the practical importance of results of research

Akmesredovoj the approach allows to transform professional medium to space of is personal-professional development, tehnologizirovat process at the expense of introduction akmeologicheskih technologies, raising integrity level sredovogo influences.
The framed scientific base – akmeologicheskaja the concept of development of the professional in medium – allows to control process of perfection of organizational mediums to akmeologicheskogo level, to model result professionalizatsii depending on an organisation profile. Urovnevost and parallelism of actions brings into accord algorithm of formation of medium and the algorithm of change of a lead developed in management that is used by the author in psychological consultation of the organisations, is introduced in work akmeologicheskoj laboratories VGPGK, used by psychologists in organizational consultation. The developed methodological basis (principles, patterns, mechanisms, conditions and factors) akmeologizatsii becomes mediums a real reference point both the further scientific workings out, and realisation psihologo-akmeologicheskogo supports of professional work of the organisations and establishments.

Are developed akmeologicheskie technologies: statement problem and evrististicheskih sredovyh problems, akmeologichesky sredovoj training, a projection akmeologicheskih problems on professional work. In frameworks akmesredovogo the approach probably designing of ideal medium of the organisation, and developed akmeologicheskie technologies become a matrix of modelling of individual professional mediums.

Results of research have formed a scientifically-methodical basis for the program of training developed by the author Work in organizational medium, uchebno-methodical modules Efficiency of professional medium of the organisation (technology of the analysis and an estimation).

Use of algorithm of a programmno-goals management by development akmeologicheskoj allows mediums: to carry out development of medium to level akmeologicheskoj as one of main objectives of development of professionalism of the state employee, the worker of the industrial enterprise, etc.; to develop and introduce in educational process of high schools and system of an additional education algorithm of the professional work, allowing to optimise development of the expert in akmeologicheskoj to medium.
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A source: Solovev I.O.. The development of a professional in acmeological environment. 2011

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