3.2 Acid composition "HIMEKO ТК-2" for increase in productivity of chinks nizkopronitsaemyh terrigennyh collectors of deposit Uzen

Acid composition HIMEKO ТК-2 of production of Joint-Stock Company "HIMEKO-GANG" is applied to processings PZP for the purpose of increase in efficiency both extracting, and susceptibilities of the forcing chinks which have opened terrigennye of a collector with the big maintenance glin.

At zakachke an acid composition in a layer there are physical and chemical reactions to components of mountain breed-collector in which result in times permeability even in the presence of residual oil increases. The composition represents vodno-spirtovyj a solution of salts with addition of surfactants (PEAHENS).

One of the most important characteristics of acid compositions for processings PZP is their reaction rate with breed. For nizkopronitsaemogo polimiktovogo a collector most important that this speed was minimum, especially at elevated temperatures. Otherwise at the expense of the big specific surface of the clay, all acid is spent in priskvazhinnoj to a zone. Thus the high maintenance of resultants of reaction at acid removal can lead to formation of volume deposits and the subsequent plugging up of a collector. Low speed of reaction with breed is important also for more penetrating infiltration of acid composition into a layer.

Working solution HIMEKO ТК-2 prepares by dilution of a supplied concentrate of a composition by soft water in the relation

1:5; and at use of modification HIMEKO ТК-2Э (the Summer form) - in the relation 1:11. Besides working solution HIMEKO ТК-2 (ТК-2Э) in technologies of acid treatments following reagents are used: 3 % an ammonium muriate solution, 12 % a solution of muriatic acid with addition neftenola To in volume of 4 %. In extracting chinks tank oil, in forcing chinks - 2 % water solution complex HAVING fallen - neftenola VVD also is used. In tab. 3.1 results of laboratory researches of physical and chemical properties of acid composition HIMEKO ТК-2 are resulted. Values rn are defined, was visually observed reagtdija interactions of a composition with clay, interfacial tension on border with kerosene was defined, and also degree of corrosion activity was defined. Researches were made in comparison with the muddy acid containing 3 % of weights HF and 12 % of weights НС1.

Table 3.1

Physical and chemical parametres of acid compositions

№ the item of the/item the index Name Acid compositions

Muddy acid, 12 % of NANOSECOND) and 3 % HF Working solution HIMEKO ТК-2 1 RN 0 2,8 2 Reaction with clay (visual) reaction rough reaction not rough 3 Interfacial tension on border with kerosene, mn/m 15,00 0,45 4 Corrosion rate at 20С, mm/year 7,980 0,095

From the resulted data follows, that working solution HIMEKO ТК-2 differs low aggressiveness in relation to the equipment, small reaction rate with breed and possibility of penetrating infiltration of an acid bath in nizkopronitsaemyj a collector. HIMEKO ТК-2 differs higher value rn, hence smaller danger to the personnel at carrying out of acid treatments.

From fig. 3.1 working solution HIMEKO ТК-2 follows, that, at reacting with terrigennoj breed, is capable a long time (more than 2 hours) to support rn less than 2,5.

Additional researches HIMEKO ТК-2 of fallout of deposits as a result of reaction with the quartz, made at temperature 120С under pressure 1,0 MPa, have shown, that the deposit is not formed.

On fig. 3.2 and 3 dynamics of change of speed of dissolution of quartz sand and clay is presented at temperature 70С at influence of muddy acid and composition HIMEKO ТК-2.

As it is well visible from fig. 3.2, working solution HIMEKO ТК-2 during specified time supports speed of dissolution of quartz practically constant. Insignificant growth of speed of dissolution of quartz within last 10 minutes of experiment was observed.

Time, mines

Fig. 3.3 Dynamics of change of speed of dissolution of clay

At temperature 70 s

Apparently on fig. 3.2 at interaction "HIMEKO ТК-2" with clay the small increase in reaction rate throughout all experiment was observed.

In table 3.2 results of filtration experiments with acid composition "HIMEKO ТК-2" on samples of a core-glinizirovannogo sandstone with low permeability are presented. Experiments were made collaterally with application of muddy acid with various additives.

As follows from the presented data, processing nizkopronitsaemogo a core a solution of acid composition "HIMEKO ТК-2" essentially increases its permeability.

Now the acid composition "HIMEKO ТК-2" is industrially applied on Open Company "RN-PURNEFTEGAZ" deposits, Open Society "Surgutneftegaz", there passes tests for Open Company deposits "LUKOIL - Western Siberia".

Table 3.2

Results of filtration experiments № Composition of a liquid of influence Quantity of a component Permeability of the sample, мкм2 p/p


Influences after influence 1. НС1 HF

neonol 12 3

0,5 0,0146 0,0093 2. HCI HF OEDF 3

0,5 1 0,0139 0,0092 3. zakachka 12 %-s' НС1 НС1 HF OEDF a procrush 6 %-s' HCI 3

0,5 1 0,0226 0,0125 4. HCI HF 14 3 0,0071 0,0044 5. zakachka 3 %-s' solutions NH4CI HIMEKO ТК-2 a procrush 3 %-s' solution NH4CI dilution 1:5 in water 0,0087 0,0195 6. zakachka 3 %-s' solutions NH4CI HIMEKO ТК-2 a procrush 3 %-s' solution NH4CI dilution 1:5 in water 0,0021 0,0047


Example of high performance of application of acid composition HIMEKO ТК-2 is processing prizabojnoj zones of a layer of a chink № 528 bush 56 South Harampursky deposits. On fig. 3.4 dynamics daily average debita chinks on oil and a liquid within a year after processing is presented.

From drawing it is visible, that right after processing carryings out debity have sharply increased. So daily average debit on oil has increased with 12 t/sut to 28 t/sut, and on a liquid with 14 to 35 t/sut by the end of February, i.e. in 2 months after processing. Then debity by the end of the period of supervision have a little dropped accordingly on oil to 24 t/sut, on a liquid to 28 t/days

On chinks of Harampursky group of deposits trade tests HIMEKO ТК-2 in the course of development of chinks after drilling and carrying out GRP were conducted also. Test data have shown, that application of this acid composition in chinks in which standard methods of development of chinks have not yielded results or was yielded by absolutely insignificant results, result ins to a successful conclusion of chinks to stable work with high debitami.

Advantages of an acid composition at carrying out of processings PZP the following:

Time-lagged reaction rate with breed.

It is applicable for sheet temperatures to 125С.

Does not form gel deposits in sheet conditions.

High making through ability in nizkopronitsaemyj a collector.

Low corrosion activity since the working solution does not contain in the composition of ions of tervalent iron.

In some cases after processing drops obvodnennost production of chinks.

The composition "HIMEKO ТК-2" possesses low interfacial energy on border with kerosene (0,45 mn/m), that much more low, than at muddy acid with the additive of PEAHENS, and also low corrosion activity. So according to technical specifications speed of dissolution of a steel at 20С makes no more 17g/m hour.

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A source: Kozhabergenov Murat Mokanovich. Substantiation of effective technologies doizvlechenija residual oil from obvodnennyh layers on an example of XIII horizon of deposit Uzen: Dis.... A Cand.Tech.Sci.: 25.00.17. - M: RGB, 2006. 2006

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