the Urgency of a problem of research

In dynamically varying circumstances of a life and activity, statement of problems of innovative transformation of society ideas of creative self-realisation of the expert, and also professional groups, collectives, societies as a whole are staticized.
The scientific community proves necessity of stabilisation scientific, industrial, mediums of public service for introduction of innovative technologies, the high technology manufacture of Russia; creation of the medium encouraging and facilitating innovative activity. The medium and the active professional using innovative technologies and simultaneously reformative professional medium becomes an Akmeologichesky reserve of the processes keeping stable development of society, akmeologicheskaja.

Comparing treatments akmeologicheskogo developments of the professional, we will note their range from its data to ability to generate new ideas and to ability to embody new during a life to its understanding as difficult integrativnogo a phenomenon including variety of characteristics, up to self-realisation. Surveying occurrence and the professionalism perfection, many researchers are limited to concrete stages of is personal-professional development, the training periods in high school, in system of continuous formation, intensive occurrence of the expert in the world of the selected trade is more often reveal. The situation of transformation of medium to akmeologicheskogo type and parallel realisation of creative potential of the expert (the publication of doctors of sciences of V.I.Ivanovoj, K.V.Petrova, M.I.Pluginoj, etc.) is ascertained.

Quite often in researches there is no indicating on development of the professional immediately in akmeologicheskoj to medium (E.V.Selezneva, L.A.Stepnova, E.P.Kostenko, M.I.Plugina), but results of the executed works are conformable to the declared problem. The theory and a technique of development of creative potential of the expert (A.A.Derkach, V.N.Markov, etc.) reflect components of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium. Active treating of the given problem occurs in a number of high schools: on chair akmeologii and psychology of professional work RAGS at the President of the Russian Federation, at the St.-Petersburg pedagogical university of A.S.Pushkina, St.-Petersburg akmeologicheskom university, International akmeologicheskom institute. In Zhukova J.V., Mironov M. P, Sidorchik S.V.'s works referring to monographies of the author various aspects of influence akmeologicheskoj are presented mediums.

Intuitive transformation of professional mediums by principals, the account of development of the professional agents of medium in existing practice of its preparation will claim stage-by-stage, akmeologicheski for the provided working out of programs for different spheres of professional work.

At the same time limitation of a contingent of professionals, experts sredoobrazovanija, capable to integrate the processes bound to a demographic situation and enrichment of social and economic medium is ascertained, to transform organizational mediums.

Now contradictions are more and more acutely realised between:

- Recognition akmeologicheskoj mediums as an obligatory component of process of professional formation, the further development of the professional - and absence of a theoretical substantiation of this process;

- Recognition of the importance of influence akmeologicheskoj mediums on character and efficiency of professional work - and underestimation of this influence by many principals of the enterprises, the organisations, public service organs, ignorance of essence by them and ways akmeologicheskogo developments of the professional, misunderstanding of patterns of interaction of the expert and professional medium, absence of knowledge and the abilities necessary for including in system "medium-professional";

- Objective requirement of educational practice for the creative professional with the expressed subject position, activity, readiness and ability to self-development, self-realisation - and the equipments on unification, a regulation of the medium, continuing to exist in system of preparation, retraining, improvement of professional skill of the professional;

- Necessity of construction of professional educational process and professional work from a position akmeologicheskogo developments of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium - and insufficient expression akmeologicheskogo maintenance of the given processes;

- Necessity of creation adequate to modern demands and knowledge of the integrated concept opening intrinsic characteristics of named processes, - and insufficiently compounded tendencies to research of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium, to perfection of egoism of the professional at its separate stages akmeologicheskogo developments.

There is appreciable on scales a problem of working out of the theory and practical creation akmeologicheskoj mediums (including principles, patterns, strategy and tactics, models and algorithms etc.) In which professionalism of the person and activity of the expert develops. The decision of this problem lays in the tideway of creation of integrated methodological and methodical system – concepts of development of the professional in akmeologicheskoj to medium which should provide efficiency of organizational transformations in the state structures, at the enterprises, in educational institutions, other professional spheres, in system of improvement of professional skill.
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A source: Solovev I.O.. The development of a professional in acmeological environment. 2011

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