3.4.4. Technology of processing of chinks and preparation of working solutions

1 it is originally necessary to define susceptibility of a chink (whenever possible on two-three modes).

2 On rastvornom knot of shop of chemicalixation working solutions prepare:

- The solution "HIMEKO ТК-2" by dilution of a supplied concentrate by soft water in the ratio 1:5), volume of a prepared solution is defined from calculation 1 - 1.5 м3 on one metre of the opened thickness of a layer, but not less Зм3 on one operation;

6 м3 3 % of a solution of ammonium muriate;

3 м3 12 % of a solution of muriatic acid with addition of 4 % "neftenola To";

Tank oil in volume equal to solution volume "HIMEKO ТК-2".

3. In NKT zakachivaetsja a muriatic acid solution in volume 3 м3, an ammonium muriate solution in volume Зм3, the set volume of a working solution "HIMEKO ТК-2", an ammonium muriate solution in volume Зм3, the set volume of tank oil, process water in volume equal to internal volume NKT. At achievement by shoe NKT muriatic acid, zatrubnaja the latch is overlaped and manufactured zakachka in a layer under pressure.

4. After end zakachki himreagentov chink development to manufacture SVABom; azotic kopressirovaniem; SHGN with simultaneous replacement of a liquid in a column on tank oil.

Efficiency of processing of a chink on technology with application of an acid composition "HIMEKO ТК-2" is estimated on increase in efficiency of a chink.

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A source: Kozhabergenov Murat Mokanovich. Substantiation of effective technologies doizvlechenija residual oil from obvodnennyh layers on an example of XIII horizon of deposit Uzen: Dis.... A Cand.Tech.Sci.: 25.00.17. - M: RGB, 2006. 2006

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