a condition of a scientific readiness of a problem of research

the Analysis of researches of problem MPO testifies to escalating interest to the given question in different areas of scientific knowledge: sociology (O.Kont, K.Mangejm, R.Merton, C.R.Mills, D.S.Mill, P.Parsonz, etc.), philosophies (Platon, P.A.Sorokin, P.A.Florensky, M.S.Kagan, G.A.Kondratov, T.V.Shittsova, etc.), ethnographies (R.Benedikt, F.Boas, L.Levi-Brjul, M.Mid, etc.), a demography (V.N.Arhangelsky, V.A.Borisov, B.D.Breev, Lebedev's h.p., etc.), cultural science (I.S.game, M.Mid, etc.) Etc. Thus, problem MPO is interdisciplinary.

The analysis of the literature concerning modern condition MPO (A.N.Afanaseva, V.G.Bezrogov, M.S.Berezhnaja, M.H.Bogatyryov, Z.N. Galich, O.Gaman, M.B.Glotov, N.V.hooter, N.I.Ilyin, B.V.cudgel, V.K.Egorov, S.A.Zhukov, T.V.Ignatov, E.E.Kibizova, I.S.game, JU.M.Lotman, E.V.Sajko, V.V. Semenova, Of this year Spasibenko, M.H.Titma, G.G.Feoktistov, N.V.Shakhmatov, T.V.Shittsova, etc.) has taped a problem, concerning character and quality of these relations. In particular, researchers note their inconsistent character: from the conflict, to elements ejdzhizma (i.e. discrimination on age) before rupture. However for conservation of stability of a human society, it tsivilizatsionnogo, cultural development the continuity between generations is necessary.

In a domestic psychological science this problem is designated as actual and is more recently named by "a priority direction of development of psihologo-pedagogical researches (D.I.Feldshtejn, Bulletin VAK №6, 2005). Relations between generations concern those social problems which press psychological studying. The scale of object of research allows to carry it to the macropsychological researches promoting creation of an image of a society (A.L.Zhuravlyov).

The special importance and urgency problem MPO gets in a context akmeologicheskogo knowledge which gives answers to the questions bound to search of ways and factors, promoting achievement by the person of tops of the development. One of the primary goals which solves akmeologija, studying of psychological characteristics which should be generated at the person at different stages of its age development that it in every respect could prove successfully at a maturity step (B.G.Ananev, A.A.Bodalyov, A.A.Derkach, N.V.Kuzmin, V.N.Panferov, etc.) is. Akmeologija, as area of knowledge of the higher achievements of the person and a civilisation, (K.A.abulhanova, O.S.Anisimov, A.I.Antsyferova, E.N.Bogdanov, A.A.Bodalyov, A.A.Derkach, N.V.Kuzmin, A.A.Rean, J.V.Sinjagin, E.I.Stepanova, etc.) Allows to survey relations between people as the major condition of achievement by them of tops of the development. Therefore it is possible to come out with the assumption, that formation at the person of the tolerant relation to representatives of the and other generations (at children to parents and primogenitors, at parents to children and the parents, at primogenitors to the grandsons and children, respect for an old age in a society, understanding of value of a life of the child, respect of its rights, an exception of elements ejdzhizma from practice of human relations etc.) is the major condition of self-development of the person and achievement akme.

Existing approaches to research of problem MPO in modern domestic psychology are focused basically on problem studying fathers and children, family relations and family psychotherapy (M.A.Abalkina, V.S.Ageev, JU.E.Alyoshin, A.A.Bodalyov, A.V.Gumnitsky, V.N.Druzhinin, I.A.Ivanchikova, M.N.Kirilenko, S.V.Kovalev, L.F.Obuhova, R.V.Ovcharova, M.V.Polevaja, I.N.Rahmanina, L.A.Regush, L.K.Rubchenko, JU.O.Sevostyanov, G.G.Semyonova-Poljak, V.L.Sitnikov, M.V.Sokolova, A.S.Spivakovsky, V.V. Stolin, A.V.Tolstoy, E.V.Trifonova, O.A.Shagraeva, E.G.Ejdemiller, etc.).

At the same time appeared in last third of last century of research which have laid down in a basis of such theoretical directions, as the theory gerontogeneza (M.D.Aleksandrova, B.G.Ananev, E.I.Stepanova, V.V. Frolkis), the theory of a course of life (K.A.abulhanova, L.I.Antsyferova), and also the researches devoted to studying of features of development of the adult and elderly person (V.D.Alperovich, B.G.Ananev, L.I.Antsyferova, A.I.Afanaseva, T.A.Barysheva, R.Butler, L.V.Borozdina, V.M.Byzova, L.A.Golovej, M.E.Eljutina, M.V.Yermolaev, O.V.Krasnov, N.N.Sachuk, E.I.Stepanova, G.S.Suhobskaja, V.D.Shapiro, I.V.Shapovalenko, etc.) Marked occurrence of new scientific knowledge of development possibilities during the mature both late periods of a life and underlining ability to development of the person of the mature and elderly person, became the basis of our research of relations between representatives of different generations, as representatives of different age groups.
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A source: Postnikova M. I.. Psychology of relations between generations in modern Russia. 2011

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