1.4 Signs of display of properties of hydrophily and hydrophoby by working out of the petrosated layers

In work [75] it is noticed, that at replacement of oil from a hydrophilic porous medium piston character a replacement mode when to 90 % of oil it is extracted during the anhydrous period is realised.

The aqueous period for hydrophilic breeds is short. To pump over 0,5 - 1,5 porovyh water volumes that obvodnennost has reached limiting values enough. Thus the residual petrosaturation is presented basically by the is capillary-jammed oil.

In a hydrophobic porous medium, on the contrary, water is concentrated in the centre of large pores, and oil forms a film on a breed surface. The displacement process for hydrophobic collectors is characterised by the short anhydrous period and the long aqueous period. For achievement limiting obvodnennosti it is required zakachat 10-15 water volumes in a layer. Residual oil is concentrated in small pores and channels and in the form of a film to a breed surface.

- It is very important to note following signs of display of hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties of a layer:

Working out homogeneous for a thickness of mainly hydrophilic collector is characterised by the long, anhydrous period after which obvodnennost grows quickly - jump to limiting values 85 - 95 %, further zakachka some water does not result in to oil recovery growth.

Working out homogeneous for a thickness of mainly hydrophobic collector is characterised short or absence of the anhydrous period, obvodnenie accrues sluggishly, the rate increase zakachki result ins waters to growth of a share of oil in an extracted liquid, but on behaviour obvodnennosti does not render appreciable influence. Current indexes of working out considerably lag behind in time in comparison with a hydrophilic collector.

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A source: Kozhabergenov Murat Mokanovich. Substantiation of effective technologies doizvlechenija residual oil from obvodnennyh layers on an example of XIII horizon of deposit Uzen: Dis.... A Cand.Tech.Sci.: 25.00.17. - M: RGB, 2006. 2006

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