3.4.7. Safety requirements and influences on environment

1. Technological process of processing of chinks is carried out with use of the standard equipment in full conformity with operating rules and norms under the accident prevention on major repairs and processing prizabojnoj chink zones.


Chink processing is carried out according to the confirmed technological plan, under the guidance of the responsible technical officer.

By production of works with acids - drainage, fulness, pumping-over, deluting, preparation by reagents, transportation and processing of chinks - should be observed strictly safety rules of works.

The forcing line after assemblage prior to the beginning zakachki should be opressovana on polutorokratnoe expected producing pressure.

5. At hydraulic testings of forcing systems the attendants should be removed for limits of a dangerous zone. Liquidation of admissions under pressure is forbidden.

6. Processing of chinks with leaky columns and zakolonnymi overflows is forbidden.

Mobile pumping plants it is necessary to have on distance not less than 10 metres from a chink mouth, the distance between them should be not less than 1 metre. Other installations for performance of works should take places on distance not less than 25 metres from a chink mouth. Aggregates are positioned by cabins from a chink mouth.

Works should be carried out with application of necessary means of an individual defence and according to requirements of the instruction on application of the yielded reagents.

In situ works should be: the emergency stock of overalls, spetsobuvi, a stock of pure soft water, neutralised components (5 litres of a solution of bicarbonate of soda of 3 %).

At preparation of solutions and at other operations, and also at overseeing by a course of process the attendants should be with navetrennoj the sides from reagents.

And. For the purpose of preservation of the environment the reagent rests should be reclaimed in expressly taken away places. Categorically it is forbidden zakachka used reagents in petromodular collectors, their drainage on a soil surface, in the rivers or reservoirs.

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