a condition of a readiness of a problem of research

Representatives of Russian kosmizma (V.I.Vernadsky, M.M.Bakhtin, N.A.Berdjaev) have proved self-realisation of spiritual forces of the person and social obshchnostej in the medium providing reproduction of cultural potential; have shown a relativity of balance with medium that proves organizational ontologija at level of organizational transformation (A.A.Bogdanov).

Separate aspects sredovoj problematics in history of domestic school have received illumination in R.B.Vendrovskoj, N.N.Jordanian, JU.S.Manuylov's works, So-called Malkovsky, V.Z.Ravkina, M.M.Skatkina, S.D.Smirnova F.A.Fradkin, etc.

Sredovoj the approach was defined as a combination of ideas of a noosphere (V.I.Vernadsky), physical medium and sredovogo a determinism, possibilizma and probabilizma (K.Frank), sredovoj psychology (D.Gibson, V.Ittelson, J.Kruusvall, G.Krajg, N.Miller, M.Hejdments, etc.), (B.T.Skinner's) programmed training, supplements it poljusno-field theory B.C. Shubinsky, oversaturated medium, arhitektoniki society (G.Zelenev, V.N.Maksimova, N.M.poletaeva, etc.). The ecological psychology (R.Barker) returns a science to the real person in the real world, integrating its experience of interaction with world around and overcoming errors ekoantropotsentricheskogo the approach (Krivyh S.V).

The medium as model (or dynamical analogy on D.Horafasu) is presented in G.A.Kovaleva, V.A.Jasvina's works, and «the model of a design field» leans against «the theory of possibilities» D.Gibson. To V.S.Merlinym and B.A.Vjatkinym it is shown, that the ontogeny is concretised with reference to social and economic and individual conditions.

The active relation to medium (M.J.Basov, V.M.Bekhterev), ways of the relation of the person to the world as included and reflexing individual (S.L.Rubinshtejn) is proved. At Z.Frejda, Z.Piazhe, P.P.Blonskogo its possible opposition to human nature, dependence of rates and full value of mental development from rigidity of medium is traced both the general existence internal and an environment, and. B.G.Ananev surveys the person as the product of medium taps akmeologicheskie mechanisms of interaction with medium.

The medium as the uniting beginning of development is presented in E.Fromma, D.A.Leonteva, I.A.Baevoj's works. Interaction with social medium contacts personal formation on the basis of A.A.Brudnogo, L.S.Vygotskogo, D.A.Leonteva, V.A.Petrovskogo, S.L.Rubinshtejna, V.V.Rubtsova, S.F.Sergeeva, etc. I.N.Semenov's works carries to individuality of mentality an image of medium; characteristics of the akme-forms bound to medium, are developed by T.A.Molodichenko. M.J.Basov has entered concept of "time and spatial radius of medium».

Orientation on dejatelnostnoe designing of educational space of adults (O.S.Anisimov, Of this year Vershlovsky, I.G.Shendrik, etc.) is developed. From the person the adaptation is observed (specificity of relations, atmosphere in a bed andragogicheskih ideas), from medium operates the law of selection investigated and updated by A.A.Bogdanovym, E.V.Ilenkovym; the ergonomics study more difficult systems "Persons-cars-environments«; the importance of technogenic mediums is proved by V.M.Rozinym, S.F.Sergeevym, etc. D.I.Feldshtejn has proved the global importance of a problem "person-medium", its projections to professional work.

The medium of professional work is presented in organizational psychology (B.G.Afanasev, R.L.Daft, M.V.Zabirov, D.Mirvis, A.S.Ognev, V.A.Tolochek, D.Holl) as group ekostruktura, and the economic analysis mediums (G.Bekker) allows to model it (G.A.Klejner), to influence on organizational medium (L.Daft, R.Fathubdilov, etc.).

The development theory (ontogenetic, psychological, personal) is developed as in domestic (B.G.Ananev, L.I.Antsyferova, V.G.Aseev, A.G.Asmolov, L.I.Bozhovich, K.I.Vajsero, L.S.Vygotsky, A.F.Lazursky, A.N.Leontev, B.F.Lomov, V.S.Merlin, A.V.Petrovsky, S.L.Rubinshtejn, etc.), and in foreign psychology (A.Maslou, Z.Piazhe, D.Renuoter, M.Ruferlet, D.Rovan, P.Feruchchi, etc.).

The concept of professionalism (E.N.Bogdanov, V.G.Zazykin, E.A.Klimov, T.V.Kudrjavtsev, G.S.Mihajlov, A.S.Chernyshev, etc.) as persons (A.A.Derkach, N.V.Kuzmina), and activity (V.G.Zazykin, I.P.Lotova, A.K.Markova, E.V.Selezneva, etc.) is defined.

It is proved as personal (it is system determined in B.F.Lomova's school), subject (A.V.Brushlinsky, A.S.Ognev, etc.), and professional development (integrated at V.S.Merlina, E.A.Klimova, B.A.Vjatkina's school), at B.G.Ananeva's scientific school – movement of the adult person through steps mikroakme to own zhiznetvorchestvu.

A.K.Markova has presented variants of a combination of activity of the professional and medium. The individual originality of activity at interaction with world around is designated through style of mental activity and activity (A.Adler, K.M.Gurevich, A.L.Zhuravlev, V.S.Merlin, E.A.Klimov, B.F.Teplov, H.Uitkin, etc.).

In akmeologicheskoj theories are presented as indicators of is personal-professional development (B.G.Ananev, N.V.Kuzmina, A.K.Markova), and conditions (O.S.Anisimov, A.A.Derkach, V.G.Zazykin, N.V.Kuzmin, V.N.Maksimova, N.M.poletaeva, E.V.Seleznev, R.H.Shakurov) and factors (E.A.Klimov, A.K.Markova, O.V.Moskalenko), and also the generalised characteristics of akme-forms bound to medium (A.A.Artjuhina, T.A.Molodichenko), the structure of medium of the subject of activity is described by E.A.Klimov. As the scientific category «akmeologicheskaja medium» is proved by A.A.Derkachom and I.O.Solovevym.

The methodology of psychology of medium is developed by V.L.Glazychev, E.A.Maralovoj, A.P.Marderom, V.Kurt-Uljarovym, I.Serdjukom and L.Serdjuk, J.A.Lenikom, J.K.Trushinshem, but not all researchers are solidary in a recognition of objectivity of medium (J.Vooglandi, K.Nigesen). The idea of subjective character sredovyh influences and an image of medium is distinctly formulated by G.Z.Kaganovym, D.R.Mihajlovym, D.D.Olshansky with use "postsredovyh" categories: « Psychological image »lives and« subjective space of vital activity »(it is close to« a psychological field »K.Levin, to" vital space »to E.Brunevika, to" the subject of medium »J.Ikskjulja). D.A.Leontev considers expedient concept use« the vital world », and N.B.Shkoporov – concepts« psychological space of the person ». It is possible to characterise as O.Kaljundi's polar positions (medium – the specific form of thought) and D.N.Uznadze, U.Jams (spatial measurements of the person from a body, a suit to architectural volumes, household objects).

Thus, the modern science has preconditions of creation of the theory of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to the medium, including representation about structure, internal both external interrelations and an orientation of action of mediums, their products and mechanisms, and also the certain thesaurus. In practice it will allow, having assumed akmeologicheskuju an orientation to frame on algorithm and means akmeologicheskoj models the set level of professionalism, proceeding from a real condition of organizational medium. The Akmeologichesky science has developed models and the methods of analytical, expert, modelling diagnostics necessary for an establishment of a level of development of medium and the professional.

The research objective consists in working out of the concept development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium.

Object of research – akmeologicheskaja medium of development of the professional.

Object of research – interaction of developments of the professional and reformative it akmeologicheskoj mediums.

Research hypothesis

Development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj will be to medium effective, if:

- Development is provided with support on a basis integrativnogo akmesredovogo the approach allowing kumulirovat effects of personal, professional growth and transformation of medium on the basis of taped preconditions and mechanisms akmeologizatsii of medium as a necessary agent of achievement of high level of professionalism;

- It is defined akmeologicheskaja essence of interaction preobrazujushchejsja mediums and developments of the professional;

- The technique of an estimation of dynamics of development by means of indicators, criteria and levels of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj is developed to medium;

- Are considered akmeologicheskie the patterns reflecting the characteristics of steady communications, relations and tendencies of movement to the high professionalism interfaced to transformation of medium;

- The maintenance akmeologicheskoj the author's program reflects activity of the professional on transformation of medium by means of akmeologicheskih technologies and to stage-by-stage self-improvement of professionalism at participation akmeologicheskoj mediums;

- Development is reached at the expense of a combination traditional and akmesredovyh technologies, training which is possible by means of a complex of trainings and techniques of an estimation of achievements.

According to the purpose and a hypothesis research problems are defined.

1. As a result of the teoretiko-methodological analysis of a problem to prove expediency of the new approach to two-uniform process vzaimosodejstvija perfection of development of the professional and transformation of medium (on the basis of preconditions akmeologizatsii and its characteristics) to develop the conceptual apparatus, having generalised research diagnostic procedures and research methods.

2. To develop akmeologicheskuju the concept of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to the medium, including: definition of essence of processes, sources and approaches; model of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium; algorithm of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium; development mechanisms.

3. To define indicators, criteria and levels of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium.

4. To tap akmeologicheskie patterns and mechanisms of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium.

5. To prove akmeologicheskuju the author's program of support of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium.

6. On the basis of a combination traditional and akmeologicheskih technologies of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium to formulate scientifically-practical references for principals of the enterprises and establishments.

Teoretiko-methodological basis of research have made: philosophical doctrine about a parity between phase space of the purposes (Platon, Aristotle), the idea of the internal plan entered by Gegel, capable to react to external influences, basic ideas of Russian kosmizma (M.M.Bakhtin, N.A.Berdjaev), the doctrine about V.I.Vernadsky, P.T.Shardena's noosphere, P.A.Sorokina's integrated sociological theory, ideas of synergetrics about synthesis of space and time, A.I.Prigozhin about «ovremenenii spaces», V.I.Vernadsky about anisotropism of an existential continuum of a life, and also idea of interaction of the person and medium of V.M.Bekhterev, A.F.Lazursky (endo and ekzopsihiki), M.J.Basova about the active figure in active medium, h.p. of Vygotsky development about a social situation.

Interdistsiplinarnost research areas assumes, besides use of a psychological material, attraction of the methodological apparatus of classical biology, physical chemistry and their updatings (diatropika P.A.Chajkovskogo), the economic analysis (G.B.Klejner, N.D.Kondratyev, I.Shumpeter), the management theory (R.Daft, G.Druker, etc.), and also fundamental positions of psychology, philosophy, akmeologii, opening filosofsko-psychological aspects of development of the person and its course of life (K.A.Abulhanova, L.I.Antsyferova, A.A.Bodalev, h.p. Vygotsky), professionalism levels (E.N.Bogdanov, A.A.Derkach, V.G.Zazykin, A.K.Markova), activity of the subject of activity (B.G.Ananev, V.M.Bekhterev, A.V.Brushlinsky, A.N.Leontev, etc.), conditions of personal and professional formation of the professional (A.A.Derkach, V.G.Zazykin, N.V.Kuzmin, L.M.Mitin, A.G.Nikiforov, etc.) Positions of the cybernetic approach (I.D.Trumin).

Professionalism development is based on the theory of systems (I.V.Blauberg, V.N.Sadovsky, E.G.Judin) and P.K.Anokhin's functional systems, slozhnosistemnom (A.I.Prigozhin) and personally-dejatelnostnom approach (S.L.Rubinshtejn, A.N.Leontev, b.s.bratus, V.S.Merlin), principles of development, social determination, a principle of isomorphism of A.N.Houli, the subject of activity, psychosocial, integrated approaches to professional work studying (B.G.Ananev, E.A.Klimov, A.A.Derkach, A.L.Zhuravlev), interference of personal and professional development (B.G.Ananev, A.A.Bodalev, B.F.Lomov, S.L.Rubinshtejn, V.A.Slastenin, V.D.Shadrikov).

As basic directions of personal growth are allocated: functional, humanistic, sistemologicheskoe, uniting previous on the basis of a principle of system determination, and also activity of the professional (L.I.Antsyferova, A.A.Derkach, V.G.Zazykin, A.S.Ognev, V.A.Petrovsky, etc.).

The problem of development of professional medium can dare with a leg at a number of ideas of complementary scientific directions: ekologo - the psychological (A.Barker), recognising observation and closed with sredovoj psychology (V.Ittelson, J.Kruusvall, A.Mehrabian, T.Nijt, M.Hejdments) in the statement of determination of realisation of the person is unique medium in the correct way of studying of the person; a bionomics of the person (A.I.Subetto) supplementing noosferizm; the economic analysis of medium (N.D.Kondratev, F.Kapra, G.V.Klejner, V.L.Tambovtsev), and also the socially-spatial analysis (P.Burde, A.A.Zinovev), taping ierarhizatsiju and social distances; the psihologo-pedagogical analysis (D.B. Elkonin, I.D.Frumin); psihologo-sredovoj (N.Miller, J. Gibson), allocated principles of the realised interaction, motivation sredovyh actions, ontopsihologiju (A.Menegetti).

As the methodological G.P.Schedrovitsky, P.K.Engelmejera, P.N.Nesterovoj, S.P.Munta's psychotechnical ideas (professiografichesky the approach to work), F.F.Erismana, D.I.Zhuravskogo, I.I.Rihtera (organizational-psychological designing), E.S.Penkta, G.S.Nikiforova (profprigodnost) were used, etc.

The Akmeologichesky concept of development of the professional was under construction on researches of various fields of activity (V.S.Agapov, O.S.Anisimov, N.V.Kuzmina, N.I.Lifintseva, V.G.Mihajlovsky, O.V.Moskalenko, A.S.Ognev, L.E.Orban, E.V.Selezneva, V.N.Sofina, L.V.Temnova and dr).
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A source: Solovev I.O.. The development of a professional in acmeological environment. 2011

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