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global changes of a climate and more than double increase of quantity of the population of the Earth last 20 years were accompanied by a considerable intensification of agriculture with an escalating lobe of production which is grown up in controllable conditions of hothouse economy.
It became possible substantially thanks to basic change in technology of pollinating of plants in hothouses - to use of specially grown up hexapods - of pollenizers. So, for example, bumblebees are used for pollinating of apples of love, the Bulgarian pepper and many other things cultures [42, 161, 245]. Total cost of the market of bumblebees in the educed countries compounds about 55 million euro a year, and total cost of hothouse production pollinated by them about 12 billion euro a year [238]. Economic importance of hexapods - of pollenizers has caused the special attention to researches on optimisation of their delution and the maintenance. These researches get the increasing importance against universal crisis of number of hexapods - of pollenizers in the nature. So, only in the North America for last 20 years the quantity of several subspecies of bumblebees has decreased for 96 %, and the geographic range of their habitation was reduced to 23-87 % [171]. Diffusion of parasitic infection contaminations and use of the new pesticides which have been not tested for hexapods [190] are considered as the main causes of decrease in quantity of pollenizers.
The most part of biochemical researches of basic commercially important pollenizers (bees and bumblebees) has been executed in 60-70е years, and had the selective and circumscribed character. The biological chemistry mitohondry hexapods-opylitelej practically is not studied. For bumblebees in general there are no data about properties mitohondry their flying muscles.
Speed of catabolic processes in flying muscles of hexapods much above, than in other investigated organisms. It is known, that level of metabolic activity on mass gramme in flying muscles of hexapods during flight - the highest among all known animals [214]. The major role in these processes play mitohondrii. It is interesting to notice, that hexapods are capable to relay sharply oxidative processes from low speeds (in a rest state) to ultrahigh (in a flight state) within several seconds. Thus so high norms of a metabolism will be accompanied by by all means raised development of awake forms of oxygen for which liquidation protection is necessary reliable antioksidantnaja. Therefore studying of biopower processes in mitohondrijah flying muscles of hexapods is the major fundamental problem.
Today the maintenance of bumblebees in hothouses is not optimised. In particular, mechanisms of decrease in flight activity of a bumblebee are not studied at their contact to pesticides which respirations can potentially be ingibitorami complexes ETTS and uncouplers mitohondrialnogo, that, in turn, will entail decrease in biopower indicators of hexapods and accordingly opylitelnoj activity.
It is necessary to notice, that now in the scientific world at research of physical and chemical and molecular processes the tendency of transition from macroobjects to microobjects, in particular from backboned to invertebrates is observed. Laboratory colonys of bumblebees are a suitable stuff for research for some reasons: first, bumblebees are accessible (in Russia and in the world there is a set of firms on cultivation of bumblebees for pollinating in hothouses where males of bumblebees in most cases are a by-product of effecting and besides they have zhalovogo no device) and inexpensive object in comparison with mice, rats and other laboratory animals; secondly, unlike other hexapods, bumblebees have a large thorax that raises convenience in preparation reception mitohondry since at present in most cases use muscles of fruit flys, that in turn increases labour input of process; Thirdly, bumblebees contain in the independent container and do not demand care of them, the ethical aspect as in the western Europe and the North America the strict documentation is necessary for use of laboratory animals is important also, thus hexapods practically do not get to strict frameworks of bioethical laws.
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