empirical base of research

the research Sample was made by post-graduate students, listeners of system of improvement of professional skill, teachers of higher educational institutions of of Stavropol (the North Caucasian state technical university; Financial and economic institute; the North Caucasian social institute, the Stavropol state pedagogical institute).

334 teachers of the high schools which are listeners of various systems of improvement of professional skill have taken part in flight research (post-graduate students and listeners of faculty of improvement of professional skill); 240 teachers, periodically or are system engaged in self-education; a commission of experts from 90 persons.

72 teachers have taken part in forming experiment - the listener of faculty of improvement of professional skill, 175 post-graduate students, 70 teachers who are engaged in self-education (control group). In total at different stages of empirical research its participants were 981 examinee.

Results of the analysis of educational programs of preparation of post-graduate students and listeners FPK are included in empirical base of research; works of psychological service of high school; 17-year-old personal experience of activity of the practical psychologist in educational systems and 6-year-old experience of the professional work bound to improvement of professional skill of teachers of the higher school.

Empirical research was spent within 10 years and included some stages.

The first investigation phase (1999-2001): definition of the purpose, problems, object and an object of research; promotion of the basic hypotheses; studying of the scientific literature on a research problem. The analysis and generalisation of the material received at this investigation phase, has allowed to define the basic contradictions bound to studying of professional formation of the person, and have led the author to understanding of the importance of working out akmeologicheskoj to the concept of professional formation of teachers of the higher school.

The second stage (2001-2003) has been aimed at working out of theoretical and methodological bases of studying of process of professional formation of teachers of the higher school; selection of methods and the techniques necessary for scientific research; diagnostics of a condition of a problem of professional formation of pedagogical shots in higher educational institutions at various stages of professional formation; working out akmeologicheskoj models of professional formation of teachers of the higher school; drawing up of the programs referred on rising of professional competence of teachers and providing efficiency of professional formation.

The third stage (2003-2007): the organisation of experimental work; updating of the developed training programs and the program akmeologicheskogo the supports, referred on rising of professional competence, perfection of professionalism of activity through professionalism of the person; introduction of the developed programs in practice of training of listeners of system of improvement of professional skill.

The fourth stage (2007-2009): generalisation and research summarising; the comparative analysis and interpreting of the data received empirical by; working out of scientifically-practical references on optimisation of process of professional formation of teachers of the higher school.

Reliability, reliability and validity of results of research is provided by logic of construction of the teoretiko-methodological bases of work at all stages of its realisation; the argument of a conceptual plan with attraction of empirical data; the complex approach to problem research; use of complementary methods of research; comparison of the received results prior to the beginning and after experimental research carrying out; a combination quantitative (mathematical methods of processing) and qualitative (the content-analysis of compositions, the cluster and factorial analysis) the analysis of the data received experimental by; carrying out of statistical data processing by means of didymous t-criterion Uilkoksona, t-criterion Stjudenta and factor rangovoj correlations Spirmena. The estimation of reliability of differences between indicators experimental and control groups was carried out by means of the variance analysis.
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A source: Plugina M. I.. Acmeological concept Professional development of high school teachers. 2009

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