research Methods

For realisation of tasks in view and check of hypotheses the complex of complementary methods was applied. In the course of research following general scientific methods were applied:

– The theoretical analysis of the scientific works reflecting a condition of a level of scrutiny of a problem of professional formation of the person;

– akmeologichesky the analysis, allowing to prove the intrinsic characteristic of professional formation and akmeogrammu the teacher of the higher school;

– The retrospective analysis of a problem akmeologicheskogo supports of professional formation of teachers of the higher school;

– The polling methods, the included observation, referred on judgement of features of professional formation of teachers of the higher school;

– The cluster and factorial analysis of the data, allowing to estimate influence akmeologicheskoj mediums on efficiency of professional formation of teachers of the higher school.

Author's techniques were used: the projective composition «the Role of psychology and akmeologii in formation of professionalism of the person and activity»; questionnaires «the Relation to psihologo-akmeologicheskim to knowledge», «a level Self-rating psihologo-akmeologicheskoj competence», «Scopes psihologo-akmeologicheskih knowledge» which were combined:

– With the modified variant of questionnaires «a professional work Self-rating», «Satisfaction a professional standard» (E.V.Dendeberja); «Definition of kinds of self-development», «the Factors accompanying self-development of the person» (T.M.Shamova);

– With the standard psychodiagnostic techniques providing reception of the quantitative and qualitative information on studied phenomena at investigation phases: «Readiness of the person for self-development» (E.V.Dendeberja); «Level of the subjective control» (E.F.Bazhin, E.A.Golynkin, A.M.Etkind); «Level of requirement for self-actualisation» (L.J.Gozman and M.V.Kroz's updating); «the Questionnaire of a personal maturity» (J.Z.Gilbuh); «Ability of self-management» (N.M.Pejsahov); «the Estimation of level of sociability» (V.F.Rjahovsky);

– With a method of an expert estimation «the Image of the teacher of the higher school».

Within the limits of forming experiment the system of a practical training on the basis of the offered algorithm of drawing up of individual programs of is personal-professional development and author's programs was used: «Akmeologichesky support of professional formation of teachers of the higher school», the program of modular training on the block psihologo-akmeologicheskih disciplines for post-graduate students, the formation program psihologo-akmeologicheskoj competence of experts of system of the improvement of professional skill, providing process of training of teachers.
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A source: Plugina M. I.. Acmeological concept Professional development of high school teachers. 2009

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