the basic hypotheses of research

1. Professional formation of teachers of the higher school reveals as difficult, dynamic, stage-by-stage process of occurrence, fastening and transformation of substantial characteristics potrebnostno-motivational, kognitivnoj, the personal and emotionally-strong-willed substructures, providing to the subject of professional work possibility to show social and professional activity; to define a vector and the maintenance of vital strategy according to the maintenance and demands of a social situation of professional development; to correlate a real image to the standard and to project optimum model of activity of the professional; To define points of vertex achievements at each stage of professional formation and to integrate the got experience for achievement akme.

2. Integrated representation about the intrinsic maintenance of process of professional formation of teachers of the higher school, conditions and factors of its optimisation can be generated on the basis of working out and realisation akmeologicheskoj the concept including: a teoretiko-methodological and empirical substantiation of a scientific problem; akmeologicheskuju model with its basic components; algorithm, technologies and mechanisms of professional formation; substantial characteristics of structural components akmeologicheskoj mediums; akmeologicheskie dependences, patterns, an estimation of efficiency and a way of optimisation of process of professional formation of teachers of the higher school.

3. Professional formation of teachers of the higher school can be carried out productively if according to akmeologicheskoj the concept the conditions are framed, providing to the teacher possibility to realise and accept the society demand to activity and the person; adequately to estimate and correlate individually-typological features to trade demands; to accept and carry out at high level the ordered functions; competently to solve professional problems; to develop professional competence; to show the activity referred on designing of activity, transformation of the person and sredovogo spaces at all stages of professional formation.

4. Efficiency of professional formation of teachers of the higher school can be defined by means of allocation akmeologicheskih criteria in their interrelation with action outwardly and internally caused akmeologicheskih mechanisms that allows to estimate a level of development of professionally significant personal qualities; acts as the revealing basis akmeologicheskih dependences and patterns; provides objective vision of the maximum achievements at various stages of professional formation and representation about vertex achievements in the course of professional work realisation.

5. Optimisation of process of professional formation of teachers of the higher school can be provided by means of allocation and creation of necessary conditions and factors; applications in system of improvement of professional skill of technology of modular training; workings out and introductions of the programs referred on perfection of professionalism of the person and activity of perfection of forms, methods, agents which are presented in structural components akmeologicheskoj mediums.
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A source: Plugina M. I.. Acmeological concept Professional development of high school teachers. 2009

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