6.1.4. The mechanism of a sulphur removal of metal.

in [131] the point of view is formulated, that at a pig-iron sulphur removal, this process is promoted by reaction of restoration of an iron oxide from slag carbon; thus sulphur in the form of FeS passes in slag where exchange reaction further proceeds: (FeS) + (SaO) = (CaS) + (FeO).
The arising iron oxide is recovered again, i.e.
iron ions in this case play a role of "lift" for sulphur, while ions Са2+работают as "accumulator".
In case of restoration from slag melt processes of restoration and
obesserivanija will go in parallel as on a drop surface can one -
2 +
Temporarily to proceed two cathodic reactions (Fe) + 2е = [Fe] (restoration reaction) and [S] + 2е = (S ") (sulphur removal reaction).
Hence, at the heart of the mechanism of disposal of sulphur from metal process of transition of sulphur in slag lays at the restoration, described by reaction:
(FeO) + WITH + [S] = (FeS) + WITH
Or in the ionic moulding box
(О2-) + With + [S] - (S2-) + WITH. Change of energy Gibbsa for this reaction at T-I750 To (average working temperature of the slag tank) AG ° =-132700 J, Kr-9* 103, i.e. Balance of reaction is strongly shifted to the right. In operating conditions of a liquid bosh ~1 atm, and activity of an iron oxide—0,2. Hence the relation
aFcS / [S] = 1,8*10J At
Values of concentration of sulphur in slag-0,1-0,2 value of activity FeS will be up to standard of % п*10 "3, that leads to low enough values of equilibrium concentration of sulphur in metal. Sulphur disposal will be promoted by increase of concentration of oxide and dipping of concentration of sulphide of iron in slag. In a stationary condition kontsen-tratsija oxide it is defined by productivity and temperature. Reduction of concentration of sulphide of iron in slag is promoted by calcium oxide presence (SaO). According to [132] from total of the sulphur which are present at slag by basicity
-1, on fraction FeS ~4 %, MnS-6 % and CaS—90 % that will lead to the further reduction of equilibrium concentration of sulphur in metal still approximately 10 times are necessary.
However, in case of process ROMELT necessity to keep sulphur in slag by basicity increase is absent, as the blowing through provides low stationary concentration of sulphur in slag for the account of its disposal in a gas phase. Essential distinction between observable sulphur partition ratioes between metal and slag and theoretically possible, and also strong enough fluctuations of the contents of sulphur in metal in a smelting process at its practically constant contents coal testify, that concentration of sulphur in metal is defined kinetic, instead of thermodynamic factors. It is a question of speeds of transition of sulphur from metal in slag and times for which such transition occurs.
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A source: Usachyov Alexander Borisovich. Development of theoretical and technological foundations of iron production by the POMEJIT liquid phase reduction process. DISSENTATION for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences.. 2003

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