Standard and empirical base of research

The standard base of research is constituted by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil code of the Russian Federation, laws and the subordinate legislation of the Russian Federation, the legislation of foreign countries.

As empirical base of dissertational research have served:

Ę is administrative-organizational work in system of the Ministry of the state-owned property of the Russian Federation;

Ę current archive Mingosimushestva of the Russian Federation and other state bodies;

Ę preparation and use of documents at Institute of the state and the right of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, legislation and comparative jurisprudence Institute at the Government of the Russian Federation, the Russian academy of public service at the President of the Russian Federation.

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A source: Dolinsky Vladimir Vladimirovna. LEGAL REGULATION of the ORGANIZATION And ACTIVITY of JOINT-STOCK COMPANIES In the RUSSIAN FEDERATION. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the master of laws. 0000

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