the Urgency of a problem of research

Difficulties with successful end of reforms in Russia is obvious, and they have amplified in connection with a global economic crisis. Domestic and foreign scientists, analysts and experts the most different reasons of such position in our society express: insufficient knowledge of the population of reforms and crisis, corruption, the bureaucratism, the unstable prices for oil and other reasons.
But thus quite often receives an inadequate estimation and the deformed interpreting, and one of the major reasons of the framed critical situation – insufficient professionalism of various social groups, and first of all the shots controlling a society frequently is simply ignored. This position concerns and public service shots, to necessity of achievement by them of high level of the professionalism, adequate self-identification and a civil responsibility as civil servants.

The problem of identification of the person existed in any society and during any times, but in modern reformed Russia the question on identity development is one of the most significant within the limits of a problem of formation of the person as the subject of market relations, realisation of the social role by each person. Studying mechanisms of formation of the person, we can approach to possibility of creation of the conditions necessary for formation of identity to the mature person as the citizen of Russia closely.

Especially important the identification problem rises before civil servants. The certain part of shots, having come on public service, tries to consider first of all the personal economic and political interest, far not always observes the moral code of the civil servant, and sometimes even the law on public service. Moreover, in modern conditions shots do not have sufficient time for necessary adaptation to public service demands. Therefore speech should go about advancing identification of civil servants.

The urgency of a problem of identification of shots of public service is strengthened by contradictions existing in a modern control system:

- Between level of a readiness of a problem of identification and practice demands to level of identity of shots of public service;

- Between declared motives of a unification of the Russian society and real valuable determinants of behaviour of various social groups and, particularly, corporate interests of civil servants;

- Between use of a necessary complex of technologies and algorithms of identification and level of psychological readiness for their effective application by civil servants.

The urgency of a problem of identification of shots of public service, its theoretical and practical importance have defined a choice of a theme of the present dissertational research.
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A source: Orestova V.R.. Acmeological concept of identification of public servants. 2010

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