The majority Black the PR-companies needs to be conducted through the public noncommercial organisations. Can be involved as already existing, as and specially created public organisations.
Use of public organisations allows to keep the company of the customer in a shade.
You do not have necessity to conduct this company from the person and somehow actively to participate in it.
Black PR-campaign should pursue the good aims useful to company. It should support ideas of good and justice.
It is necessary to raise the doubts in any vital property of the competitor, instead of to try to discredit completely this property. It is not necessary to expose directly - it is necessary to generate uncertainty of the consumer in useful qualities of the competitor. Better if the negative opinion on the competitor will arise in minds of target audience owing to their own conclusions, instead of owing to your information.
Important correctly to choose a subject of attack and attack target audience.
At absence of the information compromising the competitor it is possible to take advantage of the indirect facts with "correct" information accents.
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A source: Anton Vujma Chernyj. PR. Protection and an attack in business and not only. 2005

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