work Structure.

dissertational work consists of the introduction, five heads, the conclusion, the bibliographic list and appendices.
The basic text is stated on 316 pages. The bibliographic list includes 237 names of sources.
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A source: Sitnov Alexey Aleksandrovich. Theory, organization and methodology of operational audit of business entities. 2009

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  1. work Structure
  2. structure and the contents of dissertational work
  3. work structure.
  4. the work Structure
  6. work Structure
  7. Volume and work structure.
  8. §2. Legal regulation of work with personnel structure on municipal service
  9. volume and structure of research work
  10. 2.3. Structure and the organisation of work of the Senate and Mazhilis
  11. Structure of the initial information for model work
  12. corporation functions in diskursivoj and nediskursivnoj formations and structure of a corporate governance professional work
  13. § 2. Evolution of regulation of safety and hygiene of work on an example of certificates of the International organisation of work