the Theoretical importance of research

the Theoretical importance of research consists in enrichment of the conceptual apparatus akmeologii significant categories for it źakmesredovoj the approach╗, źakmeologicheskaja medium╗, "solvency", is developed classification akmeologicheskih mediums: forming, preobrazujushche-creative, reflective.
As the classification basis character of dynamics of medium is selected. It is developed and technologically proved akmesredovoj the approach as derivative integrativnogo the approach for the processes occurring in akmeologicheskoj to medium. The interpenetration of processes is presented, through dynamics of personal qualities of the professional quantitative characteristics of medium are described and the mediated measurement of parametres of its transformation is carried out.

Integrativnyj akmesredovoj the approach is defined as a rod methodological principle since research is bound to transformation akmeologicheskoj mediums at the expense of integration of technological units anthropological, aksiologicheskogo, system, ekosistemnogo, projective approaches, at the heart of this integration the idea of creation or restoration with reference to development of the professional of its integrity, setting strategy of self-actualisation and solvency achievement lays.

The Akmeologichesky theory of development of the professional is added integrativnymi by the characteristics of process got at the expense of interaction with medium: komplementarnostju, poetapnostju, subject regulation of the environment, an extending number of structural components of developing egoism. The eight-componental structure akmeologicheskoj is offered the concept, the including purpose, the methodological approach, leading patterns, theoretical model, technological problems, the scheme of process of a correcting, productivity, the basic functions of the concept. The certain contribution to management psychology as for organizational medium the basic directions of perfection with accent on is personal-professional development are defined, up to self-determination of the person is brought.

Introduction akmeologicheskih technologies for creation akmeologicheskoj in professional collective is proved mediums; components of predisposition at the expense of dynamics of professional problems with the account of "a success zone╗ and motivation of its achievement are developed.
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A source: Solovev I.O.. The development of a professional in acmeological environment. 2011

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