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the Introduction of Russia in revival of its spiritual traditions accompanied by attention rising to development is moral the mature person ready to consecutive realisation morally-ethical standards, observance of legal requirements and execution of the civic duty (I.V.Yezhov, S.A.Yermolaev, N.A.Koval, V.M.Rozin, V.V.
Rubtsov, E.V.Sajko, I.P.Smirnov, V.D.Shadrikov, N.I.Shevchenko, etc.) It means, that revival of spiritual traditions inseparably from the general personal improvement. The person generated according to spiritual traditions of a society, differs sequence of the acts, shows psychological immunity to external negative influence, activly promotes diffusion of positive moral experience (L.N.antiden, V.I.Beljaev, I.B.Bovina, T.I.Vlasova, E.N.Volkova, V.G.Efimov, T.S.Lapina, S.Taylor, N.B.Trofimova, D.I.Feldshtejn, M.S.Janitsky, etc.).

The moral maturity of the person as a sign of its psychological health is inseparable from successful integration into a society, active adaptation in system of public relations, findings of the social status corresponding to personal potential, the skilful permission of conflict situations and accumulation of constructive experience of interaction in the social medium.

It is necessary to notice, that development of psychologically healthy person in social medium becomes possible if the personal autonomy remains and becomes stronger, the feeling of self-sufficiency grows in carried out activity and personal responsibility for made decisions if dependence of the person on a social environment is defined by a rational measure of necessity of relations of responsible dependence if the personal autonomy is harmoniously combined with active formation of system of interpersonal communications.

Harmonious existence of the person in social medium surrounding it is defined by a measure of self-realisation of personal potential, including it kognitivnuju, dejatelnostnuju and creative components. Self-realisation of the person becomes possible if conditions for development of its psychological health providing personal self-realisation are framed, integration into social medium and conservation of own autonomy in system of public relations (A.G.Asmolov, B.S.bratus, S.N.Bulgakov, J.V.Verminenko, L.P.Grimak, A.A.Derkach, JU.N. Cossacks, D.A.Leontev, etc.).

Development of psychologically healthy person can be surveyed as the major precondition of spiritual revival of the Russian society, and it raises interest and staticizes a problem of psychological health of youth as personal phenomenon.
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A source: Hvatova M.V.. The concept of development of acmeological resources of the psychological health of young people. 2012

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