a methodological basis of research

the General scientific methodology was defined by dialectic ideas about interrelations of development of the theory and practice, the system approach to studying of the person of the teenager. The is concrete-scientific methodology of dissertational research includes base positions of the psychological theory of activity (A.N.Leontev, B.F.Lomov); methodological principles differential and akmeologicheskoj psychodiagnoses (K.M.Gurevich, V.A.Bodrov, A.A.Derkach, V.L.Marishchuk, V.N.Mashkov).
The doctrine about integrity and interconditionality of the social and cultural-pedagogical phenomena in the course of education of the teenager (L.S.Vygotsky, I.S.Kon, S.L.Rubinshtejn); positions of the theory and education methodology about purposeful formation of the person of the teenager in the conditions of specially organised educational system (J.K.Babansky, A.S.Makarenko, A.V.Mudrik, I.P.Podlasyj, V.I.Smirnov, V.A.Suhomlinsky); data of psihologo-pedagogical researches about individuality of teenagers and its development in activity (B.G.Ananev, A.N.Leontev, E.A.Klimov, E.M.Orlov); the scientific researches devoted to studying of questions of deviating behaviour at teenagers (S.A.Belicheva, A.JU.Egor, E.V.Zmanovskaja, S.A.Igumnov, J.A.Klejberg, V.T.Kondrashenko, V.J.Rybnikov, V.G.Stepanov, G.S.Tagirova, D.I.Feldshtejn, A.B.Fomina). Theoretical base of research conceptual positions of the system analysis psihologo-akmeologicheskih processes in deviantologii (O.S.Anisimov, S.A.Anisimov, A.A.Derkach, E.M.Ivanova, V.G.Zazykin, E.E.Sapogova, etc.) have made, developments of the collective and individual subject in the conditions of purposeful support of such development. Research was based on the works opening substantive provisions psihologo-akmeologicheskogo of the approach (O.S.Anisimov, A.A.Bodalev, A.S.Guseva, A.A.Derkach, N.V.Kuzmina, V.G.Mihajlovsky, A.J.Panasjuk, I.N.Semenov), innovatiki and innovative activity (V.N.Mashkov, A.I.Prigozhin, I.Shumpeter).

Besides, a theoretical basis of research have made:

- Principles of the system analysis of the psychological phenomena, ideas about interdisciplinary communications in system of sciences about the person and about the complex approach to its studying (B.G.Ananev, A.A.Bodalev, N.V.Kuzmina, B.F.Lomov, E.F.Rybalko, S.D.Smirnov, V.A.Jakunin);

- Representation about activity as to a basis of the general mental and professional development of the person (B.G.Ananev, A.N.Leontev, S.L Rubinshtejn);

- akmeologichesky the approach to the professionalism and professional work analysis (B.G.Ananev, A.A.Derkach, N.V.Kuzmina, A.A.Rean, E.I.Stepanova, Isaeva N.I., Sapogova E.E.).

Methodological basis of research also were ideas about sources and mechanisms of change of the mentality, fundamental positions akmeologii, the general, social and pedagogical psychology and pedagogics, deviantologii, the theories of management expressed in principles of development, unity of the person and activity, reflexion, a determinism, the system, individual and differentiated approaches according to which theoretical conclusions and interpreting of empirical data and the processes characterising essence, the maintenance and features of developments and socialisation of the person of the teenager were formulated.
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A source: Belov V.G.. Psychological and acmeological support of adolescents with delinquent behavior: concept, model, technology. 2010

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