2.2. Research methods.

Clinico-laboratory inspection included tool methods – ultrasonic, colour doppler, kardiotokografija in dynamics, an electrocardiogram, EhoKG; such laboratory methods as clinical, biochemical analyses of blood, the general analysis of urine, and also research of system of a hemostasis, including genetic were used.

Ultrasonic research at pregnancy and after sorts was spent on apparatus Aloka SSD-680, Toshiba-38А (Japan). Dopplerometrichesky research of a blood flow in system mother-placenta-fruit – on Aloka ССД-680 and

Aloka ССД-2000 with use of transabdominal gauges by frequency of 3,5 and 5,0 MHz in a regimen pulsovoj dopplerovskoj waves. Antenatalnaja kardiotokografija it was carried out by a method of non-invasive ultrasonic sounding. Apparatus: 8030А firms Hewlett Packard (USA), МТ-801 firms "Toitu" (Japan); the monitor: Феталгарт-2000; the personal computer with an analysis software kardiotokogramm. The integrated indicator of a condition of a foetus (PSP) [Demidov V. N and co-workers was calculated., 1983].

Hematological indicators - quantity RBC, concentration Hb in peripheric blood, indicator Ht, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW defined on device "Дигисел-800" (Switzerland). The quantity of reticulocytes was counted up by a standard technique (in chamber Gorjaeva, at colouring of a smear of blood diamond krezilovym dark blue).

Biochemical methods of research. A research material: blood serum. The fence of venous blood was spent in the morning on an empty stomach, to disposable test tubes. And TF (g/l) defined concentration SZH (mkmol/l) on the biochemical analyzer Kone Ultra (Finland) with use of standard reactants. (Mkg/l) defined concentration of Council of Federation test systems for an enzyme immunoassay of firm of the manufacturer: DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH and Co. KG (Germany). In a set the turbidimetric method is used. Measurement was carried out on the biochemical analyzer Kone Ultra (Finland) at 500-600 nanometers. The factor of saturation of a transferrin was defined by iron on

To the special formula. Definition s-epo was made by a set Pro Con EPO24 (St.-Petersburg, the Protein contour), tverdofaznym an immunoenzymatic method with application peroksidazy a horse-radish as display enzyme. The optical density of solutions was measured on apparatus "FP-901" (firms Labsystems, Finland) at a wavelength of 450 nanometers. Adequacy of production EPO for given level Hb as the relation of the logarithm observed EPO to the logarithm assumed (adequacy factor) was estimated. Value KA epo from 0,8 to 1,2, specifies in adequate production EPO in reply to ZHDA,

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A source: Egorova Elena Sergeevna. Basic principles of management of pregnant women with anemia and thrombophilia. Thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences. Moscow 2014. 2014

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