Small enterprises are an advanced post of modern business. This status is defined by innovative type of their behaviour and their ability operatively to react to inquiries of the market, thanks to simplicity upravlencheyoskoj structures.

With the developed market relations they soyostavljajut a basis of economy also serve in the countries as a nutrient medium for occurrence and approbation of progressive ideas of business. However position Russian mayologo businesses mismatches last representation, hoyotja gosudarstven but j it is not deprived support. feyonomena it is necessary to search for the true reasons of it, first of all, in weak realisation of potential franyochajzinga or systems of "preferential" business.

Franchajzing substantially there is not that other, as cloning on doyogovornoj to a basis of successful business formats enterprise dejatelyonosti which involves growth uniform franchajzingovoj networks of legally independent enterprise units. Its discriminating lines are:

- kultivirovanie in it the technology approved in practice osuyoshchestvlenija new enterprise initiatives;

- Display in it reputatsionnogo the effect caused by wide awareness of buyers about high potrebitelnoj of cost predyolagaemyh by it of the goods in networks of similar type.

In franchajzingovyh networks the homogeneous enterprise activity which is based on rigid korporativyonyh standards which performance guarantees to its participants successful business, thus, takes place. The statistics of foreign countries testifies that more than 70 % of the enterprises which have independently begun new enterprise activity, in five years lose an economic solvency. polyonuju the contrast to them is represented by the enterprises which work on a basis franchajzinga as quantity of their bankruptcies some

Exceeds 10 % a barrier.

The world tendency of strengthening of interest to franchajzingu has not bypassed RosYOsiju the party that not in small degree was promoted by the following obstojayotelstva:

- Heterogeneity of a covering of territory of the country tovaroprovodjashchimi


- Absence in territory of the country of problems of a language barrier;

- Similarity of national cultures of consumption, etc.

However in some cases the Russian enterprises address to franyochajzingu ', not having established preliminary its strict formula as a result of necessary tests. Meanwhile not any enterprise good luck is reproduced mechanical by especially, if their business format dejayotelnosti:

- Contains elements gudvilla, connected with personal kachestvayomi which stimulate clients to continue to use danyonogo the enterprise;

- It is limited to territorial borders or it is caused by exclusive circumstances.

Besides, they frequently ignore that circumstance, that upravleyonie franchajzingovymi networks:

- Demands specific investments which are connected with formirovaniyoem special skills at the personnel, etc.;

- Does not exclude "domino effect" concerning loss network tovaryonym a sign on the image, owing to opportunistic behaviour odyonim from franchajzi;

- It is interfaced to risk of loss of the control over franchajzi after the expiration rjayoda years, etc.

Occurrence in franchajzingovye networks, no less than their organisation does not serve for small enterprises as panacea.

Loss franchajzerom market positions or an enterprise network of this type of controllability can


To do incorrigible harm to all its participants.

Formation franchajzingovyh networks in Russia as a whole is under state home nursing. In particular their share in the commodity market antimonoyopolnym is not limited to the legislation, though their structure is vertical. However it is not enough of it, as the scale organisation of training of representatives of a small-scale business on questions franchajyozingovyh mutual relations within the limits of the state support of small business is necessary. This position also has induced the author to a choice of the given theme of dissertational research.

The purpose of dissertational research is working out of scientifically - methodical recommendations about a substantiation franchajzingovoj strategy of development of small business. According to the chosen purpose object of research small enterprises act. A subject issledoyovanija are organizational-economic relations, obuslovlivajuyoshchie formation of enterprise networks of small enterprises on principles franchajzinga.

For achievement of the formulated purpose, according to izbrannyyomi object and an object of research, in the dissertation following primary goals are put and solved:

- The place and role franchajzinga in development of small business are opened on a basic basis and its principles are formulated;

- Substantial lines state реіулирования franchajzinga are investigated and recommendations about a regulation of mutual relations franchajzera and franchajzi on the basis of the contract of commercial concession are given;

- Stages of development of enterprise networks franchajyozingovogo type are established and filling is opened them in detail;

- The analysis of modern lines of development small predyoprinimatelstva in Russia is carried out;

- Strategy of development of enterprise networks franchajyozingovogo type is developed;

- Offers on management of mutual relations in enterprise networks of small enterprises franchajzingovogo type are formulated;

- Recommendations but are given perfection franchajzingovyh systems.

Theoretical and methodological basis of work constitute rezulyotaty fundamental and applied researches in the field of the economic theory, business, franchajzinga and marketing both Russian, and foreign scientists and experts. The decision of tasks in view osyonovyvaetsja on application of positions of the general theory of systems, receptions ekonoyomicheskogo the analysis and expert estimations.

Analytical base of research data of official statistics, and also materials of special target researches including form the organisations of functioning generalising experience franchajzingovyh networks in Russia and abroad. The substantiation of recommendations practical nayopravlennosti is carried out taking into account operating is standard-legal base.

Scientific novelty of the results received in the dissertation is defined by that during research carrying out:

- Functional and process specificity franchajzinga as systems of preferential business is opened; the subject maintenance of forms of its realisation is specified and risks inherent in it are defined;

- Specificity of state regulation franchajzinyoga in the Russian Federation is defined and the comparative analysis of its regulation abroad is made;

- Stages of development of an enterprise network small predpriyojaty on principles franchajzinga are revealed and their features are opened; are given rekomenyodatsii on a substantiation by small enterprises of the decision on acquisition of the status by them franchajzi;

- Modern lines of development small predprinimayotelstva in the Russian Federation are established and expansion preconditions franchajzingovyh systems on the basis of small enterprises and individual businessmen are proved;

- Strategy of development of an enterprise network of the small is developed
The enterprises franchajzingovogo type recommendations about its realisations providing achievement by these structures competitive preimushcheyostva also are given;

- Offers on management of mutual relations in enterprise networks of small enterprises franchajzingovo type, obesyopechivajushchie strengthening in them of cooperation and trust are formulated.

The practical importance of results of dissertational research consists in their orientation on increase of efficiency of small business. Substantive provisions and results of dissertational research have passed approbation at conferences of various levels.

Research materials are presented by the introduction, three heads osyonovnogo the text, the conclusion, accompanied by the bibliographic list.

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A source: Malakhov DMITRY ALEKSANDROVICH. FRANCHAJZINGOVAJA STRATEGY of DEVELOPMENT of SMALL BUSINESS. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Econ.Sci. St.-Petersburg. 2008

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