empirical base and research sources

In work on the dissertation the author leant against the materials of the state statistics given to the departmental reporting, results of psychological researches of domestic and foreign psychologists.
In the course of performance of dissertational work studying of documents, materials of conferences, seminars and round tables was used.

The basis of empirical base of research is made by results of the psychological researches which have been carried out under a management or at immediate participation of the author in different years that has allowed to survey a studied problem comprehensively and in dynamics.

At the first stage with 1996 for 1999 the problem of personal identity, in particular, the psychological nature of personal self-determination, self-determination of the person at the senior teenage and youthful age was studied. Researches were spent with 1996 for 1999 in Moscow, as respondents 300 persons have acted nearby.

At the second investigation phase (1999-2003) were studied psihologo-akmeologicheskie problems of professional formation of civil servants. The aggregate number taken part in research has made more than 450 persons at the age from 25 years till 70 years. The basic group of the interrogated respondents was made by civil servants of federal level of management. As examinees representatives of a personnel reserve have acted also.

Empirical base of studying results psihologo-akmeologicheskogo have made also researches of civil servants of various level at the age from 20 till 55 years and materials of monitoring of is personal-professional qualities of the state employees, passing professional retraining in RAGS. Research was spent in Moscow, sample has made 234 respondents from among civil servants and shots of management of the enterprises and the organisations.

At the third stage within 2003-2010 the analysis of processes of identification of civil servants is carried out, generalisation of the received results is carried out, the basic conditions and factors of optimisation of process of advancing identification of shots are allocated. The aggregate number taken part in research has made more than 800 persons at the age from 24 years till 72 years: principals of the state and not state spheres of management, a personnel reserve, students of improvement of professional skill RAGS.

Expert interrogation on a studied problem of advancing identification of civil servants the author has spent in 2006. The opinion about 100 experts – civil servants, psychologists, sociologists, experts in the field of the government has been interrogated and studied.

In 1996, 2003, 2005 and in 2010 with participation of the author on the All-Russia sample the researches revealing of problems of perception of shots of public service in public opinion became which purpose are carried out. 1200 respondents are interrogated. Now researches of problems of efficiency of public service are spent in monitoringovom a regimen with an interval to half a year. For the purpose of studying of real process of identification of shots of public service in 2010 in Moscow with participation of the author complex research has been carried out. 254 inhabitants of capital under the questionnaire of mass interrogation have been interrogated and 43 experts have filled the form-interview. As experts scientists, civil servants with wide experience of work, advisers of the ministries and departments have acted.
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A source: Orestova V.R.. Acmeological concept of identification of public servants. 2010

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