5.1 Working out of structure of system of machining and the analysis spektrozonalnyh images

Taking into account the formulated demands to SOASZI the structure which circuit design is presented in drawing 5.1 is offered.


Drawing 5.1 - the Block diagramme developed SOASZI

The formation problem rezultirujushchego vysokoinformativnogo images of the high permission of subjects of inquiry dares as follows.

The images of subjects of inquiry masked by a hum, arrive through optical systems on entry OEU MPI of visible, infra-red, ultra-violet ranges and is is possible other spectral ranges.

Quality zashumlennyh the coded images gained with OEU MPI, raises matching blocks of formation of images by means of the vejvlet-filters which parametres are defined on a method developed in chapter 2. In addition quality of images raises system kompleksirovanija images with use of algorithms and a method kompleksirovanija, developed in chapter 3.

Rezultirujushchee highly informative spektrozonalnoe the image can be transferred in two ways to the remote person, making the solution (LPR):

- GSM the module;

- The interface block.

Transfer possibility rezultirujushchego images on existing metallic channels of communication by means of the interface block which work is in detail observed in paragraph 5.2 is provided.

At a problem solving of classification of a condition of controllable installations instruction of the qualifier of conditions of controllable installations by pattern recognition methods preliminary is made. The same qualifier is trained on recognition of dangerous situations (for example, on as much as possible admissible ambient temperature, capable to inferred SOLSZI out of operation).

Initial data for the qualifier of conditions of controllable installations is the information, gained from images visible,
The infra-red and ultra-violet spectral ranges, and also the information from images of the high permission.

Considering positive experience of Southwest state university in the field of synthesis of hierarchical hybrid systems of recognition, the qualifier of conditions of controllable installations has double-lever structure.

At the first level weak qualifiers on the basis of the information gained from blocks of formation of images and system kompleksirovanija of images, make private solutions with enough low confidence.

At the second level strong qualifiers make the exact solutions fulfilling LPR.

Instruction of qualifiers is carried out with use of a method of the prospecting analysis, and, depending on structure of data, in the course of instruction the accurate, statistical or illegible production engineering of decision making [235-238] can be chosen.

In a verification mode of a condition of installations the information of the qualifier of conditions of controllable installations can be transferred through GSM module LPR.

In the presence of dangerous conditions of a circumambient the qualifier of conditions of controllable installations forms the matching information for the block of formation of control actions by a mobile platform which forms control instructions for the control package servodrives. The control package servodrives, on the basis of control instructions corrects a mechanical trajectory of the mobile basis (platform).

For moving on programmed paths, formations of standards for recognition of analysed scenes the matching information is loaded and updated in the block of formation of standards and memory.

At the analysis of surrounding circumstances the generated standards are compared to the observable image of the high permission in the block of formation of control actions by a mobile platform.

The result of comparison by the set criterion turns this block to operating commands for the control package servodrives. It allows to correct a rule of a platform concerning installation of observation under the set programs for the purpose of improvement of quality of images and other accepted classification solutions.

Range finder presence allows to compute distance to a subject of inquiry.


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A source: TITOV Dmitry Vitalevich. WORKING out And RESEARCH of METHODS, ALGORITHMS And HARDWARE COMPONENTS of MACHINING SPEKTROZONALNYH of IMAGES. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Dr.Sci.Tech. Kursk - 2018. 2018

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