4.1 Short geologo-physical characteristic of a deposit

In the administrative relation the territory of a deposit is a part of Mangistausky area of Republic Kazakhstan, in 12 km to the south from Uzen and in 150 km. To the east of Aktau.

By present time for peninsula Mangyshlak it is revealed more than 30 deposits containing industrial stocks of oil.

Largest of them - Uzen (a Fig.

4.1) it is located on peninsula Mangyshlak, in the southern deserted part, known under the name of the South Mangyshlaksky deflection.

Fig. 4.1 Schema of an arrangement of deposits in territory of Mangyshlaksky peninsula

Orograficheski the South Mangistausky area represents extensive, seas on which settle down extensive besstochnye hollows from which the largest is hollow Karagie having the minimum absolute mark - 132м are weak vsholmlennoe the plateau slightly inclined to the southwest, aside.

The relief around the Uzensky deposit is characterised by complex structure. The central part is occupied with the plateau located between two besstochnymi hollows Uzen and Tungrakshchin. In the west and the northwest within the area of a deposit of a plateau abruptly breaks in the form of shoulders towards hollow Uzen.

Sarmatian fossil rocks and clay by which the plateau is combined, in the west in the form of a ledge, press in hollow Uzen, forming so-called cape Humurun.

Hollow Uzen occupies the space nearby 500 км2. The hollow bottom is cut up by penetrating ravines. A climate of area the continental. Summer hot and long. In separate years air temperature reaches +45 ° S.Zima malosnezhnaja with strong winds, is frequent with snow-storms. Mid-annual speed of a wind of 6-8 km/s. In the coldest winters frosts reach-30 S.Kolichestvo of deposits does not exceed 50 - 60 mm in droughty and 200 - 270 mm in the most damp years.

fy.l.l Hapakter neftegazonasyshchepija Most oil deposit Uzen is larger than a productive cut is located in the country southwest, is opened in 1961г., it is developed with 1965г. It is dated to large brahiantiklinalnoj to a fold the West-northwest of the prowipeout, complicated by a number of local raisings and domes. In a cretaceous complex of breeds 12 gas horizons, in jurskih depositions - 13 oil and oil and gas horizons are evolved. As the basic objects of working out deposits of hydrocarbons serve in breeds centre jury (bajosskie and Bath depositions) and depositions top jury (kellovejsky a stage). neftegazonasyshchennaja thickness of breeds is presented by 6 horizons (XIII-XVIII), 56 oil layers containing more in which it is concentrated

95 % of stocks of oil. Besides, in a cut are revealed XIX-XXIV the horizons having distribution on separate domes.

Mangistausky neftegazonosnoj areas take part in a geological structure of breed Paleozoic, mesozoic and kajnozojskogo age. In the course of explorative drilling on deposit Uzen sedimental thickness by capacity to 4500 m in which structure breeds Triassic take part, jurskogo, cretaceous, paleogen-neogenovogo and chetvertichnogo age is opened.

The most ancient formations opened in cuts of penetrating chinks on peninsula Mangistau, the Perm age. These depositions together with Triassic breeds form a permo-Triassic structural floor. The Triassic system is presented by thickness finely rhythmically alternating peschano-argillitovyh breeds.

On permo-Triassic depositions with angular disagreement breeds jurskogo age lie down.

In composition jurskoj systems by results of studying of fauna, flora, litologicheskih features of breeds precipitate out the bottom, centre and top departments. On litologicheskomu to composition jurskie depositions will accurately be divided into two complexes: terrigennyj a complex bottom, centre (aalen, bajos, bat) and partially top (kellovej) jury and carbonaceous (glinisto-mergelevyj) a complex top jury (oksford).

Chalk depositions lie down on a dim surface verhnejurskih deposition and are presented by the sea deposits containing rich fauna. On litologicheskim and to genetic signs cretaceous depositions are subdivided into three parts: bottom-terrigenno-CARBONACEOUS (neoclod), centre - terrigennnuju (apt, alb, senoman) and top - carbonaceous (turon-dates).

Tertiary depositions are presented paleogenovymi and neogenovymi by breeds. To paleogenovym to depositions concern eotsenovye mergelno-izvestkovistye breeds and oligotsenovye - monotonous thickness glin.


neogenovaja the system is presented tortonskimi and Sarmatian stages. The Tortonsky stage develops thickness glin, marls, sandstones and fossil rocks. The Sarmatian stage is expressed pereslaivaniem fossil rocks, marls and glin.

CHetvertichnye depositions are presented by loams, spigot products, glinami.

In a cut of sedimental thickness nizhnemelovyh and jurskih deposition of deposit Uzen, reaching capacity of 1500-1700 m and including 26 peschano-alevrrlitovyh horizons, conditionally precipitate out three floors neftegazonosnosti.

Top - gazonosnyj the floor is formed by gassy horizons (I-XII) the bottom chalk. The floor gazonosnosti makes 720 m. Stratigraficheski gazonosnye horizons fall into turonu (I), senomanu (II), albu (III-XI) and neocoma (XII). Industrially gazonosnymi XII horizons are II, III, IV, V, VI, VIII, X, XI, and.

More low on a cut thickness glinisto-mergelnyh deposition by capacity more than 100 m, reliably isolating hydrodynamic system gazonosnyh horizons from subjacent neftegazonosnyh horizons lies down.

The centre floor combines XIII-XVIII petroliferous horizons jurskogo age capacity to 350 m accurately traced within all area of a deposit. It is the basic floor neftegazonosnosti in a cut of the Uzensky deposit. Capacity of horizons various - from 12 to 80 m.

The basic complexities in an estimation of character of saturation of collectors of deposit Uzen on a method of resistance is their high heterogeneity and presence of a considerable quantity of a clay material. These two factors define the high maintenance of combined water in collectors and accordingly their low resistance. All productive interval of breeds is presented nizkoomnym by a cut in which petroliferous and water bearing breeds on the resistivities differs often very little. Therefore character of saturation of a collector and position of water oil contact in productive thickness of deposit Uzen is not always easy for positioning.

On the basis of made to the period of investigation of a deposit pointervalnyh approbations of layers in a number of chinks marks of initial position VNK for XIII-XVIII productive horizons and some fluctuations of position VNK on the deposit area on separate horizons within 10 m without visible laws have been positioned. It is connected with the complex structure of the natural tank caused by frequent replacement of collectors by impenetrable breeds.

In table 4.1. Position GNK and VNK on deposits XIII - XVIII horizons for various parts of structure is resulted.

Table 4.1

Position GNK and VNK on deposits

Horizon the Deposit Position on structure Absolute mark GNK, m Absolute mark VNK, m deposit Height, m XIII north-1126 322

The West, the east-1133

The south-1137

XIV West-1133 275

Other part-1140

XV-1140 215 XVI,-1140 165 XVI2-1140 133 XVII And-1036-1141-1151 Г-21, n-115

-1064-1151 Г-32, n-87 XVIII And-1145 70

-1142 42

In-1150 36 Deposits of oil in XIII-XVIII horizons of the Uzensky deposit

Relatives on absolute values have water oil contacts and by many researchers are considered as a uniform plastovo-massive deposit.

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A source: Kozhabergenov Murat Mokanovich. Substantiation of effective technologies doizvlechenija residual oil from obvodnennyh layers on an example of XIII horizon of deposit Uzen: Dis.... A Cand.Tech.Sci.: 25.00.17. - M: RGB, 2006. 2006

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