the Substantive provisions which are taken out on protection

1. Development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj is to medium a stage-by-stage process of formation and transformation of components of professionalism at interference with akmeologicheskoj medium.
Influence akmeologicheskoj mediums – influence of special society, the system of the higher order including changing conditions, factors, akmeologicheskie determinants, fields and spaces of professional development, and also the mastered personal environment, representation of the professional about it and its estimation; hronotopy the social movement, as much as possible involving personal resources for implication subektnosti, achievements of an is personal-professional solvency, - the movement referred on optimisation of psychophysical, is personal-professional, social, spiritual self-development.

Double determination has found the place in the first and third phases of action akmeologicheskih a determinant of medium of development and in a combination to social determination and overcoming of a barrier of expansion optimises process of transformation of mediums.

2. The concept of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj is presented medium by principles, akmeologicheskoj model, algorithm of formation of medium as systems, technologies; it opens determinants, mechanisms, conditions and factors of optimisation of medium of development of the professional. Realisation of multilevel process is presented by construction of its algorithm. At the heart of the concept – the dual opposition which poles are bound by the relations aimed at the analysis akmeorientirovannyh of processes, proceeding between poles real – ideal. The Akmeologichesky principles characterising dependence of formation of an optimum level of interaction of the person of the professional with medium from tselepolaganija, an is personal-professional position before development of strategy of vital activity are united as prognostic (developments, efficiency, an ultimate goal, integration, putting off of realisation of level of egoism), diagnostic (situativnosti, controllability, opennesses, modelnosti and dynamism, uncertainty, aksiologichnosti, ierarhizatsii, etc.), praktiko-focused (sredovogo oposredovanija, continuity, unity sredoobrazovanija, dopolnitelnosti, sredoprinadlezhnosti, emerdzhentnosti).

The Akmeologichesky model of development of the professional in consecutive preobrazujushchejsja reflects to medium stages professionalizatsii from doprofessionalizma to high level of professionalism by means of consistently arising professionally important qualities in a zone of developing possibilities (the conceptual bridge the original – an ideal, achievement of an is personal-professional solvency, etc.) . Functional communications are subsystems of interference of the professional and medium. Under influence passionarnyh actions of separate experts it is initiated akmeologizatsija the organizational medium passing in formed akmeologicheskuju with extending open space of interaction: the subsequent stage – transformation to the closed space, bound with sotsiotehnicheskimi actions; development of new rules, randomness reduction; the larger quantity of employees is got by qualities of high professionalism. At a vertex stage akmeologicheskoj mediums the professional feels self-realisation and transition to realisation sredoobrazujushchej functions.

For distinction of an organizational stage and transformation stages akmeologicheskih mediums their signs and is personal-professional neoplasms are allocated. Mediums are crossed and interfaced, the akme-form arises at developed akmeologicheskih conditions and positive action akmeologicheskih factors. There are zones of majorants in interaction "person-environment" which sequences of transformation of medium correspond: organizational, formed akmeologicheskaja, preobrazujushche-creative akmeologicheskaja, reflective akmeologicheskaja.

The Akmeologichesky algorithm of formation of medium of development of the professional taps intrinsic, variativnye characteristics and its transformation in akmeologicheskuju shows optimum characteristics of activity of the professional in organizational medium. Initial constructibility is accepted to the original, and through system of influences carries out tseledostizhenie with orientation to medium of akme-type; orderliness of actions is carried out at the expense of traditional character, normativnosti, symbolical character and integrativnosti, and at the same time supposes variations of eight allocated components depending on the status and a professional passionarity of individuals.

3. Internal integrativnymi criteria for an estimation of a level of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium are structurally functional and dynamic, external – vnelichnostnogo interactions of mediums and personal interaction with medium.

The Structurally functional criterion diagnoses sformirovannost structural components (on parametres of complexity of medium, obogashchennosti is personal-professional development, optimum limits of interaction of the professional), sformirovannost functional components (on parametres of flexibility, variability, integrativnosti) and integrity of system (on parametre akmeologicheskoj orientations, coherences, additivities).

The dynamic criterion opens stages of formation of akme-forms for development of the professional and mechanisms of interaction of the person and medium at these stages, includes indicators of efficiency of development in medium (parametres geterohronnosti, activity in active medium, akmeorientirovannogo self-development), proektivnosti actions in medium and sequence of achievements (parametres of growth of safety, realisation of complex strategy taking into account traditions, overcoming of resistance of medium), informative informativnosti (parametres of uncertainty, the system approach to selection of the information, sensitivity to global factors of medium).

The criterion vnelichnostnogo interactions with medium diagnoses qualitative neoplasms of interaction (with parametres of interoperability, an openness and globalnosti mediums), quantitative neoplasms of interaction (with saturation parametres external contacts, an exit for limits of borders of interaction, modulation of revolting consequences of objects of external influence), valuable neoplasms of interaction (parametre of the importance of an environment, value of mutual relations, freedom as possibilities to supervise an organisation condition).

The criterion of personal interaction with medium assumes the analysis sredoobrazovanija (on parametres of occurrence of new feeling of medium, occurrence of points of is personal-professional growth, initsiatsii sredoobrazovanija the person), adaptations by medium (on parametres of satisfaction interaction, the psychophysical strain, a favorable psychological climate) or leaving from it (restrictions of is personal-professional possibilities, leaving from a trade, a dissatisfaction of the vital interests). Quantity indicators of a 4-mark scale correspond to the kinds of the interfaced mediums conditionally accepted for organizational (to 36 points), akmeologicheskoj formed (36 – 72 points), akmeologicheskoj preobrazujushche - creative (72 – 108 points), akmeologicheskoj reflective (108 – 144 points).

The estimation of potential of the organisation for akme-result achievement in transformation of medium begins with revealing of a complex of characteristics of medium; the properties included in collective creative creative activity of professionals; definitions of objective and subjective factors and conditions, akmeologicheskih a determinant. The estimation and examination is spent on 4-mark kriterialnoj to a scale with 36 allocated indicators akmesredogrammy and sredogrammy organizational medium; fixes points initsiatsii akme-forms (in medium and behaviour of professionals).

4. In organizational medium, preobrazuemoj in connection with development of the professional, groups of the patterns corresponding to components of is personal-professional development and their parities with medium operate:

- Socially-psychological and organizational (stage-by-stage akmeologicheskogo supports; activity splash in the points of a bifurcation caused by a dissatisfaction by medium; phase character of activity; recurrence of modelling of professional medium; orientation shift on is personal-professional development, its associativity with ekstrafunktsionalnoj qualification; conformity of socially-psychological skill and is personal-emotional security, dependence of fastness of the person in various conditions from level of its development, recurrence of self-movement to efficiency tops);

- Kognitivno-creative - advancing intellectualization of medium; a variety of implication of intellectual activity depending on individual and sredovyh factors; implications kreativnosti as a resource in self-organising of the professional, at achievement of high results of development, actualisation of creative potentials;

- Socially-pertseptivnye and reflective (initsiatsii the overestimated age perception; correlation of a reflexion with self-research);

- Patterns of strategy and tactics akmeologicheskogo transformations of mediums and development in them the professional reflect reference points on ideal medium with significant parametre of width; the height parametre designates growth of potential of development of the professional in preobrazuemom and reflective space, a taktiko-strategic variety of principals of the organisations, their leading part in transformation of medium;

- akmeologicheskie patterns of the forecast of action of medium focus on the professional on integrativnyj the result providing high efficiency and stability of professional work, formation akmeologicheskih invariant professionalism; rod akmeologicheskoj as pattern modelling of medium with designing of an image of result (N.V.Kuzmin) in this connection pattern of identification akmeologicheskoj comes into effect mediums, and also selective throughput concerning (A.B.Orlov's) subject and objective maintenance, gradual transition to (A.A.Derkach's) professionalism acts.

In a context of the biography of the professional pattern of activity in professional medium and periodic change of professional identity that generates the pattern proved by us akmeologizatsii mediums from within at the expense of development of cumulative professional potential, cooperation of efforts of all subjects of medium is shown.

5. Akmeorientirovannoe self-development of the professional in the improved organizational medium is carried out stage by stage at program akmeologicheskoj to support: 1 stage – diagnostic (analytical and expert diagnostics with introduction akmesredogramm, srezovye diagnostic inspections, the analysis of reflective actions by criteria predstavlennosti, use of indicators of medium, the condition analysis, reflexion of functions, heterogeneity and preconditions akmeologicheskoj systems); 2 stage – designing (training to modelling of mediums); 3 stage – organizational-training (perceptual and operational training, training sredovogo brendinga, training - discussion of methods of protection against influences on medium of the organisation); 4 stage – kontrolno-adjusting (an organizational self-rating, the analysis of coincidence of cycles of development of the organisation and the professional, training of possession by methods of protection against influence on medium of the organisation); 5 stage – vnedrenchesky (development of references and technique introduction Akmeogramma as a formation agent akmeologicheskoj mediums), including strategy and influence tactics operatsionalizatsii sredoobrazujushchih actions; 6 stage – productive (total akmesredodiagnostiki, a productive analytics), interpreting of results of change of medium and development of the professional.
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A source: Solovev I.O.. The development of a professional in acmeological environment. 2011

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