2.2.2. An allocation technique vanadilporfirinovyh complexes

Concentrates metalloporfirinovyh complexes precipitated out from oil an extraction method [110].
The hallmark of the oil which has been preliminarily diluted with with hexane (1:1), in five portions of dimethyl formamide (dimethylformamides) consistently extracted at with - the relation neftyekstragent = 1:4 and time of contact of 5 minutes.
Phase separation was reached by centrifuging. After branch of an oil phase an incorporated extract diluted with with chloroform in the ratio 1:1, and dimethylformamides washed water, then hlroformnyj the extract dried over salt cake. Solvent left otgonkoj in vacuo.
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A source: Tagirzjanov, Marseilles Ilgisovich. ASPHALTENES VANADIJSODERZHASHCHIH neftej (on an example of oil objects of deposits of Tatarstan) the Dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Chem.Sci. Kazan - 2003. 2003

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