the basic scientific results received personally by the competitor, and their scientific novelty

1. As a methodological basis of research in the dissertation it is developed and consistently realised integrativnyj akmesredovoj the approach combining: uniqueness of the developing person of the professional, excellent in cultural variety (cultural urological aspect); Formation of value of self-creation (anthropological aspect), value of personal values as hinge akmeorientirovannogo self-changes, ascending of a role of valuable orientations and valuable relations in development (aksiologichesky aspect), implication of the activity, corresponding object-subject to transformations, a recognition constant norm of a professional life of system of actions (praksiologichesky aspect); interaction of the subject with the chosen and framed medium, according to kontekstualnostju the mental implications dynamically varying depending on medium (sredovoj aspect).

Akmesredovoj the approach allows to find out: interrelations akmeologicheskoj mediums in its specific variety with possibilities of realisation of abilities of the person to self-determination, self-transcendence, responsibility; implication intentsii the professional to balanced development sotsiosfery, concerning itself as to the integrated person focused on external and internal orderliness (ekosistemnyj aspect); urovnevoe a structure of professional medium, the interaction providing transition in more vysokoobrazovannoe a condition (system-structural aspect). Akmesredovoj the approach allows to project: a qualitative variable of medium of vital activity, both cultural-technological, and technogenic; medium as a source of stimulation and an agent of disclosing of abilities, ecological validnosti psychological experiments (ecological aspect); akmeologicheskuju medium as samoorganizujushchujusja and self-regulated system with parametres of mechanisms of regulation, normativnosti, voljuntaristichnosti (sinergetichesky aspect).

Preconditions of creation of the concept of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium which are classified on are taped: methodological, theoretical and praktiko-technological. They have allowed to tap possibilities of allocation of special qualities of development of the professional as: a variety of implication of tsennostno-semantic self-determination, self-realisation of spiritual essence; models of designing of the social arrangement (the interpenetration point existential continuums becomes designing epicentre); the dynamic system integrating functions of subsystems (the first existing model we recognise intellectual medium of the Scottish thinkers of XVIII century, united by concept "improvement" and its product – Academy of outstanding people); zones of developing possibilities, adequately and existential interaction existential and professional components; associations of outstanding professionals.

Are demonstratively presented integrativnye characteristics of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium: sistemnost two co-operating processes; komplementarnost and an interpenetration of processes – subsystems; poetapnost developments of the professional and akmeologizatsii mediums; subject regulation of processes; an is qualitative-quantitative estimation of processes as implication of reflexivity of the subject; an extending number of structural components of developing egoism.

The taped characteristics have allowed both to diagnose, and to project development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium.

Definitions are entered into the conceptual apparatus of research:

- akmeologicheskoj mediums (with specific differences formed, reflective, preobrazujushche-creative) as difficult, inconsistent system with komplementarno the expressed poles: ravnovesnosti – neravnovesnosti; opennesses – closeness; not spontaneous – spontaneous processes; structural and functional components akmeologicheskoj mediums as the heterogeneous, nonlinear system represented by axes of force of development (equally effective force of the person and force of resistance of medium); an is personal-dynamic, personal component depending on an increment; the basic making medium having three-dimensional filling: material, personal, non-material.
To its characteristics are carried: novelty and evristichnost development situations, expansion and an excavation of a semantic sphere of action; the mechanisms providing is personal-professional development; is professional-psychological "I"; a psychological subtlety of an environment (near medium); Generation smyslozhiznennogo relations to the world; productive activity in medium; sredoobrazujushchaja structure of actions of the professional; the uncertainty generating creativity. Formation akmeologicheskoj is not limited mediums to the certain period of professional work, and surveyed throughout all course of life both in professional implications of the person, and in qualitative change of medium:

- Stage-by-stage construction of leading components of the professionalism which optimum combination is carried out in process akmeologizatsii mediums;

- Solvency as integrativnom the quality representing professional achievements of the expert (the social status and success, an information exchange, consolidation of social functions, realisation of vital plans and determination of personal growth);

- entalpii – functions of a condition, energy of the extending system instructing on parametres of the analysis, and corresponding force (rezistivnosti, developments, etc.); the condition akmeologicheskoj is mediums a set of its properties expressed through functions of the professional and consisting in overcoming of resistance of medium (pressure, influences etc.), range optimisation (volume, width of circles of contacts), concentration (quantity of elements, etc.).

2. The concept of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj includes to medium: essence definition vzaimovlijajushchih processes, sources and approaches; principles and model of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium; algorithm of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium; corresponding mechanisms of development.

The essence of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to the medium, consisting in combination of co-operating processes – stage-by-stage development of professionalism and corresponding transformation of medium is established. As the important components of this essence act:

- The level of the expert corresponding to organizational medium - with stages of adaptation, self-actualisation and possession of the professional actions providing a personal inclusiveness, actualisation of senses and the purposes of formed activity, and also the parted actions;

- The level of the professional corresponding akmeologicheskoj to the forming medium with saturation at a stage of adaptation of the maintenance of operational and reflective components, the subject inclusiveness, the imitated actions arising at a stage of self-actualisation by supported actions, free possession of professionally important qualities in the open professional space developing adapting and dilating interaction with the professional;

- Level of the professional as the subject of work at a self-actualisation stage differs integration gnosticheskogo, emotionally-strong-willed, organising, socially-pertseptivnogo, taktiko-strategic components, implication of individuality, creative self-realisation, a stage of free possession of a trade showing harmony with a trade and corresponding steps of skill in closed, narrowed at the expense of selection in professional space, randomness reduction, overcoming of resistance of medium; it corresponds preobrazujushche-creative akmeologicheskoj to medium (since there is a development new to medium and interaction of rules, parametres and including in space of relations). Controlling medium, the principal controls development of the professional, and framing medium, includes the mechanism of management of the processes occurring in it; Achievement of level of individuality defines success of action of the professional in medium (akmeologichesky the effect passes individuality meridians), the subject inclusiveness is defined by self-adjustable and self-inducing actions;

- Superprofessionalism level corresponds reflective akmeologicheskoj to the medium, all components the neoplasm – vital professional self-realisation is highly developed and integrated, generated, the phenomenon sredoobrazovanija, and also akmeologichesky level of interaction of the person and medium is distinctly shown; integrativnost interaction components, the quality reached in interaction, proektivnost, osoznavaemost values of interaction, prognostichnost – predictability of results, special psychophysical intensity.

The adaptation stage is bound to forming of co-operative structures of activity, self-development of activly operating subject, with samoorganizuemymi actions, cooperation and further partnership at which qualitatively other level of interaction with all subjects of joint activity is reached at the expense of the developed self-control, activity, professional space – opened and extending. The self-actualisation stage is bound to coauthorship, mastering possibility interfacing trades. Possession of a trade is a creative self-designing, implication in quality samosozidatelja, reaching tops (high professional results, a solvency, aspiration to level of the incompetence, individuality).

The model of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj is based to medium on principles: developments (individually, geterohronno, on ascending, it is maximum during the periods senzitivnosti, achievements of a professional ideal, creative adaptation and competence); changes of functional mediums, efficiency, an ultimate goal, putting off of the carried out level of egoism (confirming egoism as socially forming phenomenon); controllability (the accurate organisation, adaptability to manufacture, podkontrolnost processes, operative range restriction); opennesses (a free exchange with an external environment, incompleteness, renewal of offered images); modelnosti and dynamism, aksiologichnosti (dispositions of the person), hierarchies (3 levels – base, transitive, final to which there correspond subsystems of formation, developments, maintenance); optimisation, dopolnitelnosti, sredovogo oposredovanija (reorganisation of semantic formations, an exit for limits of the framed structure of medium); sredoprinadlezhnosti, activity of the professional in medium (realisation the subject-subject of relations); kogerentnosti (dynamics of medium defining character). In connection with complexity of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to the medium studied with the help sredogramm and akmesredogramm, action akmeologicheskih a determinant is presented pourovnevo.

The Akmeologichesky model of formation of medium of development of the professional projects the functions (both specific, and logiko-methodological) on activity of the professional in its movement from the original to an ideal (O-I transition on B.G.Ananevu) through zones of developing possibilities taking into account inherent properties.

The algorithm of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj reflects to medium technological problems and interaction schemes, representing constant models – multilayered (layers correspond to transformation of medium) and dualno-proportional (to each layer there correspond 2 algorithms carried to development of motivational and operational spheres). The algorithm designates O-I transitions from the expert to the superprofessional.

External mechanisms of action akmeologicheskoj represent mediums the action from initsiatsii (the equipments, technologies of the adaptation and self-control) before including of protective mechanisms in an interval "purpose-result" and social zakalivanija through immediately psychological and mediated mechanisms of influence (in particular, mechanisms of action of fields), the latent accidents. Intermediate position between the external and internal is occupied with mechanisms of adjustment and result achievement. At the basic stages of action of mechanisms of professional development influence of medium irregularly, is complicated planning of its changes, that in aggregate with dependence of the person on the framed technogenic medium will claim for organizational changes; one of achievement mechanisms akmeologicheskogo level - advancing intellectualization of medium with acknowledgement of the phenomena of two usages: Advancing personal development and promotion of the advancing ideas, limited to action of the law of decreasing limiting utility.

3. Criteria and the indicators are proved and empirically defined, allowing to carry examinees to certain level of professionalism and a kind formed akmeologicheskoj mediums.

As internal integrated criteria act:

- Structurally functional, including indicators of transformations (flexibility, mobility, variability, integrativnost), integrity (akmenapravlennost, coherence, additivity) sredovoj an optimality;

- Dynamic, uniting indicators of efficiency of development in medium (geterohronnost, activity in active medium, akmeorientirovannoe self-development), proektivnosti actions in medium (safety growth, realisation of complex strategy taking into account traditions, overcoming of resistance of medium), informative informativnosti (uncertainty, the system approach to information selection), sensitivity to global factors of medium.

External integrated criteria include indicators and indicators:

- Neoplasms in akmeologicheskoj to the medium, combining qualitative (interoperability, participation of professionals in management, globalnost mediums of the professional), quantitative (a saturation external contacts, an exit for limits of borders of interaction, modulation of revolting consequences of objects of external influence), valuable (the importance of an environment, value of mutual relations, freedom as ability to supervise an organisation condition);

- Adaptive-reflective, including indicators sredoobrazovanija (occurrence of new feeling of medium, points of is personal-professional growth, initsiatsija sredoobrazovanija the person), adaptations by medium (satisfaction interaction, the psychophysical strain, a favorable psychological climate) or leaving from medium (restriction of is personal-professional possibilities), leaving from a trade, a dissatisfaction of professionally important interests.

4. At the analysis akmeologicheskih patterns reception of their consecutive representation in process of passage by the person of stages of professionalism is used; for each component corresponding patterns are found out:

- Socially-psychological (impulse of search activity in connection with a dissatisfaction with professional medium; interdependence of intensity of action of medium and level of a solvency of the professional; excavations of semantic interpreting of professional development in medium in the course of perceptual nauchenija in the conditions of training);

- Organizational (accumulation of psychological safety, self-creation by the professional of conditions of forward-ascending movement);

- kognitivnye (the productive decision of the professional problems meeting demands, set by a level of development of the medium advancing intellectualizations of medium);

- Creative (actualisations kreativnosti in preobrazujushche-creative medium);

- Socially-pertseptivnye (necessities of the periods of recession of professional activity);

- Reflective (immanent action of reflective activity);

- Taktiko-strategic (the leading part of principals in transformation of medium; the productive openness underlining cumulative effect of individual interaction of the professional and akmeologicheskoj of medium – the horizontal and vertical growth strengthened by medium and strengthening of medium by professionalism of the person; neravnovesnosti subsystems of vertical and horizontal professional growth).

To actually akmeologicheskim to the patterns proved empirically, are carried:

- Recurrence and interferences of development of the professional and akmeologicheskoj mediums;

- Cyclic activity of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium (including on development akmeologicheskoj mediums);

- Ascensions from amorphous professional group through group as the subject of work and a professional generality to the professional community which members are united by the creative purposes;

- Perceptions of age (biological, social, psychological, akmeologicheskogo) according to professional achievements;

- Comprehension of a solvency for professionals of high level.

5. The program psihologo-akmeologicheskogo supports of activity of the professional on a basis akmesredograficheskogo the analysis is developed, allowing to carry out individual (full or reduced) a route depending on initial level of is personal-professional development of the expert and a level of development of medium of the organisation. The program includes:

- Diagnostic stage (ascertaining experiment), assuming gaugings of a condition of mediums; indicators of development of the expert, taping forms of interaction with the medium, building sredovoj an organisation profile;

- Designing, assuming the decision praktiko - and problemno-situational problems, working off of actions of designing of professional perfection, training to modelling of mediums;

- The organizational stage representing sequence of trainings, allowing the expert individually to pass a way from change of perception of medium and standard actions to requirement and realisation of elements of creative activity of the professional in a direction of self-improvement and formation own akmeologicheskoj mediums;

- The kontrolno-adjusting stage providing correction professional and sredoobrazujushchih of actions at the expense of the analysis of coincidence of cycles of development of the organisation and the person, functionality of growth of the professional and the organisation, work with akmesredogrammami (the account of the general and especial professional in development and mediums);

- vnedrenchesky a stage assuming carrying out in the organisation of a technique "Akmesredografija" as an agent of formation akmeologicheskoj of medium (application of strategy and tactics of users under influence operatsionalizatsii sredoobrazovanija and algorithmizations);

- The productive stage which is carrying out a total section on akmesredogramme, interpreting of results, development of references on professionalism and medium perfection.

6. Their coincidence vzaimootsenki is constructed akmeologicheskie the technologies referred on achievement of high professionalism at the expense of development of internal potential, maintenance of requirement of the organisation in correction of an orientation and komplementarnosti is personal-professional qualities of principals and a command. The program of trainings carries out 3 models of transformations (action of principals on creation akmeologicheskoj mediums, employees at support of principals, buffer actions with third party attraction). Is professional-personal development is carried out optimum by means of integration of the personal experience got in professional medium and experience, received under influence sredovyh phenomena in this connection as a classification variant technologies in the parity taped empirically (1:2) are allocated: developments of the professional optimising medium; optimising development of the professional by agents of medium (macro-and microlevels of realisation of technologies).
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A source: Solovev I.O.. The development of a professional in acmeological environment. 2011

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