research methods

In work it was applied basically nomotetichesky a research method. Empirical level included planning and the organisation of the research spent in 2005-2008. Following methods were applied to the decision of tasks in view and check of hypotheses: the theoretical analysis of concepts and researches in the field of psychology of the person, psychology of development, differential psychology, philosophy, sociology and the psychotherapy, bound to a research problem, diagnostic methods: interrogation, testing, the content-analysis, methods of mathematical data processing in electron package Statistica 6.0: The descriptive statistics, Kruskala-Wallace's H-criterion t-criterion Stjudenta, rangovaja correlation Spirmena, plural regressionnyj the analysis, the one-factorial and multifactorial variance analysis? * - Fisher's criterion.

Reliability of results of research is provided by consistency of initial methodological positions, a choice of methods of the research corresponding to problems and hypotheses, homogeneity and quantitative reprezentativnostju samples, standardization of procedure of research and application of methods of mathematical statistics, and also vzaimoperesecheniem the results received by means of various techniques and their correlation with data of other researchers.

Approbation and introduction of results of research: results of dissertational research were reported and discussed on faculty meetings of social psychology KGU of N.A.Nekrasov in 2008-2009, at the International scientifically-practical conference Psychology sovladajushchego behaviour (2007), on XIV – XVI International conferences of students, post-graduate students, young scientists Lomonosov-2007, 2008, 2009 (Moscow, April 2007-2009), at carrying out of the mediko-psychological stock by the Center of psychotherapy and practical psychology of of Kostroma Year of a family in Kostroma“ Week of a family ”– on May, 14-17th 2008. Besides, results of research have been included in theoretical working out of courses of "development Psychology, Psychology of family relations. Employment on the given subjects were spent with students of 2 and 4 courses of Institute of pedagogics and psychology KGU of N.A.Nekrasov.

Publications: the basic maintenance of dissertational research is stated in 11 publications of the author.

Structure and work volume: the dissertation consists of the Introduction, three heads, the Conclusion, the bibliographic list and Appendices in which tables of descriptive statistics contain, test materials and specifications. The bibliography consists of 150 names, from them 46 sources on foreign languages. The basic maintenance of work is stated on 156 pages.
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A source: Ekimchik O. A.. Kognitivnyj and emotional components of love at people of different age. 2009

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