approbation and introduction of results of research

the Substantive provisions which are put forward in research, and its results are approved in following forms:

1. In performances at a methodological seminar of Psychological institute of the Russian Open Society, at sessions of Dissertational council of the Tambov state university, at expanded session of laboratory of psychology of professional development of the person Psychological

Russian Open Society institute, on psychology and pedagogics faculty meetings and methodical council Ulyanovsk GSHA.

2. In performances at meetings of regional Agroindustrial chamber and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Ulyanovsk area;

3. In participation in the international and All-Russia scientific and scientifically-practical conferences, the international congresses. Including: III international scientifically-practical conference «Theoretical and methodological problems of modern formation (Moscow on November, 29-30th 2010); the International scientifically-practical conference« the Teacher. The teacher. The trainer »(Moscow, on June, 6-9th 2010), Anniversary conference« 125 years to the Moscow psychological society »(Moscow, on March, 26-28th, 2010), the All-Russia scientifically-practical conference« Psihologo-pedagogical technologies of development of potential of the person »(Chelyabinsk on December, 15-20th 2010); the International psychological congress« Psychological support of national projects: Mental barriers and innovative technologies of development of a society in the conditions of social uncertainty »(Kostroma on October, 26-27th, 2007), the International scientifically-practical conference« Agrarian science and education at the development present stage: experience, problems and ways of their permission (Ulyanovsk, on May, 26-28th, 2009), the International scientifically-practical conference «Pressing questions of agrarian science and education». (Ulyanovsk, on May, 20-22th 2008), International conferences «Akmeologija: Personal and professional development of the person »(Moscow, 2006), the All-Russia scientifically-practical conference« Agrarian science and education in realisation of the national project «agrarian and industrial complex Development» (Ulyanovsk, on November, 22-24nd 2006), the International scientifically-practical conference «Is personal-developing vocational training» (Ekaterinburg 2005), the International scientifically-practical conference «the Problem of creative development of the person in 21 century» (Moscow-Ulyanovsk, on May, 12-14th 2004) year, etc.;

4. In working out of the maintenance of the educational and special courses read in Ulyanovsk the state university and Ulyanovsk GSHA («Psi

hologija managements "," Psychological maintenance of organizational development "," business Psychology »), in the business education Center (discipline of program MBА) and in programs of improvement of professional skill of the apparatus of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Ulyanovsk area. The technology of formation LGPD developed within the limits of dissertational research is introduced in educational process Ulyanovsk GSHA, integrated into activity of psychological service of academy, approved within the limits of the regional program« Preparation of an administrative reserve of agrarian and industrial complex », for participation in which the author of dissertation is awarded by the Reading and writing of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk area.

5. In the edition of the uchebno-methodical workings out used in educational process and in work of psychological service Ulyanovsk GSHA;

6. In publications on a research theme: 56 works, including 6 monographies, uchebno-methodical grants, 15 articles in the magazines recommended VAK the Russian Federation are published.

7. In All-Russia Complex program UrO the Russian Open Society «Development is professional-pedagogical education: scientific bases and innovations» (2011-2015).

The substantive provisions which are taken out on protection:

1. Conceptual model LGPD reflects interrelation of structure, criteria, levels and types, determinant LGPD as the system personal formation integrating various (kognitivnye, motivational, affective and behavioural) the structures of the person providing an effective inclusiveness of the person in enterprise activity. Invariant making models reflect intrinsic characteristics of business, in which number specific self-determination of its subject who is carrying out by means of business the aspiration to the self-sufficient order by the life, work and circumstances of self-realisation, and also the special form of its responsibility as unity of responsibility of the subject of own life and professional work, and also responsibility social.

2. In invariant structure LGPD are allocated: orientatsionnaja,

Operational and base subsystems, last of which defines development and functioning of all system as a whole:

• the base subsystem is formed by interrelations of the components making the psychological base of the realised choice of business as a way of the self-sufficient, independent and responsible order by own life, the work and its results, providing possibility of self-realisation of the person. Including: a creative-motivational component (motivation of the creative contribution to activity, motivation of achievement, internalnyj a control locus, tolerance to uncertainty and tolerance frustratsionnaja as readiness for constructive reaction to difficulties), subject-vital (the vital purposes, a vital position and vital prospect of the person) and an is reflective-projective component (reflective and prognostic abilities).

• orientatsionnaja the subsystem (an enterprise orientation) is formed by interrelations of the components integrating personal features, defining the realised acceptance/nonacceptance by the person of enterprise activity and in it. Including: a component a "self-estimated", which hinge the JA-concept of the person as makes the subject of enterprise activity; "dejatelnostno-estimated", including appeal to the person immanent enterprise activity of the parties and interest to its maintenance; a component of "economic self-determination» as which basic maintenance the private elements of self-determination reflected concerning the person to the property act, to material benefits and sources of their reception, etc., "tsennostno-reguljativnyj" a component; « Communicatively - motivational "and" creative-motivational »components, last of which belongs simultaneously to two subsystems. The interrelation of a"creative-motivational"component with other components orientatsionnoj subsystems is the psychological base of acceptance by the person of enterprise activity as way of self-realisation.

• the operational subsystem includes "kompetentnostnye"

The components integrating various knowledge, abilities, the abilities necessary for enterprise activity and development of its subject, and also «is reflective-projective component», belonging at once to two subsystems. The interrelation of a "is reflective-projective" component with other components of an operational subsystem provides their development.

Sistemoobrazujushchim as element LGPD the way of vital activity of the person in sphere of economic relations as active creator and owner of circumstances, resources and results of the work, professional development and self-realisation acts.

As integrated criterion sformirovannosti LGPD acts sformirovannost its basic subsystems, reflected by private criteria (base, operational and orientatsionnym). On the basis of the specified criteria low, insufficient, sufficient both high levels LGPD and seven its types corresponding to different levels are allocated: "unacceptable" (low level), "ambivalent" and "incompetent" (insufficient level), «focused on self-maintenance» and «focused on self-realisation» (sufficient level), "socially-responsible" and "socially-productive" (high level).

3. The integrated mechanism of formation LGPD is realised through the interconnected mechanisms of subject-economic reorientation, self-acceptance, self-designing and self-designing in business.

The mechanism of subject-economic reorientation is realised through a reflexion of own way of vital activity in sphere of economic relations as conditions of achievement of the vital purposes and self-realisation. The self-acceptance mechanism is carried out through correlation of reflexed individually-psychological features with the generated image of enterprise activity and comprehension of possibility of self-realisation in it. The self-designing mechanism is realised through is personal-semantic embedding of enterprise activity in the general vital plan of the student. The self-designing mechanism is realised through

The realised formation at itself the qualities necessary for effective business on the basis of correlation of an actual condition of own possibilities and restrictions with demands from enterprise activity.

4. As necessary psihologo-pedagogical conditions of formation LGPD of students the developing educational medium of high school focused on development subektnosti of participants of educational process, presence of the target program of psychological support, integration in educational process of the psychological technologies based on described above conceptual positions and considering specificity described above conceptual positions of a "starting" condition of formed personal formation at a concrete category of students, individually-psychological features of students act

5. As an effective psihologo-pedagogical agent of formation LGPD of the student in educational process the technology which basic maintenance are the processes referred on consecutive comprehension of own way of vital activity and professionalizatsii as a condition of achievement of the vital purposes, a reflexion of new possibilities of self-realisation in enterprise activity, the psychological features and restrictions as subject of enterprise activity acts. Representing unity of conceptual, substantial, kriterialno-estimated and algorithmic subsystems, the psychological technology provides positive dynamics of components LGPD of students in educational process.

6. Developed and approved on a material of agrarian formation the technology is based on empirical acknowledgement of invariancy of conceptual model LGPD for agrarian business: in ascertaining experiment communication of efficiency of economic activities of businessmen-landowners with konstelljatsijami the personal features entering into subsystems LGPD is taped, including: tolerance to uncertainty, internalnost, motivation of achievement, motivation of the creative contribution (the equipment on an innovation and kreativnost), valuable orientations,

Interest to the maintenance of enterprise activity and self-efficiency in business, appeal immanent enterprise activity of the parties and absence of ambivalence in the relation to it, reflexivity and prognostic ability, readiness for risk. In process faktorizatsii data the factors differing on the structure in groups of noneffective and effective agrarian businessmen, and in the latter case structure of factors sootnosima with structure of subsystems LGPD in conceptual model are allocated. Factors-prediktory of appeal to the agrarian businessman of its activity and its self-efficiency in it differ in groups of effective and noneffective businessmen.

7. Correlations of appeal specific to businessmen-landowners and efficiency of their enterprise activity with features of motivation affiliatsii and a moral component of their economic self-determination (pavor otverzhenija in motivation affiliatsii the landowner and predilection to explain well-being of people their ability to break norms of the law and morals negatively correlate with appeal of enterprise activity, with a self-rating of ability to it, with the personal variables entering into components of base subsystem LGPD) are caused by historical and cultural features of formation of agrarian business in Russia and psychological "context" of formation of the person and its economic behaviour on village which as a whole are adverse for formation LGPD of students from village, first of all, its base subsystem.

8. Positive results of approbation of technology of formation LGPD in long-term forming experiment correspond to criteria of pattern (repeatability) and fastness in time. The developed technology is successfully integrated into real educational process and in the target program psychological high school services. The technology of formation LGPD based on described above conceptual positions, is integrated into educational activity of the advisory

Agrarian and industrial complex supports.

Dissertation structure. The dissertation consists of the introduction, two parts, seven heads, the literature list (595 names of works of domestic and foreign authors) and appendices.
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A source: Hashchenko T.G.. Personal readiness of students For enterprise activity: the Psychological maintenance and conditions of formation. 2011

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