investigation phases

1st stage (1982-1992) – The analysis sociological, psychological, pedagogical, akmeologicheskoj literatures on a research problem; studying of functional structure and features of professional work of principals and the engineers working with nanotehnologijami in the high technology manufacture.
During the same period were developed and techniques of studying of individually-psychological and socially-psychological features of the person of engineers and principals, their character projavlennosti in professional work were experimentally approved.

2nd stage (1992-1997) – allocation of structure of professional competence of experts and principals of the technical enterprises with a view of its development in students. Research akmeologicheskih the factors causing development of professional competence of the expert, and difficulties which are tested by students at mastering by professional models of activity.

3rd stage (1997-2006) – Working out psihologo-akmeologicheskoj concepts of construction of training system of professionally focused independent work of students and revealing of its possibilities in development of professional competence; working out of the automated systems for development of special competence with use of agents of the imitating modelling applied at creation nanotehnology; working out akmeologicheskih technologies for development of professional competence of experts in high school and on manufacture. Creation and introduction of the automated system complex akmeologicheskoj diagnostics for the analysis and development of professional competence of the expert in high school and on manufacture. Carrying out of forming experiment of development of professional competence of the expert in the conditions of uchebno-research-and-production integration. Research of a motivatsionno-target basis of educational activity and its influence on development of professional competence. Carrying out of monitoring of development of professional competence and style of thinking of the expert in the course of professional formation.
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A source: Sofina V. N.. Psychological and acmeological basis for the formation of professional competence of specialists in the system of educational, scientific and industrial integration. 2007

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