3.4.2. A choice of chinks for processing by acid composition "HIMEKO ТК-2"

1. The technology can be applied both in extracting, and in forcing chinks with terrigennymi polimiktovymi collectors.

2. The technology is applicable both on new chinks, and in chinks after carrying out in them of major repairs.


Processings are made with participation of brigades on repair of chinks.

4. For processings layers with effective thickness more Zm get out. With specific debitom chinks on a liquid not less than 3 м3 on metre of the opened thickness.

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A source: Kozhabergenov Murat Mokanovich. Substantiation of effective technologies doizvlechenija residual oil from obvodnennyh layers on an example of XIII horizon of deposit Uzen: Dis.... A Cand.Tech.Sci.: 25.00.17. - M: RGB, 2006. 2006

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