Conclusions under chapter 1

In the present chapter the concept menopauzalnogo metaboliche - skogo a syndrome, its features distinguishing it from metabolic sindro - mA, inherent not only to women perimenopauzalnogo age, but also the husband - to ranks has been opened.

On the basis of the analysis of data of some the international researches, statisti - cheskih data, the domestic and foreign literature it has been shown the certificate - alnost problems: physiological ageing of women remains not till the end of solved by a problem. It is bound and to life expectancy augmentation, and with an increasing role of the woman in a society, and as with number augmentation kli - maktericheskih disorders, to their various implications.

The concept klimakterija and a climacteric syndrome, their basic difference has been in detail surveyed. Following the results of studying of some proceedings the essence of a climacteric syndrome, approaches to its cortexes - rektsii is opened. The basic methods of treatment menopauzalnogo metaboliche - skogo a syndrome, including a pathogenetic method of influence — naznache - nie ZGT are surveyed.

As a result of research the list of the problems standing on a way of appointment ZGT, including disturbance of an exchange of Adepses and-or carbohydrates, and also pathology often meeting at women gepatobiliarnogo a tract — an intrahepatic cholestasia has been allocated.

In the given chapter communication between gepatobiliarnoj and repro - duktivnoj system has been investigated. The reasons and mechanisms of development of an intrahepatic cholestasia, a way of its treatment are in detail surveyed.

Influence of preparations ZGT on level of lipids has been investigated. Lekarst - vennye agents for ZGT, accepted perorally, have protective an effect on a lipide spectrum of blood: passing a primary passage through a liver, they influence synthesis of albuminous component LPVP that reduces factor aterogennosti. However, they enlarge level triglitse - ridov, that is an undesirable by-effect. Therefore, one of

The most perspective methods of correction of data metabolic narushe - ny there can be use UDHK. During several researches it has been proved, that against reception UDHK there is a depression of level of the general ho - lesterina, and cholesterol lipoproteinov low density (LPNP) in sy - vorotke bloods. For levelling of negative effects on a lipide spectrum of the blood, caused giperestrogenemiej against pregnancy, at reception of comas - binirovannyh oral contraceptives, and at application ZGT in an afterbirth - nie years began to be used medical products on the basis of UDHK.

Thus, considering modern data about efficiency to the tonic - nenija UDHK in therapy of cholestatic conditions, and also disturbances lipid - nogo an exchange, appointment of preparations UDHK together with ZGT in whom - pleksnoj therapies of implications of a climacteric syndrome and menopauzalnogo a metabolic syndrome is possible.

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A source: GAVRILOVA Nadezhda Petrovna. PERSONIFICATION of HORMONAL THERAPY of CLIMACTERIC DISORDERS At WOMEN With the METABOLIC SYNDROME And the CHOLESTASIA. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences St.-Petersburg - 2014. 2014

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