1.1 Kinds of residual oil in zavodnennyh layers

Petrosaturation of a productive layer after its working out on a mode of replacement of oil water - residual petrosaturation (ONN) - one of the major parametres at designing and the analysis of efficiency of systems of working out of deposits of oil.

The solid data about a residual petrosaturation is necessary as at a stage of a substantiation of methods of influence on a layer and prizabojnuju a zone, and at the control of degree of development of a layer.

At the present stage many large deposits enter finishing stage of working out, and there is a question on increase of petroreturn of the developed layers.

The knowledge of kinds of residual oil after zavodnenija allows to estimate and predict correctly stocks of residual oil and character of their distribution on a layer that is especially important at introduction of new technologies of increase in petroreturn.

Errors in an estimation and the forecast of residual stocks of oil by working out of deposits at a late stage result in to the big unproductive expenses.

Now the significant volume of an actual material on studying of residual oil by methods of hydrodynamic and physical modelling is saved up, great volume kernovyh definitions of a residual petrosaturation, results of studying of a residual petrosaturation by geophysical and physical and chemical methods in priskvazhinnoj to a layer zone is collected and generalised. There are many publications by trade estimations of a residual petrosaturation in scales of all deposit. In the same voemja results of studying of a residual petrosaturation


By various methods in many cases will not be co-ordinated with each other and fix distinction in values of a residual petrosaturation, its properties, and interrelations with parametres of a layer and replacement conditions, yield different laws of distribution of residual oil.

In an oil-field science a long time the point of view on a residual petrosaturation of the washed out hydrophilic layers as on one of the properties inherent in a collector prevailed. At the same time the experiments made by various researchers (M.K.Leverett, R.L.Slobod, S.K.Gimatudinov, A.Abram, D.A.Efros, I.Chatzis, etc.) Throughout many years, invariably showed dependence of a residual petrosaturation on replacement conditions (filtration rate, interfacial energy, viscosity of displacing fluid) [1,2,3,4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9]. The contradiction was authorised to that was considered that at usual zavodnenii vlijagie prenebrezhimo is not enough change of conditions of replacement and it is possible to consider value of a residual petrosaturation as constant size. However the trade analysis of features of development of layers specifies in multiple changes of conditions of replacement of oil by water, both in separate layers, and on separate sites of a deposit [10,11]. Especially essentially distinctions in the conditions of replacement are displayed at realisation of methods of increase of petroreturn where simultaneously vary both hydrodynamic, and physical and chemical conditions of replacement.

The petrosaturation factor varies from initial size to flowing and from flowing to the residual. The criterion of achievement of residual petrosaturation takes over an one-orientation of process and that change on time of current factor of a petrosaturation is equal to zero (Кнтек=КНо, dKIITeK/dt=0, dK "TeK/dt

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