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Processes of reforming of national economy as a whole were negatively reflected in efficiency of functioning of transport of the general using of the Russian Federation: there was an essential decrease in levels of volumes of transportations and a turnover of goods automobile, railway, internal, aqueous and a pipeline transportation from 1990 for 2004 on 56 % and 20 % accordingly.

On the other hand, with development of market relations the role of the motor transport belonging to the enterprises and the organisations of branches of economy has increased, the share automobile and malotonnazhnyh and large-capacity lorries that has caused growth of volumes of realisation of automobile benzines and solar oil through a gas station network has increased.

Generalisation of a complex of the indexes used in practice of world statistical institutes, and also the domestic organisations will allow to evolve some groups of the factors influencing a consumption level of power resources by motor transport: economic, technical, operational, socially-demographic and so forth, and it is positioned, that priority value has an index Size and structure of park of vehicles. The analysis of available statistical data testifies to conformity prognoznogo developments of park of automatic telephone exchange in the Russian Federation by 2005 on types of structure of a motor pool of industrially developed countries. Thus, forecasting of a level of development of a network of mineral oil for motor transport is expedient for making on the basis of the asimptotical dependences, in quality asimptoty indexes of industrially developed countries using average value.

Existing approaches to optimisation of a network of gasoline stations in region base, mainly, on updating of parametres of a network by change of capacity (reconstruction) of the existing gas stations. Meanwhile, studying of practice of functioning of vertically integrated oil companies, experience of application of the basic logistical principles allow to draw a conclusion on insufficiency of use of the specified approach as unique method of optimisation of system of power supply of motor transport of region; working out of approaches answering to modern market conditions to formation and functioning of the system including not only the gas station, but also distributive points (tank farms), a subsystem of physical distribution (ATP), and also the general principles of the organisation of work of system in real time is required.

As criterion of a choice of the channel of distribution of mineral oil for motor transport in economic region in the conditions of the competitive market environment it is offered to use size of total logistical costs on finished goods distribution. The constructed classifications of elements of distributive channels automobile topliv allow to design on the basis of a modular principle the optimum schema of distribution of mineral oil taking into account the specified criterion and specificity of economic region.

The developed general model of functioning of a distributive network NB - the gas station includes the description of time components of a service cycle (performance) of demands of the gas station on the fuel, operating system of restrictions, and also mathematical methods for analytical calculations. As the basic generalising parametre of a logistical chain providing performance of a principle "precisely-in-time" and including characteristic of all basic objects of a distributive network, the size of time of anticipation of the order of fuel is taken over by a gasoline station.

The methodical approach of definition of characteristics of transportation process of delivery of mineral oil in network NB - the gas station, including two stages is developed: the first, providing decision-making on the basis of the analysis osrednennyh data about expenses of mineral oil all gas stations entering into a network and provoznyh of possibilities of rolling stock ATP; the second, allowing to detail features of work of the concrete gas stations, indexes of transportation process and the characteristic of work NB with principle use "precisely-in time".

The offered approach to formation of reference base for the organisation and management of a distributive network NB - the gas station is based on the general model of functioning of the specified object.

The semantic description of structure of reference base essentially varies depending on a solved problem: for the analysis of efficiency of functioning of an existing network - key parametres of functioning of elements the networks describing them basic indexes with instructions of ways of definition and updating, resultants the indexes used and analytical calculations are defined; for calculation of designs of formation (modernisation) of a network degree of controllability of key parametres, and also influencing factors and methods of their quantitative estimation are specified.

The technique of a choice of optimum capacity and arrangement of a network of the gas station on the logistical range, including two stages is developed: a tentative estimation of size of a potential demand for services of the gas station and studying of preferences of consumers on the basis of marketing research under the offered program; updating of results with use of the constructed system of the correction factors considering influence of the cores defining volumes of realisation of factors (road type on size of a transport stream, remoteness from crossroads and an arrangement concerning other nearby gas stations).

Introduction of results of research at the enterprises of power supply of transport will allow to raise their efficiency. So, use of the developed methodical recommendations allows to reduce logistical costs in elements of distributive chain NB - ATP - the gas station; in particular, application of system of factors of a correcting - to optimise duties of basic elements of a chain - gasoline stations; and authentic definition of time of the order - to avoid idle time of the gas station in the absence of fuel.

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A source: Geiev Mauladi Arbievich. Organizational-economic management methods automobile transportations of mineral oil in a distributive network "the Tank farm - gasoline stations": the Dissertation of a Cand.Econ.Sci.: 08.00.05. - Stavropol,. 2007

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