the Empirical base and investigation phases

Empirical base of research is a sample - 2282 experts of various fields of activity: administrations of Stupinsky district of the Moscow area – 13 people; building company "ТОДЕСиК" (Podolsk) – 38 foreheads; consulting agency "A-line" - 47 foreheads; department of personnel maintenance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation – 23 people; employees of medical institutions – 114 people; service spheres – 67 people; administrations, the faculty and students of correspondence course of Socially-legal institute of economic safety – 429 people; The Voronezh state industrially-humanitarian college - 198 people, the Moscow town-planning college - 72 people; the Russian New university - 316 people; government and right Institute - 375 people; Corporate institute of GAZPROM - 23 people; the Voronezh state pedagogical university – 73 people; the Moscow state humanitarian university of M.A.Sholokhov - 155 people; the Tula state university of L.N.Tolstogo - 12 people; students (serving in the state and commercial structures) the Russian academy of public service at the President of the Russian Federation, students of evening and correspondence unit (working experts) arts education Institute – 228 foreheads, teachers of legal high schools – listeners of the program of improvement of professional skill the Teacher of the higher school Legal academy – 73 foreheads, teachers and employees of the Center of an additional education Real school ( Voronezh) - 26 people

In dissertation preparation forming experiment was spent stage by stage under the developed program, with variations of cycles of procedures and by various techniques on sample of 429 persons.

The first investigation phase (2002-2004 of) was under construction as analytical - the professionals operating in mediums of various spheres of professional work were exposed to the theoretical and empirical analysis, the biographic file of professionals of high level was investigated. Results of the analysis have led to understanding of the importance for is personal-professional development of the professional of quality of professional medium, have taped insufficiency of scientific researches on a problem of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium, have allowed to formulate the purposes and problems, to plan the basic directions of the subsequent studying.

The second stage (2004-2005 of) contained a combination of methodological and ascertaining empirical research, it put the problem working out of teoretiko-methodological bases of studying of development of professionals in akmeologicheskoj to medium, check of the put forward hypotheses, specification and operatsionalizatsiju the basic concepts and research categories, working out of diagnostic toolkit and its approbation, selection of experimental techniques and trainings. The experimental research on interaction of developments of the professional and transformation of organizational medium in akmeologicheskuju is spent.

The third stage (2006-2007 of) included working out of the concept of development of the professional in reformative medium, creation and approbation of strategy and tactics, models, algorithm, technologies, conditions and the factors leading in aggregate to occurrence akmeologicheskih of signs of medium. On the basis of criteria and indicators prognosticated and real levels of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj are presented medium.

The fourth stage (2007-2011 of) has taken place as generalising, summing up research and working out of the scientifically-methodical and praktiko-focused references on introduction of the concept of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium. On the basis of results of teoretiko-methodological and empirical research programs and the trainings corresponding to a profile of the organisation, akmeologicheskoe support of groups and separate professionals, the algorithms optimising behaviour among professionals of concrete type were developed; specifying sections in new conditions and introduction of results of research in raznoprofilnyh were carried out professional mediums, references were given to principals of the organisations.

Reliability and reliability of the received results is defined by sufficient level of methodological, methodical and empirical validity of a theme, theoretical study of a problem of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium, high level validnosti, reliability and prognostichnosti empirical technologies, reprezentativnostju samples, correct application of methods of mathematical statistics, positive takes of approbation of the developed techniques.

Set of the innovative methods framed and approved by the author in high schools, colleges and the organisations (state and commercial) has ensured new scientific data, has confirmed novelty and has allowed to generalise, systematise and dilate representations about possibilities of development of professionals in akmeologicheskih mediums.
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A source: Solovev I.O.. The development of a professional in acmeological environment. 2011

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