diagnostics | Gastroentorology | Nephrology | Work Medicine | Regenerative medicine, sports medicine, balneology and physiotherapy | Medicine Sociology | Gerontology and geriatrics | Mediko-social examination and mediko-social rehabilitation

Pedagogical sciences - Dissertation:

Pedagogical sciences: General pedagogics, pedagogics and formation history | Theory and a training and education technique (on areas and educational levels) | Correctional pedagogics | Theory and a technique of physical training, sports training, improving and adaptive physical training | Theory, a technique and organisation of welfare activity | Theory and a preschool education technique | Theory and a vocational training technique

Pharmaceutical sciences - Dissertation:

Pharmaceutical sciences: Technology of medicines and organisation of pharmaceutical business | Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmacegnozy

Philological sciences - Dissertation:

Literary criticism: Russian literature | Literature of the people of the Russian Federation (with instructions of the concrete literature or group of literatures) | Literature of the people of the countries of abroad (with instructions of the concrete literature) | Literature Theory. Textual criticism | Folklore | Journalism
Linguistics: Russian | Languages of the people of the Russian Federation (with instructions of concrete language or a language family) | Slavic languages | German languages | Romance languages | Classical philology, Byzantian and modern Greek philology | Language Theory | Comparative-historical, typological and compares linguistics | Applied and mathematical linguistics | Languages of the people of foreign countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, natives of America and Australia (with instructions of concrete language or a language family)

Philosophical sciences - Dissertation:

Philosophical sciences: Ontology and knowledge theory | Philosophy History | Aesthetics | Ethics | Logic | Philosophy of a science and technics | Social philosophy | Religious studies, philosophy-anthropology, culture philosophy

Physics and mathematics - Dissertation:

Mathematics: Mathematical analysis | Differential equations | Mathematical physics | Geometry and topology | Probability theory and mathematical statistics | Mathematical logic, algebra and theory of numbers | Discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics
Mechanics: Theoretical mechanics | Mechanics of a deformable firm body | Mechanics of a liquid, gas and plasma | Dynamics, durability of Machines, devices and equipment | Biomechanics
Astronomy: Astrophysics and radio astronomy | Physics of the sun | Planetary researches
Physics: Devices and methods of experimental physics | Theoretical physics | Radio physics | Physical electronics | Optics | Acoustics | Physics of the condensed condition | Physics of plasma | Physics of low temperatures | Physics of semiconductors | Physics of the magnetic phenomena | Electrophysics, electrophysical installations | Thermophysics and theoretical the heating engineer | Physics of an atomic nucleus and elementary particles | Chemistry physics, including physics of burning and explosion | Crystallography, physics of crystals | Physics of bunches of the charged particles and the accelerating technics | Laser physics | Physics high energy
Physics and Mathematics:

Political sciences - Dissertation:

Political sciences: Theory of a policy, history and methodology of a political science | Political institutes, ethnopolitical conflictology, national political processes and technologies | Political problems of the international relations and global development

Psychological sciences - Dissertation:

Psychological sciences: General psychology, psychology of the person, psychology history | Psychophysiology | Work Psychology, engineering psychology, ergonomics | Medical psychology | Social psychology | Legal psychology | Pedagogical psychology | Correctional psychology | Political psychology | Development Psychology

Sciences about the Earth - Dissertation:

Sciences about the Earth: General and regional geology | Paleontology | Geotectonics and geodynamics | Volcanology | Mineralogy, crystallography | Litology | Hydrogeology | Engineering geology, frozen ground Knowledge and ground Knowledge | Geochemistry, geochemical methods of searches of minerals | Geophysics, geophysical methods of searches of minerals | Geology, searches and investigation of firm minerals | Geology, searches and investigation of combustible minerals | Minerals enrichment | Technology and technics of prospecting works | Technology of drilling and development of chinks | The mining and oil and gas geology, geophysics and geometry of bowels | Working out and operation of oil and gas deposits | Technology of development of sea mineral deposits | Building and operation of oil and gas pipelines, bases and storehouses | Geomechanics, destruction of breeds by explosion, miner aerogasdynamics and mountain thermophysics | Theoretical bases of designing of mining systems | Geotechnology (underground, opened, building) | Physical geography and biogeography, geography of soils and geochemistry landscape | Economic, social and political geography | Geomorphology and evolutionary geography | Land management, a cadastre and monitoring of the earths | A land Hydrology, water resources, hydrochemistry | Oceanology | Physics of atmosphere and hydrosphere | Meteorology, climatology, agricultural meteorology | Glaciology and criology the earths | Geodesy | Cartography | Space researches of the earth | Geoinformatics | Geoecology

Sociological sciences - Dissertation:

Sociological sciences: Theory, methodology and sociology history | Economic sociology and a demography | Social structure, social institutes and processes | Sociology of culture, a spiritual life | Management Sociology

Veterinary sciences - Dissertation:

Veterinary sciences: Diagnostics of illnesses and therapy of animals | Pathology, oncology and morphology of animals | Veterinary microbiology, virology and immunology | Veterinary pharmacology with toxicology | Veterinary surgery | Veterinary sanitary, ecology, zoohygiene and veterinarno-sanitary examination | Veterinary obstetrics and biotechnics of a reproduction of animals