means of an estimation of environmental tests of system of machining and the analysis spektrozonalnyh images

Environmental tests of systems are the important stage of testing of working capacity. Climatic protection is necessary for maintenance of qualitative environmental tests of system of machining spektrozonalnyh images by introduction of the additional control of separation efficiency retsirkuljatsionnogo air from pollution in an aspect for a drop - and a vaporous moisture.

The given protection is realised in the developed device providing raise of reliability of outcomes of a trial electronic and optikoyoelektronnyh of products by maintenance normirovannyh of climatic characteristics retsirkuljatsionnogo of air for the account of its control
Pressures at long affecting on ready devices and systems in a heat chamber [265,266].

During performance of dissertational work the stand has been developed for test of systems of machining spektrozonalnyh images (drawing 5.16).

Drawing 5.16 - the Circuit design of the stand for test of systems of machining spektrozonalnyh images: 1 - a casing; 2 - the chamber; 3 - the ventilating fan; 4 - an exhaust connecting pipe; 5 - a pressure inlet; 6 - clearing knot retsirkuljatsionnogo air;

7 - the cotracting diffusor; 8 - internal flutes; 9 - an extending nozzle; 10 - osushivajushchee the device; 11 - the block of powdered electromagnetic clutches;

12 - the drive with the speed governor; 13 - the temperature transmitter; 14 - a temperature regulator; 15 - the comparator; 16 - the task block; 17 - the electronic amplifier; 18 - the block of a nonlinear return coupling; 19 - the magnetic amplifier;

20 - the pressure unit; 21 - the pressure regulator; 22 - the comparator; 23 - the task block; 24 - the electronic amplifier; 25 - a nonlinear return coupling;

26 - the magnetic amplifier

The stand for test SOASZI works as follows: in process of passage of air polluted by a vaporous moisture, through capacity osushivajushchego devices saturation of adsorbing substance by a moisture with the subsequent increase in a differential head at an entry and an exit of knot of clearing retsirkuljatsionnogo air, and accordingly is observed, pressure in the working chamber that is displaid by the pressure unit drops. On a comparator exit the signal of positive polarity arriving on an entry of the electronic amplifier where the signal from the block of a nonlinear return coupling arrives also is formed. Nonlinearity of a fan characteristic is compensated for the account of it in the electronic amplifier.

Positive polarity of a signal calls increase in an exciting current of the magnetic amplifier that increases the moment transferred by the speed governor from the drive. Thanks to it the increase in supply of the ventilating fan is attained until pressure in the working chamber does not become equal to a specified value.

Retsirkuljatsionnyj air from examinees SOASZI which has been had on regiments of the working chamber, with pollution in the form of a small dust and water-in-oil emulsion through an exhaust connecting pipe arrives in the ventilating fan for an air stream twisting. Polluted air goes on a pressure inlet to the diffusor of knot of clearing, moving on internal flutes where spiral traffic of a stream is observed.

The weighed corpuscles of air pollutions are kuck by a centrifugal force to a midwall of the diffusor and move on internal flutes where face other corpuscles and become kernels of condensation of water oil steam. The given mix gathers in an internal flute and under the influence of gravitational forces arrives in the store of pollution.

Air partially cleared of pollution arrives in extending nozzle therefore speed of an air course sharply drops, and the moving stream contacts with osushivajushchim the device executed in the form of capacity of a certain configuration.

On an exit from the stand air with the set climatic characteristics on humidity, temperature and pressure arrives on regiments of the working chamber for maintenance of test specifications of built in intellectual systems at simultaneous measurement of their electric parametres [267].

The spent experimental researches have shown working capacity developed SOASZI in various environmental conditions.


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A source: TITOV Dmitry Vitalevich. WORKING out And RESEARCH of METHODS, ALGORITHMS And HARDWARE COMPONENTS of MACHINING SPEKTROZONALNYH of IMAGES. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Dr.Sci.Tech. Kursk - 2018. 2018

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